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#KSOTY2018: The K-Pop Song of the Year 2018 Rate | COMPLETE RESULTS

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Slice of Life, Dec 14, 2018.

  1. I’m honestly happy it got mostly positive comments and didn’t leave too soon ddd.
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  2. [​IMG] What the f*ck.
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  3. Same.




    SUPERSARANG: @eliminathan
    GENEROUS UNNIES: (10) @Sanctuary, @junglefish, @RUNAWAY, @vague, @Serg., @BEST FICTION, @eliminathan (9.75) @yuuurei, @Slice of Life (9.5) (9) @Dangerous Maknae, @evilsin, @Cotton Park, @nikkysan, @Kuhleezi, @eccentricsimply, @Oleander, @Remorque, @soratami
    CHEAP UNNIES: (4) @Conan, @Empty Shoebox (4.5) @OspreyQueen (5) @Salami, @Ana Raquel, @askew, @enjoy v2.0 (6) @Coming Century, @Mikl C, @ryjm, @Wills
    SHAMAN UNNIE: 9.75


    5 voters: 56 (average: 6.85000)
    10 voters: 54 (average: 7.12500)
    15 voters: 42 (average: 7.60000)
    20 voters: 40 (average: 7.85000)
    25 voters: 47 (average: 7.82000)
    30 voters: 52 (average: 7.80000)
    35 voters: 61 (average: 7.68571)
    40 voters: 65 (average: 7.68125)
    45 voters: 62 (average: 7.74444)
    48 voters: 67 (average: 7.70833)

    Hyolyn finally loses one of her songs as To Do List exits the competition at number 67. Not bad for a ballad tbh.

    To Do List is Hyolyn's first solo single post-Sistar. As you may all know, Hyolyn was a member (and the leader) of legendary girl group Sistar. Well, after disbanding, the girls went their separate ways - Dasom went the actress route, Soyou stayed with Starship and also released solo music, Bora... exists probably. And Hyolyn built her own agency, Bridʒ, and released awesome music after awesome music. Kween.

    To Do List was a reintroduction of sorts to the artist that is Hyolyn. It reminded people that girl can sang and boy did Hyolyn flex her vocal abilities here. And she did it so subtly that it makes it much more outstanding. I love that she really practiced restraint here - resorting to falsettos instead of going full-on lungs out. Just when you thought she's finally go all out, she reels it in instead. Kween of Tease.

    To Do List is like a statement piece. It is so simple and so clean, it's basically a blank canvas. But there's beauty in simplicity and Hyolyn proved that here. Sometimes, all you need is that inimitable voice and people will listen. Talent does that.

    ryjm limits ha enjoyment of Hyolyn which is sad: "I like Hyolyn best when she’s in full on boss bitch dancing diva “queen of the gays” mode, so this more restrained and acoustic approach doesn’t quite resonate with me as much, but it must be said that she sounds incredible." Miyawakiwi has the wrong definition of flat: "I get the emotion, but the music is so flat :/." Empty Shoebox compared To Do List to ripped denim???: "All I have taken away from this is 'ripped denim'. I always thought that was a sign of poor quality trousers, but that's because I am not 'with it' as precisely nobody says." Salami proves once again that he has no heart: "She sounds great but the song does nothing for me."

    He reduces To Do List to OST stuff but he gave it a good score so I'll let it pass: "Oh yes, we’re artistic and can sing OTS stuff. That voice and raspiness, ugh. Is she looking for interns, I want to learn her ways." ry123 is all about that voice: "I love that her voice really gets to take centre stage on this song." And ThighHighs just screams: "LOVE her so much. This is stunning." YATH.

    eccentricsimply reiterates just how good of a vocalist Hyolyn is: "I love bop releaser Hyolyn a lot, but I enjoy these songs from her soooooo much, because we get to truly enjoy her voice. She's such a good vocalist and she truly shows it here. SING GIRL SING." Cotton Park respects Hyolyn, as he should: "If this was the only kind of thing she ever did, I would still love her." RUNAWAY applauds Hyolyn's single choices: "this song is still so fabulous. This was the perfect solo debut for her, and it’s gorgeously sung."

    yuuurei, ever the ballad hoe, stans this of course: "Such a gorgeous song, her voice is so incredible. I think this is the strongest of her songs in the rate but that's not surprising coming from a ballad hoe like myself." Last word to Serg. who laments the underratedness of To Do List: "To this day this remains my favourite Hyolyn release in 2018, often overlooked for being a random soundcloud-lite release without a video, her gorgeous falsetto really lifts the song into heavens."

    eliminathan, the person who Supersarang'd this, failed me again by not submitting commentary. I'm like TT.

