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#KSOTY2018: The K-Pop Song of the Year 2018 Rate | COMPLETE RESULTS

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Slice of Life, Dec 14, 2018.

  1. [​IMG]


    Maybe we should try this for the next installment of KSOTY? What do y'all think? x
  2. The leaderboard section and how apparently the first few voters killed every song always makes me laugh.

    For kiis: Are @Sanctuary and @Salami part of them? Am I also one of them?
  3. You're the sixth voter so no. But let's not pretend you didn't tank some forum-beloved songs. xoxo

    Also I sorted the voter list on the front page by the order they submitted their ballots so it's easier for y'all to pinpoint which group of voters to attack and stuff. You're welcome. x
  4. In fairness the earlier songs we voted quite high and then they got tanked by everyone else so it’s swings and roundabouts!
  5. A sad day for the messy-loving unnies of K-Popjustice.




    GENEROUS UNNIES: (11) @OspreyQueen (10) @yuuurei, @Vesperly (9.75) @Slice of Life, @thommyh (9.5) @Mikl C, @junglefish, @Conan, @Rem (9) @Reboot, @nikkysan, @BEST FICTION, @ry123, @Oleander, @soratami
    CHEAP UNNIES: (3) @askew (4) @ryjm, @Vixen (5.5) @eccentricsimply (5.75) @Miyawakiwi (6) @Sanctuary
    SHAMAN UNNIE: 9.75


    5 voters: 52 (average: 6.95000)
    10 voters: 67 (average: 6.87500)
    15 voters: 45 (average: 7.58333)
    20 voters: 40 (average: 7.85000)
    25 voters: 44 (average: 7.83000)
    30 voters: 34 (average: 8.05833)
    35 voters: 39 (average: 8.00714)
    40 voters: 38 (average: 8.05000)
    45 voters: 54 (average: 7.92222)
    48 voters: 53 (average: 7.94792)

    UGHHHHH SO CLOSE TO THE TOP 50. Y'all really can't let talent win all the time huh. But I'm really quite happy with this placement. I mean, this only got two 10s and an 11 but it still almost snatched a top 50 placement. Silver linings, etc.

    Crush is taken from Weki Meki's first single album, Kiss, Kicks. This was written and composed by TENTEN. Member Yoojung is also credited as a lyricist. As with other post-I.O.I groups, Weki Meki also struggles on digital sales and streaming so naturally, Crush never bothered the Gaon Charts.

    But floppage aside, Crush remains such an exhilarating bawp, ladies. I had to downgrade this from a 10 to 9.75 because the song does have its weaknesses. But all things considered, I must say Crush held up quite well. I still very much enjoy listening to it. But maybe that's just because I'm a stan ddddd.

    Unlike I Don't Like Your Girlfriend and La La La, Crush is decidedly softer. While those two former singles really exhibited extreme trashy characteristics, Crush is much more tame. But I think that's what makes it work and the reason why it resonated more with y'all. It hurts to admit but I Don't Like Your Girlfriend and La La La really have the cheapest productions. And while I live for the budget constraint of it all, it did limit Weki Meki's appeal to a wider audience. I mean, why would anyone stan songs that sound like they were recorded with a budget of 2 dollars, right? Kii.

    Crush also spoke to me because although it sounded modern for a Weki Meki song, ultimately it still sounded pretty dated... like it was released in 2008 or something. And as someone who got into K-Pop during those times, I appreciate this throwback to those sounds that made me first notice the genre. Someone told me they weren't shocked that I was stanning Crush so much because it sounded like a 2NE1 song. And honestly, I can admit to that somehow.

    codecat didn't really like this Weki Meki reinvention: "This has a vibrant start but sadly, most of what comes after that fails to pick up and even though it has some nice parts, Crush isn't the most exciting WeMe single - maybe because the the Scandinavian rapid-fire writing camp vibes are so obvious and it sounds so phoned in." Fair assessment, bih. Miyawakiwi is spooked: "wth is that chewing toy sound in the background? Hmmm." It's the sound of talent, girl. And Empty Shoebox would rather not talk about the song: "FIREARM SAFETY girls. Remember the four rules. And I never figured out what was supposed to be happening with the car. Stop talking about the video you say? Talk about the song? Gosh, look at the time. Hello, I Must Be Going!"

