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#KSOTY2018: The K-Pop Song of the Year 2018 Rate | COMPLETE RESULTS

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Slice of Life, Dec 14, 2018.

  1. Because there is a trend of good groups releasing below average singles?
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  2. Did I just see someone say Roller Coaster should leave soon? I had to stop reading after that.
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  3. Double elimination because there's a tie.

    First up is...




    GENEROUS UNNIES: (10) @Ana Raquel, @nikkysan, @RUNAWAY, @Conan, @Oleander (9.75) @yuuurei (9.5) @PopZeitgeist (9) @Reboot, @Dangerous Maknae, @Mikl C, @ryjm, @evilsin, @He, @eccentricsimply, @Vesperly, @OspreyQueen, @ThighHighs, @thommyh, @enjoy v2.0
    CHEAP UNNIES: (5) @Coming Century, @codecat, @Serg., @savilizabeths (5.5) @Sanctuary (6) @Miyawakiwi, @Cotton Park, @Wills


    5 voters: 70 (average: 6.60000)
    10 voters: 40 (average: 7.40000)
    15 voters: 34 (average: 7.75000)
    20 voters: 44 (average: 7.82500)
    25 voters: 40 (average: 7.96000)
    30 voters: 38 (average: 8.01667)
    35 voters: 32 (average: 8.12857)
    40 voters: 33 (average: 8.10000)
    45 voters: 49 (average: 7.96667)
    48 voters: 50 (average: 7.95833)

    And with that, BoA is officially down to her last two songs. We eliminate Woman tonight.

    Woman is the lead single of BoA's ninth Korean full album of the same name. The good sis BoA, being the talented unnie that she is, wrote the lyrics to the song. Sadly, the Korean populace completely let this rot and flop. Woman never bothered the Gaon Charts. The audacity.

    Woman is a rousing feminist anthem. Knowing that BoA wrote the lyrics to this makes it even more powerful. It is so great to see females - especially Korean idols/artists who are often seen as mere commodities - stand up for themselves and actually demand what they deserve. The concept of Woman is not new to K-Pop, sure, but it is a concept that needs to be given a voice over and over again for it to be heard. After all, South Korea isn't exactly the safest place for women. Just look at the current scandals in Korea (Burning Sun scandal, Jang Jayeon's case) and you'd get an idea of how women are being treated. It's not a great look. Nawt me going kinda off-topic dddd. Sorry.

    Message aside, the song is a gigantic bawperoo too. It's probably the most bop-tastic BoA single we got in 2018. A dancefloor banger with a great message to boot??? What's not to love? I admit, I have quite grown tired of Woman already which is a mess because it's one of BoA's newer material ddddd. It's not that I hate it; I don't. I still love it and I continue bopping to it. But compared to her other 2018 singles, Woman just didn't have the same staying power. Maybe it was BoA fatigue too.

    Still, BoA should be proud of Woman. BoA is an inspiration to a lot of young girls - and that includes her female hoobaes (junior artists). And I'm sure these girls could learn a lot from this song.

    Miyawakiwi loves everything about this... except the song itself: "Queen! Her upside-down walk in the begining of the video… wow, not a fan of the song, tho." A mess. Empty Shoebox stans the other tracks from the album: "There's better on this album, even if they don't have inverted walking, or leopard print bodysuits." GeiPanda demands key changes: "A solid track, but missing something - maybe could have more key changes?" And Serg. didn't like this one either: "I wasn't really feeling this song either. I don't know I just didn't really connect with BoA's releases this year except for Amor & One Shot, Two Shot.. But she really did release a lot of songs."

    A lot of y'all got your absolute life to that iconique upside down catwalk eleganza. thommyh: "the upside down strut still gives me my life." He: "An upsidedown catwalker. Who else could do it so effortlessly? I adore this. The song is not as fresh but it’s still great. So, yes, continue to serve, queen." askew: "The upside down strutting alone deserves a 10 but when you combine that with a great song, it’s physically impossible to give this anything less than a perfect score." And ThighHighs too: "The upside down entrance is one of the biggest GAGS of the year. The fact that she’s so far into her career and still snatching the other girls so easily is a testament to the power of the human spirit. God BLESS HER."

    Woman is Salami's first BoA song and I---: "This was the first BoA song I’ve ever listened to in full and am glad I did, from the upside down walking to the clicking, it’s a solid watch and listen." How can this be your first BoA song, oppa??? OMFGGG. nikkysan thinks it's in the little details: "The clicking of high heels is such a great touch." And Reboot raises a question: "Great song. I’m probably alone in saying that I really loved the album?" No ma'am, I loved the album too.

