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#KSOTY2018: The K-Pop Song of the Year 2018 Rate | COMPLETE RESULTS

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Slice of Life, Dec 14, 2018.

  1. Oof at being the second lowest scorer and I honestly can’t even remember what this sounded like.
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  2. [​IMG]
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  3. I have listened to Nega Dola an ungodly number of times and yet I never noticed the Latin influences in its sound until reading everyone's comments just now.


    I guess that's another song I can add to my K-Latin playlist dddd.
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  4. This is......not where I saw this placing. Wow. Y’all suck huh?
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  5. Dee-gusting.
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  6. what do you mean BoA is not having ALL her tracks on the top 10????????
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  7. Ddd I'm glad I'm not the only narcissist unnie who gave the 11 to their own supersarang.
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  8. I just survived an exam.

    Just thought I should share.

    But let me also share another elimination with y'all.

    This has been mentioned a couple of times already.




    GENEROUS UNNIES: (10) @Conan, @Oleander, @thommyh, @Remorque, @soratami (9.75) @Miyawakiwi (9.5) @Rem (9) @Sanctuary, @Dangerous Maknae, @Serg., @He, @Love Deluxe, @Vesperly, @ThighHighs
    CHEAP UNNIES: (3) @Empty Shoebox (4) @Reboot, @Mikl C, @Cotton Park, @savilizabeths (5) @Coming Century (6) @Ana Raquel, @eccentricsimply, @GeiPanda, @enjoy v2.0


    5 voters: 52 (average: 6.95000)
    10 voters: 64 (average: 6.97500)
    15 voters: 91 (average: 6.75000)
    20 voters: 83 (average: 7.20000)
    25 voters: 88 (average: 7.18000)
    30 voters: 79 (average: 7.41667)
    35 voters: 78 (average: 7.47143)
    40 voters: 76 (average: 7.52500)
    45 voters: 79 (average: 7.51111)
    48 voters: 77 (average: 7.52083)

    Rejoice, BLACKPINK disbelievers. The girls just lost their first song. This is their collaboration with Dora Luna, I mean, Dua Lipa, Kiss and Make Up.

    Kiss and Make Up saw the BLACKPINK girls test their global appeal for the first time and I must say, they did good. Collaborating with Dua Lipa is quite possibly the best career choice YG has made yet if they are serious in making BLACKPINK a global brand. Dua Lipa, whether you like her or not, is on her way to becoming a global superstar. The good sis just won herself a pair of Grammys too. She is the real deal. So for her to really push for this collaboration to become real is huge.

    Of course, YG has to fuck things up along the way because surprise, surprise, that's the one thing he's good at. While Dua Lipa promoted Kiss and Make Up in all of her interviews leading to the song's release, YG basically paid the song dust. No promotions in Korea whatsoever, not letting BLACKPINK mention the song on their social media accounts, etc. I still don't understand what happened there. Surely they should have media-played the shit out of this collaboration? I'm... lost.

    And despite YG sabotaging the song, Kiss and Make Up still did good. It has over 100 million streams on Spotify which is not bad at all (back me up here @Sanctuary unnie ddddd). Talent always wins, I guess. I'm still sad it never got a music video though. Imagine Dua trying (and failing) to do K-Pop-style choreography... iconique. The memes would have been endless.

    I really like Kiss and Make Up. My score of 8.5 is a little bloated, sure, but I really do enjoy listening to it. I love, love, love how Dua's tone matches BLACKPINK's perfectly. They actually sound like an actual group ddddd. I also adore the fact that BLACKPINK sang in Korean here. At first I thought it wouldn't work but on Jennie's first line during the second verse, I was sold. Would I rank this above BLACKPINK's other songs? No, probably not. It honestly sounds like an album track from Square Up. But it's a cute little bop and sometimes, that is enough. We need more Dua x BLACKPINK in the future.

    Let's start with the haters first. Reboot immediately goes for the jugular: "Two overrated acts making an overrated song together." I'm--- I didn't expect this level of venom from you, unnie. Empty Shoebox questions the K-Pop-ness of this song: "I've often said that I don't really consider this as K-pop. It's more 'western pop that has some korean in it'. While that may work for a certain boy band and it's toxic followers, it doesn't work for me. The whole thing feels like a low effort production. It doesn't even have a video." I get you but also, not really. I don't really wanna limit my definition of K-Pop but that's just me. And Ana Raquel returns just to announce: "I always forget this exists."

