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#KSOTY2018: The K-Pop Song of the Year 2018 Rate | COMPLETE RESULTS

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Slice of Life, Dec 14, 2018.

  1. I didn't even realize that this was a thing but after watching this....

    All I can say is.....I approve.
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  2. He


    Yes, that's the one I've watched too many times, haha.
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  3. Dddd I'm a million pages behind, but I KNOW I am not seeing GOT7 slander when they have the most consistent and largely strongest discography a boy group could have.....
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  5. Ddd okay this is my final post in a row but WHEW these quickly became the "Fuck Sanctuary" charts. Is it karma for me lowballing every same-sounding GFRIEND track?

    Take Me Higher?
    One & Only?
    Baby Don't Stop???

    People not liking Baby Don't Stop is still the biggest oddity to me.

    It's... musical, melodic, and aural perfection.

    The menacing beat. The way they both perfectly deliver their own vocal styles. The way the beat builds and builds and builds. The choreo. The accidental chemistry between the two of them. There's a hunger, an instability, a sensuality, etc. The unintended homoeroticism after the whisper bridge where Ten begins belting about "Baby, I just feel so right, baby I just feel so nice" and "Oh baby, give it to me". The way after how all the production elements come crashing in at once, melting the two words of twinkdom.

    Easily Top 5 for songs of 2018. Perfection.
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  6. Just Right is the only thing worth skipping.
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  7. Me making as much noise as possible to hide this female excellence slander and cover up all of this male mediocrity stanning.

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  8. [​IMG]

    Lee Soo-man greenlighting "Baby, Don't Stop" by (LGB)NCT U knowing exactly what she is doing.

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  9. Unintended... Right.
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  10. STOP!!! WHY??? I am so f*cking tired of you all.

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  11. [​IMG]



    SUPERSARANG: @eccentricsimply
    GENEROUS UNNIES: (10) @eccentricsimply, @Oleander (9.5) @Serg. (9.25) @Dangerous Maknae (9) @Sanctuary, @ryjm, @Conan, @PopZeitgeist
    CHEAP UNNIES: (4.5) @yuuurei (5) @Empty Shoebox, @Vesperly (5.5) @Mikl C (6) @codecat, @Ana Raquel, @sweetlikegrande, @GeiPanda, @Wills, @soratami, @enjoy v2.0
    SHAMAN UNNIE: 7.75


    5 voters: 24 (average: 7.75000)
    10 voters: 36 (average: 7.50000)
    15 voters: 74 (average: 7.16667)
    20 voters: 70 (average: 7.48750)
    25 voters: 72 (average: 7.48000)
    30 voters: 70 (average: 7.50000)
    35 voters: 70 (average: 7.55714)
    40 voters: 78 (average: 7.49375)
    45 voters: 82 (average: 7.49444)
    48 voters: 83 (average: 7.43229)

    EXO antis, rejoice! Y'all finally killed one of the two remaining EXO songs in the rate. We say goodbye to EXO-CBX's Blooming Day.

    Blooming Day is the second Korean single of EXO's third subunit, EXO-CBX. The subunit is made up of members Chen, Bacon and Xiumin. Blooming Day only peaked at number 20 in the Gaon Weekly Digital Charts which is so weird to me. EXO always, always does well on digital sales. What happened here?

    Anyway, I really like Blooming Day. Released on April last year, it was the perfect song to soundtrack the summer (trigger alert to my favourite icicle @ohnostalgia). In typical SM Entertainment fashion, the production is dripping in luxury. Like, uh, it sounds so clean. And then you have Chen and Baekhyun's smooth vocals (Xiumin tries his best too to be fair), and it's a recipe for success. I also love that the vocals are relatively tame here despite Chen and Baekhyun's presence. I know those two have the lung power but I'm glad the understated production was matched with understated vocals. It works well.

    So why a score of just 7.75? Honestly, I really just have high expectations for the bigger boy groups. And although I think Blooming Day is really cute, it didn't exactly scream exciting to me. I don't even remember this being a 2018 release. I totally forgot about it. Plus I thought this lacked Hey Mama's unexpectedness. Although Blooming Day is the better song, Hey Mama was definitely more fun - and more EXO-CBX to me.

