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#KSOTY2018: The K-Pop Song of the Year 2018 Rate | COMPLETE RESULTS

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Slice of Life, Dec 14, 2018.

  1. Dddd I see why @Dangerous Maknae unnie thought I'd be the one who submitted One & Only, my constant stanning of Queen Crunch was clearly a red herring.

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  3. Time to lose another 10. Sigh.




    SUPERSARANG: @vague
    GENEROUS UNNIES: (10) @codecat, @RUNAWAY, @vague, @Slice of Life, @ThighHighs, @Wills (9.75) @Oleander, @FunkyButChic (9) @Kuhleezi, @Vixen
    CHEAP UNNIES: (4) @Miyawakiwi (5.5) @Vesperly (6) @Salami, @Rem, @askew


    5 voters: 64 (average: 6.70000)
    10 voters: 60 (average: 7.07500)
    15 voters: 68 (average: 7.28333)
    20 voters: 51 (average: 7.68750)
    25 voters: 53 (average: 7.74000)
    30 voters: 66 (average: 7.55833)
    35 voters: 63 (average: 7.64286)
    40 voters: 63 (average: 7.73750)
    45 voters: 60 (average: 7.78889)
    48 voters: 62 (average: 7.76042)

    This one genuinely hurts. Y'all continue doing Laboum wrong and it is so sickening smdh. I'm so, so sorry Laboum and @vague unnie.

    Between Us is Laboum's first 2018 single and first after member Yulhee left the group. Member Soyeon (the blonde main vocalist) is credited as a producer, writer and composer for Between Us. Maybe she snapped?

    Between Us is also Laboum's first proper ""mature"" single. Before Between Us, the girls have always had cute (but not necessarily aegyo-y) concepts and songs. At first I wasn't sure if Laboum were ready for more mature concepts and yeah, I wasn't sure if I was ready to let go of their girl-next-door image. It's no secret that I already love Laboum's music even pre-Between Us. Songs like Hwi Hwi and Aalow Aalow are 10s through and through. And on first listen, Between Us just didn't grab me like those songs.

    But Between Us has a way of creeping up on you on repeated listens. Between Us was released on July 2018, one of the my favourite months in terms of K-Pop releases. I was so focused on Apink's I'm So Sick and Hyolyn's See Sea that I really didn't have time to properly entertain Laboum's lowkey new single. But during the following months, Between Us grew on me like crazy. I couldn't get enough of it.

    I really think Between Us is one of the best vocal performances in all of K-Pop last year. It's not a song with crazy high notes but boy does the girls deliver such a solid vocal work for it. Starting from Soyeon's high note at the end of the second verse, the song just kept on ascending. And when Soyeon did THAT on the middle 8, I was a goner. But they were not done. The final chorus where everyone sang the most beautiful ad libs.............. this kills the unnie. So, so good. Just listen to Soyeon's "oh yeah, oh yeah" ad libs and tell me she didn't straight up murdered everyone with those words alone. Kween of Pop.

    I don't blame for not really connecting with Between Us though. It is a song that benefits from multiple listens and well, I know some of y'all didn't have time to listen to this at least twice because y'all have to rate 117 songs and nobody got time to listen to a Supersarang Song more than once ddddddd. But I suggest that you listen to this again now. It really is a gem of a track. Check out the acoustic version too, I'll link it below. The desperation is real I'm so sorry HGSADAFKHG. The song's just so good, okay.

    Venezuelan icon Miyawakiwi is on my shit list today: "the sound’s more mature, but they should’ve tried to find a balance between maturity and boringness, nothing really stands out here." eccentricsimply also disappoints me: "There's... something missing. A good chorus, probably." My new BFF yuuurei also breaks my heart: "The chorus has a nice melody to it and overall it's a pretty song, just a little bit monotonous." At least Empty Shoebox knows what she needs to do now (listen to it again, unnie): "I think this is one that you have to listen to multiple times, but I just never felt the desire to. Maybe that's a problem."

    ryjm, sweetie, we don't talk about that cheap-ass video ok thank u: "Lord these girls do the absolute most with the bare minimum, a great (albeit sparse video) for a sultry chill bop. Seductive yet elegant, Laboum delivered a gorgeous song." Imagine if this song was given a video like After School's First Love...... wig. He mentions a group that's about to disband kii: "I do like this Laboum doing AOA moment. Continue on this path of goodness, girls." I can actually imagine Choa killing this song. And thommyh puts respect on it: "Definitely one of the better ballad type ones, imo."