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  4. Sis let's get the Black Dress, See Sea and Egoist elims out of the way so I can quit this forum. My vocabulary is not large enough to keep coming up with new words to drag the tasteless folk in here and express my agony. A lot of the people in the low scorers have proven themselves countless times to not know talent so I can't fault them, it's not their fault that's all they know. One day the sistren will reach enlightenment and then we can talk.

    THIS however... sis... you were the one dongsaeng I was expecting to give a 10 to talent ddd. I'm truly gagged it didn't get a perfect score when it was one of your supersarang choices. The goopery.

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  5. And most times soft falsettos are even trickier than belting tbh - she makes it sound so natural and effortless! Queen of vocal prowess.
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  6. He


    I do really like this, she sounds divine.
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  9. Same. And I have to include myself in that now because for some reason I didn't give this a perfect score.
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  10. Having now witnessed To Do List live, I can confirm that I did the song dirty in this rate and I repent for my trash taste. Forgive me goddess CEHyolyn.
  11. I adored Hyolin ever since I saw SISTAR's debut stage, she just exuded star power and I'm so happy to see her release great music and living her damn life. To Do List is a nice little song eleveated by her angelic vocals.
  12. I thought I gave To Do List a 10. It must have been a score I changed at the last minute. I am a real mess for that.
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  13. The last four eliminations were all on my kill list dddd, a winning today....
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  14. Do y'all fancy a back to back elimination tonight?

    Let's do it.





    GENEROUS UNNIES: (10) @Sanctuary, @yuuurei, @RUNAWAY, @Slice of Life, @He, @PopZeitgeist, @Oleander, @eliminathan, @Vixen, @enjoy v2.0 (9.75) @savilizabeths (9.5) @nikkysan, @eccentricsimply (9) @ryjm, @junglefish, @Kuhleezi, @thommyh
    CHEAP UNNIES: (3) @Dangerous Maknae (5) @Salami, @Coming Century, @Conan, @Rem, @Vesperly, @sweetlikegrande, @Wills (6) @Ana Raquel, @Cotton Park, @Empty Shoebox, @ry123, @soratami


    5 voters: 64 (average: 6.70000)
    10 voters: 76 (average: 6.62500)
    15 voters: 79 (average: 7.11667)
    20 voters: 80 (average: 7.31250)
    25 voters: 64 (average: 7.59000)
    30 voters: 74 (average: 7.47500)
    35 voters: 74 (average: 7.50714)
    40 voters: 77 (average: 7.51875)
    45 voters: 66 (average: 7.71667)
    48 voters: 66 (average: 7.71354)

    Despite getting ten 10s, See Saw still failed to escape floppage in this rate. Poor misunderstood masterpiece.

    See Saw is taken from Go Won's self-titled solo single album. The song is a duet with Chuu with a (very) brief cameo from Kim Lip. To compare, this ranked 21st in the LOOΠΔ Pre-Debut Discography Rate with an average of 7.833.

    And yes, I still love See Saw so much. There's just something so magical about the combination of Chuu and Go Won - with a little dash of Kim Lip. Like, it doesn't make sense on theory but then you listen to the song and it just makes so much sense. Chuu proves in See Saw that she is definitely The Main Vocalist of LOOΠΔ. And Go Won stood her ground here. We know she's not exactly the strongest vocalist but she definitely sounds better here than in One&Only. Little wins, etc.

    The chorus is pretty bare but I think that's what makes it work. The verses are already so packed with ideas that simplifying the chorus was only way to go. To be honest, I still don't know why they added my mother Kim Lip on the song when she sang just a couple of lines. I'm not one to complain - she's my LOOΠΔ bias after all. But it really doesn't make sense dddddd. Oh well, her "it's been a long, loooOOOOooong day" line is iconique so whatever.

    I did expect See Saw to be eliminated early because the LOOΠΔ Pre-Debut Discography Rate prepared me well dddddd. Honestly, See Saw not making the top 20 on that rate still keeps me up at night. But I'd like to believe this rate is a lot more competitive so it reaching the 60s is already a win. The little b-side that could.

    "Is Chuu determined to be on only one good song?," asks Salami and I almost threw my shoes at ha. The audacity. Lowest scorer Dangerous Maknae has a lot of negative feelings for See Saw as well: "I feel like this is the 100th time I'm trying to get this song and it's still awful. Kim Lip's nasal voice and GoWon's crunchy "vocals" together on one song is just a painful idea for a duet." Well, try again. Miyawakiwi is a bit more forgiving: "Chuu really saved this song for me, not much to say besides that."