    "I don't have much against it but I also don't really have much for it either," explains eccentricsimply and yeah, fair. Little Mix gets another shoutout; this time courtesy of FunkyButChic: "It’s cute but a Little Mix album cut doesn’t even stand a chance against some of K-Pop’s weaker fare." Gintoki has some words for the good sis Dua Lipa: "Dua is awful as always, but BlackPink are here to save the song!" Ouch. ryjm also calls out Dua: "It’s nice of YG to release BLACKPINK from the dungeon more than once this year, what a gent. The song is an absolute bop (quelle surprise) and I’m glad the girls didn’t try too hard to make themselves more “appealing” for western audiences. I do enjoy this, but there are some choice effects on their voices. It’s a solid release but the quality control is not quite the same standard I’ve grown accustomed to with these girls and I’m inclined to blame Dua (but I still love you gurl)." LET THE GIRL LIVE!!!11!1

    I'm thinking yuuurei is kinda okay with this?: "This must have been quite a moment for fans of both these artists. I personally don't really care about either of them, but the song's okay." Yep. Salami needs to discover the power of color-coded lyrics: "This could easily have been one of their own songs, so it’s exciting that they had this opportunity. I can’t really make out who sings what on it though." And speaking of color-coded lyrics, here's Miyawakiwi: "This made my dream of seeing dua lipa have a color on colorcodedlyrics true lol, the song’s great, it fits both of them perfectly." DDDDD this is so cute. I'm so happy your dream came true.

    I'm guessing Kiss and Make Up did pretty good in the UK, ry123?: "Very happy this went top 40 in UK." thommyh will back you up on that claim: "Whew! I'm surprised at the amount of airplay this got on the radio here. Queens!" RUNAWAY is just happy that BLACKPINK are stepping away from the 2NE1 cosplay: "this was cute. Finally it sounded like something ORIGINAL that they could use their own voices on. It’s a cool change from their own group material." And ThighHighs reminds me of one forgotten kween: "Dua could be their Alexandra Reid." I hope the good sis is doing good.

    BLACKPINK stan Serg. stans this of course: "What a BLACKPINK song without Teddy production would sound like one time exclusive was great. I love the mix between Dua & them especially in that quick bridge." I hope we get non-Teddy productions for the US album, unnie. Last word goes to He: "International queens and Dua Lipa did that. They all sound amazing. Fuck YG for not promoting this or pushing it at all." Oh yes.

    Fuck YG. Fuck right off.

  9. K-Pop is a construct tear it apart

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  10. Kiss and Make Up did do quite well in the UK - It lingered around the charts for quite a while (10 weeks top 75 / 2 weeks top 40) which giving it wasn't a single is quite exceptional. I know a lot of people who like it.
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  11. I’d give this a higher score now, it’s a big bop.
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  12. I live in New Zealand dgdfgdcf
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  13. I can't believe DoA Lipo(suction) made it this far. Skinny legend!
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  14. Speaking of.




    SUPERSARANG: @Dangerous Maknae
    GENEROUS UNNIES: (11) @Dangerous Maknae (10) @junglefish, @vague, @Vixen, @Gintoki (9.75) @savilizabeths (9.5) @Oleander, @Remorque, @eliminathan (9) @RUNAWAY, @Kuhleezi, @Serg., @Love Deluxe, @Rem, @ry123, @sweetlikegrande, @Island, @soratami
    CHEAP UNNIES: (3) @Coming Century (4) @enjoy v2.0 (5) @Sanctuary, @Ana Raquel, @Empty Shoebox, @PopZeitgeist, @Vesperly, @OspreyQueen (6) @Reboot, @Salami, @Mikl C, @ryjm, @codecat, @ThighHighs


    5 voters: 103 (average: 5.60000)
    10 voters: 83 (average: 6.55000)
    15 voters: 86 (average: 6.81667)
    20 voters: 76 (average: 7.36250)
    25 voters: 81 (average: 7.27000)
    30 voters: 86 (average: 7.25000)
    35 voters: 91 (average: 7.25714)
    40 voters: 87 (average: 7.32500)
    45 voters: 78 (average: 7.51667)
    48 voters: 76 (average: 7.52604)

    Whew, another Supersarang Song in the casket. And this got an 11 too.