    ryjm demands Weki Meki to do better: "I unironically root for these girls, the Lucky mini was actually really good (praise the KPOP gods for giving us the masterpiece that is Metronome) but this is just … meh. The song carries a weird Kids Bop vibe and I just can’t ignore it. This is still a nice little throwaway trashy bop, but I know they are capable of much more, and this was just not it unnie." Lowest scorer askew rebukes this generic Weki Meki offering: "Feels like a frankenstein of other contemporary k-pop songs, but not even with an interesting or unique spin."

    Some people loved this before but not anymore. eccentricsimply asks: "Remember I said I liked this song? Never mind nñn I mean, it's not as bad as the rest of the Weki Meki songs but also it's just. It's more that I just don't care for it. It's just loud." ThighHighs too: "I loved this a lot when it first came out, but it’s kinda feeling a bit too “heard it all before.” It’s a fun song, but in a year-end rate it just doesn’t hold up." And Serg. completes the Unholy Trinity: "I played this 24/7 for like a week and then didn't really care for it just like with other Weki Meki singles but at least this one isn't complete garbage."

    He returns to talentry: "Poor weki meki, I paid this dust after being trash for their past songs and great mini. This is actually quite good." RUNAWAY mentions the one true goddess that is BeyonSei: "god even WACKYMAC delivered this year. TBH BeyonSei is the only reason I stan them, but they’ve had some bops this year and it’s been great to see their growth." And thommyh just have a few complaints: "It'd be a full 10 but I wish they kept the competency of their characters before being dumb halfway thru the vid.. otherwise it's flawless."

    GeiPanda reiterates my point: "I love the cheapness of this. It could easily have been released in 2008 and nobody would be wiser. Still a bop." YATH. Reboot expresses excitement for future Weki Meki slayage: "I really like this video, guns aside. The girls look GREAT and I love the colours. The song is probably one of their best yet. I can’t wait to see what they do next." And Kuhleezi embraces this brand of girl crush: "All it takes for y'all to stan is some good ole girl crush concept 2.0 (instead this time myself included)." Good for you.

    I'm so sorry, OspreyQueen, but it's now time to say goodbye to your 11: "I’ve been trying for like half an hour to come up with the words to sum up how perfect this song is, and how it’s everything I could want in a pop song, but I’m just drawing a blank. So all I’ll say is that the “gat gat gatgo shipeungeol” parts are one of the most effective pop hooks I’ve heard in recent memory." YATHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

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  6. Two consecutive eliminations for two consecutive commentaires. Serving shaman clairvoyancy hunnie

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  7. I'm...never going to understand this. There's no logical explanation for this nightmare. How many black candles and pentagrams do I have to extract out of Satan's bumhole to see all these amazing groups have at least ONE hit.
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  8. [​IMG]

    This elimination is a travesty.
  9. I mean, 53rd out of 117 seems roughly fair for 'Crush', except everything else has been so wildly out of order that it feels dead wrong.

    LOONA cull. PLEASE.
  10. No.

    Okay, favOriTe can leave.
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  11. Checking the remaining songs, it's a kii that SF9 somehow managed to survive the boy groups cull and they're beating all the girl groups' bops now.
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  12. Will the songs after this one be starting with a full 8 as their average score?
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  13. I didn't even realise favOriTe was still here.


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  14. Not yet, babe. We reach 8+ average at number 46 dddddddd.
  15. Favorite has no right to even be Top 100. Let’s be real. It was just exciting cause it was the first OT12 song!

    Also SF9 deserve to be Top 50, but I won’t get my hopes up that they’ll make it.
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  16. There's worse than favourite left girls. There's worse loona songs left.
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  17. How can so many different opinions all be so wrong ...
  18. Favorite is a trashy bop but still better than Hi High.

    There I said it.
  19. He


    Scalped by @hot_takes_maknae.
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