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#KSOTY2018: The K-Pop Song of the Year 2018 Rate | COMPLETE RESULTS

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Slice of Life, Dec 14, 2018.

  1. Idk why i though it was save me, save you and i got a mini heart attack (and it goes a little some like this!)
    The bridge of Dreams come true is beautiful tho
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  2. OK, so I may have had a bit of a rage moment earlier. I'm fine, it's just that this rate is TEARING ME APART.
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  3. I could have said the same thing.
    I can't believe I didn't give it a nine, though.

    I won't marathon it though because I think I might have played it so much when it came out that I got a little sick of it.

    So, that's my fault, not Luda or Dayoung's.

    But, let me just look at a glass half full: We're looking for the ONE song of the year. So, the fact that all these fucking great songs are dropping like flies doesn't mean anybody necessarily has shitty taste (though... well... never mind), it just means that KPop makes a lot of fucking GREAT SONGS.

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  4. Well, @Slice of Life is hosting the rate so that's probably what he wants from us because we all know he lives for drama....


    What if the real end game of the rate is not for us to find out the winner but for us to burn all the bridges we have and count how many friends we've lost along the way?
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  5. Twitter incident? What Twitter incident?


    I accidentally exposed the twitter account of one of our unnies when people in the general K-pop thread were talking about how Twitter famous the subforum is by embedding one of their tweets.
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  6. Time for the Moon Night & Dreams Come True both out.......

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  7. The ugly video filter is enough to justify this song leaving.
  8. tbh I’m only following this thread to give @Slice of Life and my good unies the likes they deserve. The last two eliminations have been ridiculous.
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  9. Make it three, babe.




    GENEROUS UNNIES: (11) @FunkyButChic (10) @Salami, @Dangerous Maknae, @junglefish, @vague, @Slice of Life, @Oleander, @sweetlikegrande, @ThighHighs, @GeiPanda (9.5) @yuuurei (9.25) @Love Deluxe, @savilizabeths (9) @Coming Century, @codecat, @Kuhleezi, @Rem
    CHEAP UNNIES: (4) @Sanctuary (5) @Miyawakiwi, @evilsin, @Vesperly, @Gintoki (6) @Cotton Park, @RUNAWAY, @Empty Shoebox, @askew, @Vixen


    5 voters: 43 (average: 7.20000)
    10 voters: 40 (average: 7.40000)
    15 voters: 42 (average: 7.60000)
    20 voters: 54 (average: 7.67500)
    25 voters: 55 (average: 7.71000)
    30 voters: 60 (average: 7.64167)
    35 voters: 54 (average: 7.80000)
    40 voters: 57 (average: 7.85625)
    45 voters: 56 (average: 7.88889)
    48 voters: 58 (average: 7.80208)

    Oh My Girl lose the first of their two entries in the rate. Today, we bid goodbye to the angelic hymn that is Secret Garden.

    Secret Garden is the title track of Oh My Girl's fourth mini album. It's also their second highest charting single on the Gaon Digital Charts as it peaked at number 17. So what's their highest charting single, you ask? It's Listen to My Word (A-ing) ddddddd. Tragique. The girls also won their first and second music show wins ever with Secret Garden. And I may have cried when they won their first trophy. I'm sorry. I just stan so much, okay.

    Secret Garden still sounds so good to these ears. I was afraid I was gonna grow tired of it since it was released way back in January 2018. But no ma'am, I continue to use and abuse Secret Garden even up to this day. We love a classique. The song drew comparisons to Oh My Girl's magnum opus, Closer, upon release and yes, I do hear the resemblance. It's probably the reason why I'm so tragically in love with Secret Garden ddddd. This is the sound that really made me take notice of Oh My Girl - that ethereal, almost otherworldly, dare I say cosmic??? synthy pop that they do so well. Some people will label Secret Garden and most of Oh My Girl's songs as cutesy and beige and boring but no ma'am, they are wrong. Yes, I'm speaking to you, @RUNAWAY unnie.


    While the entire song is a masterpiece to me, it cannot be denied that the song truly reach its peak during that middle 8. Oh my God, when the production grows silent and it's just Seunghee and her vocals... I swear I hear angels. We also can't forget that dance break where Miss YooA defecates on your faves' careers. She's seriously one of the most well-rounded idols ever and I'm already creaming for her eventual solo debut.

    In the end, Secret Garden just isn't K-Popjustice-friendly enough to really rank higher but that's okay. I'm just glad the girls are back to their lethal form again. Let us never speak of Coloring Book ever again. Thank u.

    Remorque rebukes the cutesy: "I can now appreciate it for what it is... A cute breezy bop. But it's a bit tew cutesy for me, though the girls do get half a point more for that armography during the breakdown in the video." Vixen rebukes the pretty: "It’s a very pretty song, but I just don’t come back to it all that often, nor do I think it’s exactly on the same levels as some of the better stuff here, so I feel like to score it accordingly." Reboot as well: "Pretty. I’m still not quite sure where this ranks with their previous songs, though."