    Empty Shoebox is serving no.mp3: "No you can't. And Frankly Mr Shankly I think you're taking the piss by asking." Iconique. yuuurei is not having it and leaves a startling image as ha comment:

    Those two are just the only negative comments. Talent! Let's go to the positive!

    Salami surprises me once again: "Gone off this a bit since it first came out but I loved it immediately when I heard it." YOU NEED TO VOTE FOR BOY GROUPS ON KPJC. Miyawakiwi shoehorns ha bias: "The chorus is definitely the highlight of this song. btw it always felt unfair that D.O. wasn’t included in CBX." I mean, D.O is snatching lead roles on movies and TV dramas left and right. He's fine. It's time to throw Xiumin a bone. xoxo

    I wish I have ryjm's confidence whenever I'm late for work: "That funky bassline could resurrect the most apathetic of bootays into shaking out a little booty bop - pure eargasm material right there. My go to "sashay your late ass into werk" tune." He is calmly bopping: "For some reason I wanted to hate this, but it’s quite cool, isn’t it? You can have some points, boys." And Serg. is begging!: "Please, PLEASE another comeback before Minseok enlists I know it's pretty unrealistic but this song and the whole album is just sooo good, we need." Yeah, I remember the Blooming Days album being rather good.

    One member got mentioned a lot. It's... Chen! RUNAWAY is unbiased: "Chen is my least favorite member of EXO, so having a whole unit of him isn’t really my taste, but this song was good." ry123 goes all in for Chen: "I love Chens vocals so much." And ThighHighs is on the verge of dropping everything for the man: "Is Chen problematic? He’s my fave so if he’s not the one lemme know y’all." Judge for yourself, my love.

    We'll end with eccentricsimply who has some big words for CBX: "I mean... I couldn't Not give this a 10. CBX is the best thing EXO's ever done, Blooming Day is the best EXO comeback from 2018 and it's the only song that is worth following the bop that was Hey Mama. I'm honestly going to be Devastated when Xiumin has to enlist because who knows if this subunit will ever exist again? Anyway, bop. Amazing choreography. Amazing live vocals. Amazing everything."

  12. I didn't even remember this song was in the rate. How did it last this long with so few high scorers? The averageness jumped OUT.

  13. You're so determined to make me hate you, it's kinda cute.

    The fact that you're calling this average while stanning Got7 is also kinda cute.
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  14. I'd argue Blooming Days was the best thing released by EXO last year. The whole mini is stellar - full of summertime chill bops. Serve me cocktails and poolside hotties stat.
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  15. Yet 'averageness' managed to outlast GOT7 in the rate

  16. Literally every song Got7 released last year is better than Blooming Day. That’s just a fact.
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  17. Yet Blooming Day outlived everything Got7 had in this rate, didn't it?
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  18. That's bound to happen when SOME people are out here handing out 2s to talent.
    This here Blooming day with it's two 10s, eight high scorers total. That's what we call AVERAGE. Even Shoot Out by Monsta X had more people dropping 10s for it ddd.

    Let's not get things mixed up, if you hate me it's of your own volition, my whopping 7.25 for this song won't change that. And if GOT7 was what you consider average why would you be tanking it instead of giving it a middling score, like an average song would receive?

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  19. This is hardly an argument when people here thirst for Monsta X more than they actually like their title tracks at least.

    I was trying to be nice instead of saying Got7's outcome is mediocre most of the time and that no amount of talent the members have can compensate this until JYP actually put in effort to get them decent songs.

    Also I gave Lullaby a 6.5, which is a decent score, because it is a decent song to me taking everything they've released into consideration so I mean nñn I wasn't the one who tanked that one, and in my commentary I even said it was the best thing they've released, and I stand by it. I just don't take too well to people calling EXO's output average when you were all stanning for their shit when it was coming out and 7.25 is hardly an average score, at least not to me.
  20. Blooming Day and Lullaby should both have lasted much longer in this rate, there is so many songs that are still in that are much more deserving to be out.
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