    Circus is taken from Taeyeon's third mini album, Something New. Despite being just an album track, this actually charted in the Gaon Digital Charts at number 88. Not bad.

    The Something New mini album is probably Taeyeon's most... un-Taeyeon-like album yet, if that makes sense. It's not exactly filled with the boppiest of bops but there was a clear intention to not fill the album with just standard ballads - arguably Taeyeon's bread and butter. And I appreciate that so much. And even though Circus is, yes, a ballad, I really appreciate that it isn't something I've heard from Taeyeon before.

    Don't get me wrong; I do love Taeyeon ballads. Fine (trigger warning for @ohnostalgia), in all of its standard glory, still gives me chills with every listen. But sometimes, it's nice for established artists to find new ways to tell their stories without necessarily alienating their audience. I think Taeyeon achieved that perfectly with Circus.

    The verses of Circus are so delicately sung and yet they never prepare me for that unexpected chorus. Taeyeon's vocals on the chorus are so lightweight and the use of falsetto by the good sis is pitch perfect. I love the restraint shown by Taeyeon even with that damn key change. She makes it sound so easy but I know it takes a lot of talent to pull of all the vocal tricks she does here.

    With that said, I don't think the song is all that. It's pretty but I never really connected to it emotionally - something that I always look for in a ballad. I want my ballads to wreck me clean until I can no longer function properly. The Taylor Swift stan jumped out ddddd.

    ry123 calls this: "Strongest ballad of 2018." RUNAWAY is Team Taeyeon too: "her voice is just so beautiful and smooth. she's one of those artists that could sing anything, and I'd be here for it. This song is so lush and pure sounding, and it's so good." Salami needs your help, unnies: "This really reminds me of another song but I can’t think what it is. Starts off as a bog standard ballad but actually it’s quite nice to listen to."

    Coming Century is back with another biting commentary: "a snoozer like 99.9% of Korean ballads." ThighHighs channels Kween Aretha: "Great vocals, beautiful vocals..." I sense a bit of shade, yuuurei: "Surprisingly quite decent." He does not get the acclaim: "This was the most raved song from her mini, but I don’t see it. It has some interesting moments, like the pre-chorus and first part of the chorus, but the lullaby parts kill it a bit." And did Ana Raquel just come for Taeyeon's vocals?: "The instrumental saved it from a 3." I---

    Taeyeon's music just isn't clicking with Reboot: "On paper, I should love Taeyeon’s songs: ballads, soft vocals, the fact that she's floating in the air during a performance of this particular song because why not, but it’s all a bit … dull. It’s not terrible, though." OspreyQueen admits: "I like a bit of Taeyeon, but this doesn’t leave much of an impression on me." thommyh share the same sentiments: "It's cute, but not particularly memorable for me." And eccentricsimply would've loved to rate a different Taeyeon song: "I'm the last person to complain about ballads, but there.... are better songs in that mini." That would be Baram x 3, yes. xoxo

    "Now this isn’t a read," mutters ryjm before @Dangerous Maknae attacks ha, "but this sounds like one of the songs that play as the credits roll on some romcom flick…and by that I mean it sounds theatrical darling! Taeyeon sounds beautiful (as always) and the song deftly switches between more pensive verses to an uplifting chorus. It delivers all the emotional punches you’d expect it to hit." Circus has made Miyawakiwi reevaluate some important life choices: "Beautiful ballad, i tend to ignore slow/emotional songs like this in k-pop and just go straight to the more fast paced/club songs but this makes me want to reevaluate that (i’m not going to, but it makes me want to)." There are some great Korean ballads, unnie. You just have to really look hard for them. And Serg. declares Circus (not the Britney song, mind): "Might be one of her best ever ballads, Britney is shaking." No jokes about Brit's shaky knees please.

    And of course, we shall end the post with the ballad of Dangerous Maknae. Take it away, dongsaeng: "It's funny I always call this the Korean goodnight n go and I ended up giving both songs my 11s in both year-end rates. It is just so good. The way it builds more and more with each verse, then explodes in the final bridge and then that "say goodnight yeah" key change comes on makes it a very easy 11 for me."

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  16. Eliminating Circus? On the day we get a teaser for her new single?

