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#KSOTY2018: The K-Pop Song of the Year 2018 Rate | COMPLETE RESULTS

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Slice of Life, Dec 14, 2018.

  1. It's alright What's In Your House, I'll adopt you into my Supersarang home unnie. Clearly some heathens are lacking taste (or the effort to even drag you for being so low key, dddd).
  2. Should’ve submitted $$$
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  3. Should’ve submitted BESTie's Hot Baby
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  4. @soratami after reading these suggestions:
  5. This almost was mine. Such a (Charli XCX) bop.
  6. Should have submitted ‘Maze’ xoxo
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  7. What’s in your house?
    What’s in your house? 알고 싶어
    What’s in your house?
    What’s in your house? I’m in love
    What’s in your house?
    What’s in your house? 알고 싶어
    What’s in your house?
    What’s in your house? Oh oh oh oh oh


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  8. This is the correct response.
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  9. [​IMG]



    SUPERSARANG: @Cotton Park
    GENEROUS UNNIES: (10) @Cotton Park, @RUNAWAY, @soratami, @Gintoki (9.75) @OspreyQueen (9.5) @vague (9) @codecat, @Ana Raquel, @nikkysan
    CHEAP UNNIES: (4) @Mikl C (5) @Salami, @ryjm (5.5) @Dangerous Maknae, @Vesperly (5.75) @Miyawakiwi, @sweetlikegrande (6) @Conan, @Slice of Life, @ry123, @askew


    5 voters: 56 (average: 6.85000)
    10 voters: 81 (average: 6.57500)
    15 voters: 62 (average: 7.35000)
    20 voters: 62 (average: 7.53750)
    25 voters: 78 (average: 7.39000)
    30 voters: 80 (average: 7.38333)
    35 voters: 81 (average: 7.41429)
    40 voters: 82 (average: 7.41875)
    45 voters: 84 (average: 7.43889)
    48 voters: 74 (average: 7.53646)

    And the Supersarang Songs keep on falling. This time, we say goodbye to NeonPunch's Moonlight - the Supersarang entry of KPJ's resident oppa, @Cotton Park.

    NeonPunch is a rookie girl group from A100 Entertainment and Moonlight is their debut single. And I must say, for a debut single from a group that came from an unknown company, Moonlight is surprisingly well put-together.

    When you think of 2018 rookies, NeonPunch is probably not the first group that will pop in your head. Their debut kinda got lost in the mix and didn't get enough attention (even here on KPJ), at least compared to the debuts of (G)I-DLE, LOOΠΔ and IZ*ONE. It's probably because the members didn't get attention pre-debut. While Soyeon of (G)I-DLE and all the members of IZ*ONE got their start from the Produce 101 franchise, the NeonPunch girls chose to appear in MixNine instead... and only one of the members got through the audition. And we all know how that MixNine mess played out.

    I wanna say the NeonPunch girls are doing great but sadly, that's not the case... at least according to this tweet. SO Y'ALL BETTER SUPPORT THE GIRLS OR THEY WILL BE DISBANDED.

    As for the song, it really is a solid debut single. It's not your usual aegyo-y debut song. The verses are my favourite part because they sound like they're from a lost f(x) song. I am not a fan of the chorus though. It really doesn't sustain the energy of the verses which is a shame. And I find the "all I need is you, I need you" hook annoying. It really kills the song for me.

    Miyawakiwi's attention was not sustained: "i love the moment the piano comes in at the begining, after the first chorus it feels like the music eats their vocals." askew notes: "The hook is cute, but starts to wear thin towards the end." eccentricsimply shares the same issue as me: "Ugh, the verses made the perfect build up but the chorus falls flat. It's still a nice song though." And ryjm stans everything about NeonPunch... except this song: "Another competent debut that doesn’t actually sound like some nugu trashy bop. The girls definitely have potential, the dancing is tight and the vocals are good but the song isn’t quite there. The production is good but that chorus gets quite grating by the end of the song. I’m excited to hear more from this group."

    RUNAWAY is here to right some wrongs: "wow, this was Dangerous Maknae’s guess as to my submission, and I shaded the song, but WOW it’s so fucking good!" He excuses the basicness for now: "A bit basic but nothing wrong with that. Nice chorus and vocals, though." And ThighHighs is already laminating ha stan card: "A nugu boop. Just what the doctor ordered. I like these girls, and their new single is a bop as well!"

    codecat boasts about ha own shamanic abilities: "Yes randoms give me that Real Housewives of Jeju Island BOP that I love! I've already manifested my support for these girls in some threads but what you guys don't know is that I pray every Sunday morning for these girls to at least release another single - and they're coming back at the end of January! The power of prayer." And then you proceeded to give the said new single just one point... hmm.

    Final word goes to Cotton Park as he bids his Supersarang Song goodbye: "Greatest nugu song ever. Or maybe that was "Mmook Jji Bba." No, it was this. Oh, God, yes. I never ever get tired of this. Any time of day or night."

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  10. I can't remember what I scored this but.... un-eliminate it
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  11. He


    Wait, I would give it a higher score for sure. I love it now.
  12. Well guess what, I didn't


    Still, top 75, not bad for a non-fan favourite non-single x
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  13. I thought I gave this a 9.75?
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  14. You did! Your name is there now. ♡
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  15. Then you missed out.
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  16. Girls, I just finished my final term paper for this semester.


    but also


    I'm exhausted and in severe need of sleep so please forgive me (again) for not posting an elimination (again) today/tonight. I'll be back tomorrow with at least one elimination, I promise. The new KPJC thread will go live tomorrow as well.

    Love you all and I hope you're all having a great day/night. Goodnight! ♡
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  17. He


    Congrats! Hope it all went well, boo!
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  18. I'm rooting for you sis!!!! Go Jane let's get this bread!!!

  19. Yas @Slice of Life, congrats unnie!


    I'm ready for this glorious mess to continue. 화이팅! ♡

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