    RUNAWAY knows what's up: "god this song is so fucking good. Wow. Laboum really came for 2018 and straight up murdered it." They sure did. Some people are now realizing that Laboum are amazing. Reboot: "I don’t know when or how Laboum suddenly started releasing amazing songs, but I’m here for it." And Kuhleezi too: "Did I really find a Laboum track I dig? What's happening to me." Binch they are already great since debut, sit your Italian ass down uwu~.

    ThighHighs continue doing the most for alien kween ZN: "Their other single last year seemed to get more attention, but this one was always my favorite. The choreography is all kinds of sexy, they’re dressed like they’re about to seduce their husbands boss, and the song is a HIT. Their vocal performances actually really do a good job portraying the mood of the song. Am I glad that ZN was pulled from UNI.T for this? Not really. But she will run the world some day, and I want the world to know that I predicted it." I too prefer Between Us over Turn It On dddddd. Wills almost rewarded this an 11 and honestly, taste: "Quietly one of my favourite songs of the year, it wasn’t until the stunning acoustic version came along in December that I recognized this as a proper 11 contender." Meanwhile, Serg. decides to make me scream: "They have really stepped it up since Hwi Hwi era. Yulhee pregnancy impact." Delete dis SHGFHJGSD.

    codecat, my love, please give Between Us the best eulogy please: "BIG UP TO THE ICON WHO PICKED THIS!!! This has creeped into my subconscious and stayed there until it became one of my faves of the year, the confident sensuality and restraint this has is phenomenal. THE FLAVOR.mp4. Between Us is a joy to listen and relisten, the chorus is more than perfect, the ad-libs are amazing - and knowing Soyeon has writing, composing AND producing credits makes it even more of an event! Also WOW another song with a bed-squeak sample ok Korea we see you." YATHHHH.

  4. But enough about RBB!

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  5. He


    Another Soyeon who is THAT multitalented?

    Hope she keeps at it.

    How are Laboum’s numbers?
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  6. Not really good JAJDHDJDJDJD.

    The important thing is the TALENT so whatever. xoxo

    I'm really worried that they're gonna disband soon.
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  7. Hmm. I’m disappointed, but given how many comments referred to the song growing over time, I’m not overly surprised.

    Hopefully ‘Between Us’ sneaks up on the rest of you and forces you to do penance for your crimes xx
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  8. WAIT. So there's actually a tie at number 60 so that means we don't have a number 61.

    Let's meet our...

    TOP 61 SONGS:

    DECEMBER 2017
    Heart Attack - LOOΠΔ / Chuu

    JANUARY 2018
    BBoom BBoom - Momoland
    Heroine - Sunmi
    Bad Boy - Red Velvet
    Roller Coaster - Chungha
    Secret Garden - Oh My Girl

    FEBRUARY 2018
    One Shot, Two Shot - BoA
    Black Dress - CLC
    The Boots - gugudan
    Dreams Come True - WJSN

    MARCH 2018
    Egoist (feat. JinSoul) - LOOΠΔ / Olivia Hye

    APRIL 2018
    Lady - EXID
    Dally - Hyolyn
    What Is Love? - Twice

    MAY 2018
    Good Evening - SHINee
    love4eva (feat. Grimes) - LOOΠΔ / yyxy
    Get It - Pristin V
    You and I - Dreamcatcher

    JUNE 2018
    Something New - Taeyeon
    BAAM - Momoland
    Lady - Yubin
    Forever Young - BLACKPINK

    JULY 2018
    I'm So Sick - Apink
    See Sea - Hyolyn
    Blue Moon - Gyeong Ree / Kyungri

    AUGUST 2018
    Hi High - LOOΠΔ
    HANN (Alone) - (G)I-DLE
    favOriTe - LOOΠΔ
    Yeolgi - LOOΠΔ

    SEPTEMBER 2018
    Siren - Sunmi
    Save Me, Save You - WJSN
    Memoria - GFriend
    Lil' Touch - Girls' Generation-Oh!GG
    Remember Me - Oh My Girl

    OCTOBER 2018
    Oh! My Mistake - April
    Love Bomb - fromis_9
    Woman - BoA
    La Vie en Rose - IZ*ONE
    Crush - Weki Meki

