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#KSOTY2018: The K-Pop Song of the Year 2018 Rate | COMPLETE RESULTS

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Slice of Life, Dec 14, 2018.

  1. It's not that deep. "Cheap Unnies" is just my version of "Low Scorers."
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  2. I know tootz but someone was implying it's always the same people scoring low.
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  3. Right? I think it's because of something talent something something?

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  4. Okay well, I said some of y'all, first off. And second, well ...
    Was I wrong? And third, I was just joking about how a lot of my favorite songs have been given low to average scores by a lot of the same people and that I, personally, was "mad" about that, so fourth, no need to take my dumb post that seriously. Oh and fifth, I do have a username so you don't have to call me "someone". Hope that helps.
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  5. Time to bring this classic back!

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  6. Isn't she already... fighting you? Dddd.

    I would say 6 isn't that low of a score though.
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  7. Hm.. ok, but if we lose Get It or Black Dress before the top 30 I'm actually gonna have to suggest some of y'all join the witness protection program.
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  8. I too noticed that there’s a crew of usual suspects in the cheap unnies section. I can say it now that fellow Punk Right Now stan @yuuurei will protect me.
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  9. Speaking of...




    GENEROUS UNNIES: (11) @thommyh (10) @ryjm, @Cotton Park, @Slice of Life, @Oleander, @Gintoki (9.5) @PopZeitgeist (9.25) @nikkysan (9) @Mikl C, @Ana Raquel, @Conan, @He, @Rem, @ry123, @ThighHighs, @ohnostalgia, @Island, @GeiPanda, @savilizabeths
    CHEAP UNNIES: (1) @Coming Century (2) @Salami (5) @Vesperly, @askew (5.5) @Dangerous Maknae (6) @codecat, @Serg.


    5 voters: 112 (average: 5.05000)
    10 voters: 91 (average: 6.37500)
    15 voters: 72 (average: 7.20000)
    20 voters: 74 (average: 7.42500)
    25 voters: 60 (average: 7.62000)
    30 voters: 56 (average: 7.69167)
    35 voters: 57 (average: 7.73571)
    40 voters: 50 (average: 7.91875)
    45 voters: 53 (average: 7.92778)
    48 voters: 54 (average: 7.92188)

    I am... shaken by this elimination. I was really under the impression that we all, well, not all all but most of us, stanned this. What happened??? And the fact that this song's b-side defeated it??? Like??? I'm--- Do I even know you, girls? Who are you?

    Okay, enough dramatics. Get It is the debut single of Pristin's first subunit, Pristin V. The song was composed NOT by the Pristin V members themselves but by the team composed of Albin Nordqvist, Louise Frick Sveen and Carolyn Jordan. Sadly this didn't chart on the Gaon charts. I guess number 49-peaking Wee Woo and number 94-peaking We Like won in the end huh. Kii.

    First of all, I still don't get why Get It wasn't a single for the whole group instead. I mean, yeah, it's definitely more mature than their previous singles but Get It isn't even that mature, if you ask me. Xiyeon would've slayed, ugh.

    But yes, Get It is one of the easiest 10s I gave in this rate. Get It is just... it. It's everything I wanted from Pristin ever since I was made aware of their existence. Even as a We Like apologist, I still think Get It truly showcased Pristin's charms more. That production is sickening for starters. I love, love, love that it isn't your typical bratty version of the girl crush concept. The R&B elements of the song definitely helped the song not sound, well, cheap.

    I am obsessed with that pre-chorus and how it culminates in a whisper before the chorus takes over. The chorus is just the right amount of trashy and the "get it, hit it, kill it" hook is already a classique. The middle 8 is a nice change of pace and although I'm not crazy about Stone Nayoung's part, it does set-up the final chorus nicely.

    On a more superficial note, don't y'all think the Pristin V girlies truly bodied this song/dance/concept? Their visuals are insane and I am so mad that these visuals are being wasted on Pledis Entertainment's dungeon.

    If Pristin or Pristin V never comes back, I'm really glad they ended their careers on such a high note with Get It. Still, I would really love for a sequel to this so please sort your shit out please, @Pristin and @Pledis Entertainment.

    The first five voters were not the nicest toward Get It and it showed in their comments as well. Reboot thinks: "This hasn’t aged that well." Salami seems to physically wince at the mere mention of Get It: "No I don’t like this one. Completely unremarkable." And Coming Century continues his weird crusade of coming for pretty and talented girls: "this is......so basic......idg the hype with this at all?? then again everyone over the most basic of basic girl grush concepts nowadays for some reason. Both of Pristin's other titles were much better than this but then again that's not saying much. Also I don't like Pinkeye much, she's BEYOND bland and dull." Yikes. Okie-dokie.