    Wills isn't here for your hyperbolic statements: "The hyperbole suggesting this is the pinnacle of their B-sides has always confused me??? Miss me with those vocals, tibb." Love Letter is their best pre-debut b-side xoxo. Empty Shoebox: "Some of the vocal delivery here is really unpleasant to me." Reboot offers: "The lyrics are nice." Serg. attacks Miss Lippington and Miss Go Won: "The unnecessary adding of Kim Lip to the song…well at least Gowon has one listenable song on her album."

    But these people all live for Miss Lippington's iconique cameo. nikkysan stans: "This has really grown to become one of my favourite LOONA b-sides. The play on “I see/saw” is really clever. Also Kim Lip’s one line is iconic. IT’S BEEN A LONG LOOooOoONG DAY." thommyh is not hiding ha bias at all: "YAAS! Is this a Kim Lip bias taking over? Perhaps..."

    ryjm calls this: "Love Letter’s sequel, this song is simply gorgeous. Kii at Chuu absolutely dominating on this track even though it’s not her b-side, queen of stealing the limelight and getting her vocal time. Ms. Kimberly Lippington needing only two lines to slay is a testimony to her star power (come through mystical owl). Our little butterfly Go Won is surprisingly solid on this too, holding her own against her more vocally talented unnies. 10s across the board (except I gave this a 9…)." You fake heaux!!! I didn't know there was another See Saw, eccentricsimply?: "Oh yes, the superior See Saw song. Honestly who knew that the only thing missing to make a Gowon song great was Chuu and Kim Lip?" Okay wait, if it's the BTS track then forget it xoxo. And ThighHighs just surrenders entirely: "Love them both. Love this song." I was gonna link that Michael Jackson gif but he can rot.

    yuuurei is living for: "The layers! An absolute MASTERPIECE." You are so wrong for tagging Go Won as a spoken word chanteuse, Kuhleezi JGDFKSHDAFG: "The power that a main vocal coupled with a spoken word legend has. The intermobius strip implications that that has." And I'm afraid RUNAWAY is not gonna be happy with this ranking: "this song is ICONIC. I hope it does better here than in the Loona rate. That placing was just wrong." Sorry, unnie.

    He submitted See Saw as his Supersarang so it's only right that he gets the final say: "Total and complete perfection. This is just art. Like where can you get that combo of pristine, nasal, and crunchy vocals? Nowhere, I tell you. The lyrics are lovely, the vibe is perfect, the delivery is perfect, the production is glowing. I know you will do it dirty, but oh well. My most played track of 2018."

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  15. [​IMG]




    SUPERSARANG: @Salami
    GENEROUS UNNIES: (10) @Salami, @Cotton Park, @thommyh, @Remorque, @enjoy v2.0 (9.5) @Mikl C, @Ana Raquel, @RUNAWAY, @Conan, @Vesperly, @eliminathan (9) @Reboot, @He, @ThighHighs, @Island, @Gintoki
    CHEAP UNNIES: (3) @Sanctuary, @yuuurei (4) @askew (5) @Coming Century, @savilizabeths (6) @ryjm, @Oleander, @ohnostalgia, @GeiPanda


    5 voters: 59 (average: 6.80000)
    10 voters: 50 (average: 7.20000)
    15 voters: 67 (average: 7.30000)
    20 voters: 64 (average: 7.52500)
    25 voters: 68 (average: 7.54000)
    30 voters: 58 (average: 7.68333)
    35 voters: 68 (average: 7.57857)
    40 voters: 68 (average: 7.60625)
    45 voters: 70 (average: 7.64444)
    48 voters: 65 (average: 7.72917)

    And finally, everyone's favourite problematic group, Mamamoo, has left the building. Their only song in the rate, Egotistic, is eliminated at number 65.

    Egotistic is taken from Mamamoo's seventh mini album, Red Moon. This was another hit for the Moos as the song reached number 4 on the Gaon Digital Charts. Egotistic saw the Mamamoo girls go all Latina on us after their black cosplay went out of season. A reverse Ariana Grande expedition! Talent!

    No but forreal, Egotistic saw the girls dabble with the very current trend of incorporating Latin music to their sound. And honestly, Egotistic is a solid addition to the genre. Is it the most exciting K-Latin song to ever exist? Uhh, not in a million years. But it is a solid bop with solid vocals and if you're into those things then good news for you.

    I especially like the pre-chorus. I love how it slowed things down to prepare the listener for that big-ass chorus. I'm not biggest fan of the chorus but it does pop the fuck off. Moonbyul's rap in the second verse is also inspired. But it's really the vocals that take centerstage here. The three other Moos - Hwasa, Solar and Wheein - are all very capable vocalists and they absolutely crush it here. They have the tendency to overdo the vocal gymnastics, sure, but meh, I'll let them have this. It's not everyday we get three excellent vocalists in one group so flex away those vocals, unnies.