    NOVEMBER 2018
    I Love You - EXID
    Thank U Soooo Much - Yubin
    Not That Type - gugudan
    Yes or Yes - Twice
    Punk Right Now (with 3LAU) - HYO

    DECEMBER 2018
    Turn It On - Laboum
    Caffeine - Eyedi

    (songs that didn't hit top 5 but charted for two months)
    Time for the Moon Night - GFriend
    Now or Never - SF9
    Ladi Dadi - AOA
    U&I - BoA

    Black Pearl - Sunmi
    I Mean - UNI.T
    Metronome - Weki Meki
    One of Those Nights (feat. Crush) - Key
    Puzzle Moon - GWSN
    Shinin' - Jonghyun
    Spotlight - Pristin V
    Stylish - LOOΠΔ
    What - Dreamcatcher


    Time to re-think your kill lists. Which songs don't deserve a place in our Top 50? How many Supersarang Songs will survive the next cull? Who's the next unnie to lose their 11 (*hint hint*)?

    I know I'm gonna lost four more 10s, two 9.75s and one 9.5 before the top 50 so that's... kinda traumatic.

    Goodnight for now. x
  9. My homocidal eye will be watching.
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  10. Ddddd. I love how even though Slicey has narrowed it down to 5 decimal points, we are still getting so many ties. The sheer amount of talent in the rate.

    It would be acceptable to me for the following to now vacate the rate.
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  11. Aw nooo! And it was @vague's supersarang too ... I am so sorry ...

    In my defense tho I do like that song and I did give it an 8 which I'd hardly call a bad score, logically, but this rate doesn't follow any rules of logic that I can see, considering this is out before both the queen and princesses of bland's remaining songs AND whatever that SNSD thing was ...
  12. Any of the following could fall before the top 50 and I wouldn't shed any tears. And there are some songs in here that got an 8 or 9 from me, so it's not like I hate all of these songs at all.
  13. You keep your pretty mouth closed.
  14. The sheer level of talentry here.......we really did that despite several bumps along the way. There might be a few songs that would be easier to lose but most any cut at this point will hurt to some degree.

    Me to any and all of the kill lists:

  15. [​IMG]
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  16. Well, at least Red Velvet can actually sell.

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  17. We have a tie so let's do another double elimination. Starting with...




    GENEROUS UNNIES: (10) @Reboot, @vague, @Conan, @Serg., @Vesperly, @Oleander, @Gintoki (9.5) @thommyh, @eliminathan (9) @junglefish, @ohnostalgia, @Wills, @Remorque, @Vixen, @soratami
    CHEAP UNNIES: (3) @askew (4) @Cotton Park, @Empty Shoebox (4.25) @Miyawakiwi (5) @Salami, @Mikl C (6) @Slice of Life


    5 voters: 77 (average: 6.55000)
    10 voters: 65 (average: 6.92500)
    15 voters: 80 (average: 7.05000)
    20 voters: 70 (average: 7.48750)
    25 voters: 79 (average: 7.35000)
    30 voters: 72 (average: 7.48333)
    35 voters: 77 (average: 7.47857)
    40 voters: 69 (average: 7.60625)
    45 voters: 65 (average: 7.72778)
    48 voters: 60 (average: 7.77604)

    The little song that could.

    Ladi Dadi is taken from AOA's fifth mini album, Bingle Bangle. Motherfucking Top Madam Jimin contributed lyrics to the song - actually to all the songs in the album. Iconique.

    Ladi Dadi's journey to making the rate is one for the books. The song first charted on the K-Popjustice Charts on May 2018 and ranked 7th (Bingle Bangle, the song, ranked 8th dddd). And a massive (?) campaign was started by, I assume, @Serg. to get Ladi Dadi into the rate. For it to qualify for the rate, it needed to chart on the December 2018 edition of the KPJC. And honestly, I knew it was gonna make it.

    What I didn't anticipate is that it would actually chart at number 3! It outcharted new singles from BoA, DAY6 and Heize. Talent.

    With that said, I'm actually not the biggest fan of the song dddddd. I'm ready for the stoning. While I recognize that the song is a huge-ass bop, it just doesn't sound all that interesting to me. And I get why Bingle Bangle was chosen as the single over Ladi Dadi. Bingle Bangle, as shitty and un-AOA as it sounds, is still more memorable (to me) than Ladi Dadi.