    Kuhleezi's tone is a little pointed huh: "At the end of the day, some good old girl crush concept is all it takes to make y'all stanning, huh?" Vesperly only enjoys, like, an eight of the song ddd: "This song suddenly gets good at 2:16 but sadly that’s too late." eccentricsimply is bored: "I like it but... It's just not that interesting? I don't know, I just think it's kinda boring at this point. They all look very pretty though and I genuinely miss Pristin nñn." Vixen demands a chorus that pops off more: "I really like how the song starts, but I can’t be the only to be disappointed with how the song turns out when we go into the chorus? It just…doesn’t soar…at all. It’s all very flat, and the production seems a tad too loud during that part for absolutely nothing. It’s a shame, really. The verses are VERY good, and that bridge is absolutely gorgeous. Ugh, WHY LADIES." And Serg. truly just want Pristin, the whole group, back: "I(wanted to write 'We' but after seeing the results of last year I'm not sure how many of y'all agree) want to see a full group comeback as soon as possible. Get Kyla on that plane back to Korea from that fair she worked on and get the other girls from wherever they are into the recording studio and LETS GO." Let it go, girl. Let it go.

    This is Empty Shoebox's version of a compliment dddd: "It's a shame that Pristin are kind of dead, because this is somewhat good. Apart from the quiet part before the last chorus. That's less good." I stan. Miyawakiwi trashes Wee Woo in the process of praising Get It: "This is what Pristin’s debut should’ve been like, instead we got that horrible wee woo song, ughh. I’m just surprised kyulkyung stayed for this instead of leaving for china right away." Gintoki serves up some honest tea: "I'm gonna be honest I don't really care for Pristin but this is such a nice suprise, I want more from this sub-unit." And ry123 frets over Korea's lack of taste: "Such a shame this flopped in Korea. It was one of my most listened to of 2018."

    ThighHighs is surprised by this serve: "I was unsure of what a Pristin subunit would be like, because aside from WeeWoo, I hadn’t liked any of the main unit’s songs. However, this sexy bop was a complete triumph. Aside from the vaguely cringy “I don’t need sugar love” moment, the song is a self-assured and slinky smash." Wow, way to undermine Pristin V's radical anti-diabetes campaign. GeiPanda has an innocent wish: "A hawt jam. They need to come back asap." Cotton Park begs for more: "More please. God, they're so tremendous. Don't care if they ever go to a full group again, though it'd be nice for Kyla." And He serves some CNN-level of reportage with this comment: "Remember them? Yes, Pristin had their best track as a subunit. No one knows what happened to them after, no one has seen them ever since. But this is a testament of their potential. Lovely vocals, attitude and just a big bop. Thank you for the music, ladies. Miss you, Rena." WHY IS "THANK YOU FOR THE MUSIC, LADIES" ABSOLUTELY SENDING ME SKDGFHJ.

    ryjm is in full-on stan mode and I really can't blame ha: "This bop makes me want to get it all right. My lordt does this go right off unnie! I never really paid their main group any attention, but this track made me sit the fuck up and listen. The girls’ vocals are silky smooth and they are serving some killer lewks in the (otherwise bare and budget) video. This song proved that Pristin V is the ultimate final form of an otherwise non-existent girl group. Watching produce 101 made me love this so much more because my babies had such a glow up that they literally blind you with their talent and beauty. This smooth, sultry and sassy soundscape needs to be the blueprint for the group’s (theoretical) future releases. TALEN-T." And Oleander gifs:
    I guess ITZY (Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini) is going to fill in the role now but if Pristin V was a fulltime group, they’d be the only true rivals for Blackpink’s cool, badass girls image. Sadly, Pledis is more sadistic than Jigsaw which means that just like regular Pristin, Pristin V will never come back."

    Of course, last word belongs to thommyh who awarded this ha mighty 11: "YAAAAASSS!!!!! Whew, this is generally just one of those pussy popping songs that's full of fun and energy. The 11 signifies a point for every past life this song tore a wig off of. The cosmic snatching of it. "Get It" is actually about getting a new scalp, huns! Now let's do the Pristin girls right and keep streaming and make a pact to make fun pussy throbbing songs like these win the SOTYs. So let's all draft up an early ballot for 2019's SOTY and vote "No" by CLC! YAS!" Iconique.

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  10. There's always someone that tries to test the rate curse and loses.
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  11. I really had to wake up to this... huh?

    Alright... It's time for y'all to enlist!

    I don't even remember adding that. Mess. DSGUDFSHG. My mind at 4am submitting it on the last day....
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  12. Two of my favourites from last year gone in a row. This rate really keeps you on your toes.
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  13. All the better to practice our stealthy murder techniques!
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  14. I'm on my break and I can't believe y'all two (you know who you are) gave Get It a score of 1 and a 2...
    Like... a ONE ????????WHAT?????????????
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  15. I think if we allowed people to give -1 points, we'd all kill each other and the only thread left in the K-Pop subforum would be the non-K-Pop one. And oh, the irony of that outcome.

    Get it together people! 53 to go!
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  16. Why wasn't Xiyeon in Pristin V?
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