    I'm probably never gonna be a Mamamoo fan ever again. I stanned the shit out them during the Decalcomanie era but I cannot deny that their questionable acts really dampened my enjoyment of their music. But they seem to still have strong Korean AND international support so I'm sure they'll survive KPJ's bias against them. Slay away, mawmas.

    Y'all have a lot to say about Minstrelmoo so let's get right into that. RUNAWAY bops and does not care: "even though they’re problematic, they’re great singers, and this song was a fucking BOP." nikkysan bops privately: "I wish I didn’t like this song as much as I do knowing this group’s history..." And Kuhleezi is slowly inching towards stanning: "Better than it has any right to."

    ryjm is: "gagged! The pole dancing, the lewks, and Hwasa serving deadly feline realness, the video is literally FIYA! The problematic queens are living their tropical fantasy and I’m here for it. The track itself though…well it’s ok, it follows all the predictable tropes you’d expect from this type of song and leaves me a bit underwhelmed." Eaux, I was expecting a full-on stanning HGASHFG. Empty Shoebox stays neutral: "I remember a bunch of you raving about this when it first came out. I naturally ignored it because of the artist, but now it's...okay? Nothing to tell your mother about." Serg. would've loved to rate a different Moo anthem: "Starry Night was better than this I really loved that song, this one I still liked a bit but it just the random Iyayas are kinda annoying."

    There are a lot of iconique comments for Egotistic. One of my absolute faves is from Reboot: "Mamamoo make pretty nice music. I think my mum who’s a newly converted k-pop fan would really like them. It helps that the girls are ridiculously attractive. But the fact that I would never ever buy an album by them even if it was discounted in my local k-pop store is pretty telling. Perhaps if I knew for sure that I was getting a Hwasa photocard. But my point is, there’s something stopping me from stanning. The song is good, though." THE LAYERS KJSGFKDSKFH. eccentricsimply also made me scream: "I mean I like this song more than an 8, but it's Mamamoo so I have to remove two points automatically." DDDDDD y'all are mean. Oleander even managed to drag two Mamamoo songs in one comment: "Controversies aside, this song is….fine but there are much better Latin-infused K-pop songs out there. When I listen to the Women of K-pop Spotify playlist on shuffle and Wind Flower comes on, I always skip it but the open bars that I have heard of that song sound better than this tbh." BYE.

    You know who didn't enjoy Egotistic though? It's Sanctuary surprisingly: "This sound has been completely driven into the ground in k-pop in a post-Havana world, and they offer nothing exciting to it. It's cynical trend-chasing." yuuurei also takes a jab: "Uninspired and bland." Ouch.

    ThighHighs tells it matter-of-factly: "I don’t care for them as much as y’all don’t but this is a bop." He takes a similar stance: "Catchy, fun, and just great. LatinMoo did that." Wills learned to love this in time: "Bless this rate for making me take this seriously because I kind of love it now." And ry123 tags this as: "Bop from the queens of controversy."

    Hwasa stans, where y'all @? Miyawakiwi: "They have great music, too bad some member’s actions are not that great, anyways, about the song, Hwasa really shines here, saying ‘Bicho malo!’ at the end was certainly the strong point of this song." And thommyh once again came through with a commentary for the ages: "YAAAAASS. This authentique Latina bop sang by our four Latinx kweens led by head honcho herself Hwasa... wig. Camila Cabello take some fuckin notes! Good for Mamamoo to have at least one certified bop under their belts." I HATE U SO MUCH OMFGGGGGGG.

    But the biggest Hwasa stan and the one who Supersarang'd Egotistic, Salami, will get the last say. Take it away, bae: "My choice for the SUPERSARANG. I loved this instantly and still do - everyone needs to get on board with this song! Hwasa as always shines on the song and the video especially, she’s a star. Love the Latin feel to it, their best song by far."

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  16. Mamamoo outranking See Saw... The Loonatics work hard but me and @Salami talent always wins.
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  17. He


    Expected for See Saw, but oh wow at the these unnies showing their lack of taste asses.
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  18. Oh but you WILL respect the OG Problematic Faves!!

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  20. Starry night byeori binnaneun bam
    niga hwihwihwi bureowa


    neowa na nanun sumaneun bam
    nareul chwihage mandeureo
    byeori binnaneun bam


    byeori binnaneun bam
    byeori binnaneun bam


    now that's a 11/10
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