    Or maybe I'm just not the biggest fan of the Europop sound. x

    Miyawakiwi is emerging as a new rate villain: "sounds like something orange caramel rejected back in the day." We all miss and need Miss Choa, Salami-ssi: "It’s just not the same without Choa." Lowest scorer askew goes in for the kill: "A drab take on this sound."

    Empty Shoebox, a big Eurovision hunty, is surprisingly not here for Ladi Dadi: "This sounds like one of those copycat songs that was released following 'Macarena' in 1996. That is not a good thing." And RUNAWAY just doesn't get y'all tastes: "I just don’t get what the whole fuss about this song is. It comes off just really plain and basic to me. This was nothing new or special for AOA." Tea.

    WAIT, maybe Vesperly was the one who planted the seed of the Ladi Dadi revolution?: "People said they voted for this in December because of me! Thank you! Honoured! Blessed! I have done my duty." eccentricsimply asks: "Am I the only who thinks this sounds a bit like Roly Poly?" I kinda hear it although Ladi Dadi's sorely missing that Hwayoung tragique-magnifique rap verse. I'm afraid it's kinda late to start stanning AOA now, Ana Raquel: "I think I should listen to AOA again, because I remember not being a fan the first time I did, but I liked this!"

    I think it's safe to say that y'all didn't involve ThighHighs in your Ladi Dadi campaign, girls: "The sudden campaign for this to make it into the rate is a bit of a mystery, but this is a true bop! Super Duper would have been my pick for the album cut to make it into the rate." Wills made a discovery: "Ignored this for the longest time based on the diabolical ‘Bingle Bangle’, but wait at it being the K-Zumba dream song I never knew I needed." thommyh just bops and could only muster: "YAS! This song will always bop." And Oleander calls out Kween Shakira: "Bingle Bangle has grown on me so much but honestly, out of all the songs on the mini, this is the one that sounds like an AOA title track. Shakira found recording this for the next World Cup because she was too lazy to come up with a new song." DRAG HA.

    Let's hear it for the Eurovision/Eurobop/Romanian Pop stans! Gintoki will start: "I just love every attempt from Korean artist to do Romanian pop....*playing Volume Up next*" Now that's a Europop song I can get behind. He also stans: "This Romanian Eurovision entry is so on point. And much better than the tragic Bingle Bangle." And it's nice knowing that ryjm also loves summer like me: "Everyone loves a trashy little eurobop and AOA delivered. This song is so camp and so extra…essentially my summer distilled into a song. A bit of a travesty that this wasn't the title song teebs. Also yath at Favourite running with this theme and delivering a whole mini of trashy summery eurobops." Suddenly I don't feel so alone.

    Last word goes to Serg., of course, as the biggest AOA stan in all of Popjustice: "#ProjectGetAOAToSOTY worked! It almost even won the whole December charts. Ladi Dadi is a perfect b-side. Glorious Romanian eurovision bawp turned into K-Pop masterpiece by non other than pretty girls themselves, no one could carry this song with such a vibe except AOA. I just love the 4 choruses and great transition verses."

  18. [​IMG]




    GENEROUS UNNIES: (10) @Mikl C, @junglefish, @RUNAWAY, @Slice of Life, @He, @BEST FICTION, @Oleander, @ThighHighs, @Island, @eliminathan, @soratami (9.75) @Love Deluxe (9.5) @savilizabeths (9.25) @Vixen (9) @Serg., @Rem, @ohnostalgia, @GeiPanda, @enjoy v2.0
    CHEAP UNNIES: (3) @Conan (5) @Salami, @Miyawakiwi, @ryjm, @Empty Shoebox, @Vesperly (5.5) @Sanctuary (6) @Coming Century, @Ana Raquel, @Cotton Park, @Kuhleezi, @OspreyQueen


    5 voters: 100 (average: 5.70000)
    10 voters: 86 (average: 6.50000)
    15 voters: 88 (average: 6.78333)
    20 voters: 92 (average: 6.90000)
    25 voters: 89 (average: 7.17000)
    30 voters: 85 (average: 7.27500)
    35 voters: 84 (average: 7.40000)
    40 voters: 72 (average: 7.56250)
    45 voters: 68 (average: 7.69444)
    48 voters: 60 (average: 7.77604)

    This result is just... I'm--- I'm so sorry, my GFriend girls. We now say goodbye to GFriend's stunning single, Time for the Moon Night.