    RUNAWAY just really hates Oh My Girl, okay: "I just do not get this forum’s fascination with this group. I added their songs to my daily playlist and I just cannot get into them aside from CLOSER. This song is so boring. I actually had to delete it from my playlist because every time it would come on, I would end up skipping it less than 30 seconds in. Call me a hater, but I’m just not ever going to be a Miracle. I listened to this song all the way through for this rate, and I just didn’t find myself drawn to it AT ALL, so it got a six from me." Speaking of being a Miracle, I'm pretty sure Vesperly was one before but she's changed now: "This song is just bland. The entire time I was listening to it, I was waiting for the Windy Day-esque that never came. It’s really frustrating because the rest of the mini is so good."

    ryjm comes for Banana Allergy Monkey, another misunderstood masterpiece kii: "Not my favourite release from Oh My Girl, but certainly not the worst (Banana Allergy Monkey says hi). It’s one of those tragic cases where I really enjoy the verses but the chorus just falls flat. This feels like it should be a WJSN song and just doesn’t quite click for me. What I can say is that they all sound stunning and the video is equally beautiful." This didn't move Empty Shoebox either: "In theory this has all the right ingredients, but it practice it just doesn't move me at all." thommyh, cyst, you missed out on that middle 8: "It's a nice song, nice vocals and all but it's just ot my cup of tea and I lowkey got bored listening to it and didn't finish the entire song nn.. so if there is SOME power vocal or note after halfway please inform me, unnies!" And Miyawakiwi didn't get their anticipated Closer 2.0: "I can’t help but compare every song they release with Closer… And Closer keeps winning for me :P." Well, you should have rated it in comparison to the songs in the rate but I digress.

    Speaking of Closer, the song got quite a few shoutouts. Here's vague: "i feel like this is a calmer, slightly xanied out version of their magnum opus, "CLOSER," so ofc i stan." YATH. Kuhleezi is stanning: "They're truly the queens of ethereal disco aren't they. This is no Closer, but it comes damn close." Serg.'s trinity is complete: "This probably completes holy OMG trinity for me alongside Windy Day & Closer." That's a very solid trinity you got there. Even Salami surprised me with ha all-out stannage omfg: "Fantastic song, amazing video, brilliant group. The chorus is really nice, and I don’t mean bland - it’s just pleasant to listen to. They all sound great, even without the obligatory Mimi rap. This is the closest they’ve come to Closer for me and it really shows how versatile and unique Oh My Girl are." King of Taste.

    codecat graces us with another iconique comment: "The virginity anthem: there's a tremendous amount of magic in that chorus that never fails to lift me into a higher ground where everything is pure, honest and Jesus actually walks down the lush steps of Paradise to hand me back my v-card and whew Secret Garden is as close as we'll ever get to ascend to Heaven as mortals isn't it. Imagine walking down the aisle to it. Just imagine the magnificent experience that would be." DDDD I HATE DIS. yuuurei is won over by nostalgia: "Lovely and charming, with that vaguely nostalgic feeling that easily wins me over." eccentricsimply singles out the music video: "As much as this song is a bit basic the chorus is so good and the music video is gorgeous." He almost lost out on another gem: "I never paid too much attention to this, but it is nice and very Oh My Girl vocally." And ThighHighs recognizes YooA's legend: "Dreamy fairy gay music and I LIVE the fantasy. Everything about this song is perfectly encapsulated by the floating blue whale flying through outer space. YooA showcasing her visual prowess in the breakdown before the middle-8 is one of the Gay Icon Moments of 2018."

    I'm gonna give the final say to GeiPanda as he truly captured what's so great about Secret Garden. Take it away, papi: "According to Apple Music, apparently one of my most-played songs of 2018. We were all gagging for OMG to return to the style of Closer after their abysmal 2017, and Secret Garden perfectly reboots the ethereal style that only these girls could pull off. There's not one, not two, but three key-change/high note/adlibs in this song (I may not be using the correct music terminology). Basically, three incredible belting moments courtesy of Hyojung and Seunghee. Scalp me x3 bb's. Missing a Mimi rap for sure, but it would have changed the whole sonic landscape of this song. Though I don't understand a lick of the lyrics, I still grasp the emotion and gravitas that OMG deliver so effortlessly."

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  10. Yes, keep exposing my 5s like that...

    I'm sorry, y'all.
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  11. I mean, I'm not surprised it's out but before Remember Me? How?
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  12. Yes I don’t understand this.

    Secret Garden is perfect, it’s the first cut that hurts. My turn to shout get taste at you all.
  13. He


    Remember Me is a bit more memorable.
  14. Thank your lucky stars @Slice of Life is so nice because if it were up to me, some of the commentary would be AXED in a millisecond.

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  15. Remember Me is a 10.
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  16. Well, Remember Me is, you know, actually great for starters xoxo
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  17. Yes, because I gave it a 6.
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  18. This is... a punch to the gut.
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