    You ungrateful binches.
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  17. dddd i didn't really came for her vocals, it's just the type of song *cough* ballad *cough* i'm not a fan of and that i usually give a 3, but i liked the instrumental on this one for some reason? i'd have scored even lower today though
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  18. A Taeyeon album track beating almost 50 songs when y'all paid her singles dust the last two years is a great achievement for us Little Finesters to be honest.
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  19. Me? Shade? Would I?
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  20. Sorry for not posting an elimination yesterday, girls. Just got a little burned out. But we're back again with another Supersarang elimination...




    SUPERSARANG: @soratami
    GENEROUS UNNIES: (10) @Reboot, @Coming Century, @ryjm, @Cotton Park, @soratami, @enjoy v2.0 (9) @junglefish, @RUNAWAY, @Love Deluxe, @Oleander, @Island
    CHEAP UNNIES: (4.25) @yuuurei (5) @Mikl C, @Vesperly (5.5) @Salami (6) @Dangerous Maknae, @evilsin, @Serg., @Slice of Life, @ry123, @askew, @sweetlikegrande, @Wills, @Gintoki


    5 voters: 24 (average: 7.75000)
    10 voters: 43 (average: 7.37500)
    15 voters: 53 (average: 7.46667)
    20 voters: 60 (average: 7.56250)
    25 voters: 67 (average: 7.55000)
    30 voters: 77 (average: 7.43333)
    35 voters: 80 (average: 7.45000)
    40 voters: 79 (average: 7.48750)
    45 voters: 83 (average: 7.45556)
    48 voters: 75 (average: 7.53125)

    And another Supersarang Song falls. This time, it's (G)I-DLE's What's In Your House? submitted by @soratami.

    And I--- I may have to pull a @Remorque here because listening to this now, yeah, I have underscored this. I'm sorry, unnies.

    What's In Your House? is taken from (G)I-DLE's first mini album, I Am. Kween Soyeon is credited as a songwriter for the song. Talent! To be honest, I didn't expect for this to be chosen as a Supersarang entry over the likes of Maze and $$$ because those tracks seem to have more fans.

    What's In Your House? is very different from the sound that I associate (G)I-DLE with. Unlike HANN and LATATA, What's In Your House? is much more subtle. It's still very danceable, sure, but it doesn't make me want to pussypop as much compared to when I'm listening to HANN ddddd. I also think that the vocals sound very generic. Like, if I didn't know that this was a (G)I-DLE song, I would've never guessed they sung this.

    Despite those shortcomings, I would still consider What's In Your House? a very good song. As per usual, Soyeon steals the show with that rap verse. And there's something about the repeated "what's in your house, what's in your house" hook that I really like. It's creepy but it's also kinda relaxing dddddd.

    And to answer the question, my house contains trash (that includes me). Nothing to see here, girls. x

    yuuurei is a bit creeped out as well: "Rather personal question. (The song is pretty dull.)" thommyh mutters: "Not my favourite girdle traque tbh." And Serg. needs this song to be edited down: "A very cute moment if a bit slow paced, monotone and kinda dragging for a bit too long."

    "I cannot live without this song," Cotton Park boldly states. "And looking at the condition of my flat, I'm not really sure I can completely answer it's timeless musical question. Soyeon's rap is so perfectly placed and delivered, and the vocals so enchanting." He stans this house number: "Queens of consistent bops. The taste, the talent. This lovely house number is so cool and smooth." And ThighHighs appreciates the show of variety: "Chill disco bop. I love! It’s good to see they can do different kinds of music from what both of their singles have been. Love what they’ve been giving."

    Reboot is here to celebrate talentry: "IDLE’s mini is /probably/ my favourite mini released in 2018, and this song is no less amazing. Talent." And we end this post with ryjm. Stan away, babe!: "One of my favourite songs on the mini, this kind of vibe fits (G)I-DLE so well. Incredibly addictive and dreamy, the effortlessly smooth disco inspired production is immaculate and the girls are serving some seriously seductive vocals. Soyeon delivers yet another flawless rap (also, water is wet). I was about to say that this is such a great closer to a fantastic debut mini but then I realised it’s only because I deleted the ballad (oops)."

    Yes, y'all didn't send that much commentary for this. Not even from @soratami.

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