    Time for the Moon Night is the lead single of GFriend's sixth mini album of the same name. It's also GFriend's biggest hit in 2018 - spending multiple weeks at the number 2 spot of the Gaon Digital Charts. But it has always been underrated here on K-Popjustice. The fact that this didn't even reach the top 5 of the K-Popjustice Charts is telling.

    Time for the Moon Night was a big change for GFriend. Although the song didn't really deviate from GFriend's signature sound, it was actually the first GFriend single that wasn't written and composed by the duo of Iggy and Youngbae. And I must say, this was worth the risk. Time for the Moon Night is a massive step-up from the singles that precede it, Summer Rain and Love Whisper.

    I wasn't even the biggest fan of the song on my first few listens. Yes, I loved the dramatic nature of the song but at that time, I was still rooting for a sequel to Fingertip and Time for the Moon Night was not that sequel. But in the following days and weeks, it became apparent to me that Time for the Moon Night could possible be even better than Fingertip.

    There's just something so... sad about Time for the Moon Night that spoke to me. Come on, depression, let's get sickening! Listening to it now for this post, I can't help but get teary-eyed again dddddd. It's so weird. The first verse is a cute moment but the song really properly gets going starting from that first chorus. And after the first chorus comes THAT stunning post-chorus which is secretly the song's best part. "Bam bam bame bamhaneureul nara / as time time for the moon night / kkum sogeseo neoreul manna." MY HEART.

    And on that point onward, the song just doesn't let up... culminating in one of the most intense final chorus in all of K-Pop. The vocals soared, the emotions heightened, the wigs snatched. GFriend did that.


    Reboot needed more drama, I guess: "This doesn’t really scream “lead single” to me, but it’s nice enough." ryjm thinks giving a score of 5 to the "best of the GFriend songs" is enough but no ma'am no: "This is the best of the Gfriend songs I’ve listened to, a far more exciting release with drama, vocals, and some sharp choreo in the middle of some random field. I feel like this could’ve gone that little bit harder and been something really special." Miyawakiwi disappoints me once again: "Sounds kinda anisong-ish, like something that would appear in a madoka magica movie or something lmao, not a fan." And eccentricsimply just didn't care enough: "This song has grown on me but it's just... I don't think the chorus is as strong as Sunrise's, for instance. And since the verses are whatever, I can't be bothered to care about it so much."

    At least Salami really did try to "get" Time for the Moon Night: "It’s just a bit boring. I watched the dance practice to see if that could change my mind because I don’t think there’s a group who can dance better than they do, but it didn’t." yuuurei comes for Yuju's vocals OMFG: "It feels a little bit aimless at times and occasionally veers a little close to shouty, but it's a pretty song nevertheless." thommyh is not here for cuteness: "It's a cute ballad-y song, but not much else imo." And lowest scorer Conan rebukes talentry: "too twee, too uninteresting. The verses especially irk me." If I didn't also stan RBB, I would've dragged you harder, unnie.

    The fact that this song got more negative comments than positive is killing me. I'm losing it.

    codecat, please cradle me with your sweet words: "A gorgeous and extravagant chorus is something that we've come to expect from GFRIEND, and with TFTMN we got it. But it all comes down to the arresting verses - delicately paced, borderline Disney, borderline jazz, and just fantastic. This is a serve that's going to be hard to recreate or to beat, but a serve nonetheless." Serg. enumerates GFriend's various 10/10 songs: "Return to form and what a return to form. One of their very best up there with Rough & Navillera and very recently Memoria too."

    He gets it; be like He: "Up there with their best, or maybe their best? It just amps to a 1000 that feeling of melancholy these girls are so adept at communicating. I adore it." And RUNAWAY too: "this song took a long time to hit me, but OH MY GOD when it did, it stayed on repeat for like 4 hours. This is one of the best songs of this year, and it DESERVES top 10." I would've been happy with top 50, unnie, but these beasts had other plans.

    One of KPJ's biggest Buddies, ThighHighs, deserves this closing statement: "These girls are POETRY. Watching them dance is one of my favorite things in the world. They had a kind of disappointing end to 2017, so to see them come into 2018 with such a great package was SO gratifying. This song starts out kind of unassuming, but once that chorus got it’s hook into me, I couldn’t listen to anything else. This is still on my go-to daily playlist and is the oldest song on there currently. They make me so proud every time." Hold me, my love.

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  19. FUCK.
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  20. The lack of taste in this rate.
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