    Are you okay, ryjm?: "I mean, what a fucking WOMAN. The thick sensual bass, the lewks, the aesthetics, the upside down strut…like holy shit let the gays breathe unnie. The production on this is pretty stellar, I live for the strutting intro, the sheer power she exudes and her just totally feeling herself in general (hideous green bob and all). My only slight complaint is that the song feels like it finishes a bit too early, but then I just hit repeat and all is right with the world. God is a woman, and her name is BoA." eccentricsimply has big dreams for BoA's future: "Even if I didn't like this song I would've given it a high score for that entrance alone but alas I love this song and everything it represents. I honestly can't wait for BoA to become the CEO of SM Entertainment." It's only a matter of time, unnie.

    And RUNAWAY, bless him, completely loses ha cool: "this is a WOMANNNNNNI_CANNOT_USE_REAL_WORDS_PROPERLY. A QUEEN. AN ICON. That shit green wig. That upside-down strut. That ENTIRE VIDEO. She served it up this year. 2 full albums. A mini album. An acoustic Japanese mini album. 2 tours. ALL IN ONE YEAR. QUEEN BoA." YATHHH STAN.

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  4. We also say goodbye to a K-Popjustice Charts number one song...




    GENEROUS UNNIES: (10) @nikkysan, @RUNAWAY, @vague, @Vesperly, @OspreyQueen, @Oleander, @ThighHighs, @GeiPanda, @Gintoki (9.5) @junglefish (9) @Reboot, @Sanctuary, @Conan, @He, @sweetlikegrande, @Wills, @enjoy v2.0
    CHEAP UNNIES: (3) @askew (5) @Salami, @Kuhleezi, @Empty Shoebox (5.5) @Dangerous Maknae (6) @Coming Century, @Ana Raquel, @Rem


    5 voters: 46 (average: 7.15000)
    10 voters: 54 (average: 7.12500)
    15 voters: 48 (average: 7.56667)
    20 voters: 45 (average: 7.80000)
    25 voters: 50 (average: 7.79000)
    30 voters: 53 (average: 7.77500)
    35 voters: 50 (average: 7.86429)
    40 voters: 53 (average: 7.90625)
    45 voters: 55 (average: 7.91111)
    48 voters: 50 (average: 7.95833)

    Boohoo. Laboum are officially eliminated from the rate. Their last song, Turn It On, bows out at number 50. It's also the first KPJC number one song to be eliminated.

    Turn It On is taken from Laboum's sixth single album, I'm Yours. Turn It On is a continuation of the sound Laboum explored on Between Us. And ugh, they suit this sound so well. Turn It On is stunning.

    This has grown on me immensely. Released in December 2018, the time of the year when I legitimately get sick of K-Pop ddddd, I didn't think too much of Turn It On back then. Sure, it was a cute little sultry anthem. But coming from Between Us, a career peak in my opinion, Turn It On just sounded mediocre. It stood out against the vastly inferior songs released in December but it didn't really stack up against the stronger songs released earlier in 2018.

    Listening to it for the rate has made me appreciate it more and until now, I still use Turn It On so much. I love the very tasteful and understated Latin influences. The guitar work is superb here. And the girls deliver another strong vocal performance. I love that Soyeon, Yujeong, Haein and Solbin were all allowed to sing the chorus. It just goes to show how solid Laboum's vocals are. Even Kween ZN got a few vocal highlights herself. Iconique.

    Between Us and Turn It On are both new to Laboum. But they sound so good on both songs that I'm willing to forgive them even if they never return to their ""cuter"" sound a la Hwi Hwi.

    askew is proving to be a new rate villain: "Not even the latin guitar is saving this one for me, it's a bit unmemorable." Salami wants his Hwi Hwi girls back: "It’s nice enough background music but what a disappointment after Hwi Hwi." And Empty Shoebox drags our KPJC picks dddddd: "Not really memorable to me. I know it made number one on our charts, but it wasn't a great month, was it?" True though.

    Miyawakiwi did not sign up for this: "wth was that whole zombie thing about? Anyways lol, the chorus is great and the zombie guy (alive) is hot, but that’s it really." Ddddddd I screamed at "zombie guy (alive) is hot." A mess! eccentricsimply also noted the music video's faults: "The premise of the MV is so iconic I was genuinely expecting something better but it's still a decent song." And He... betrays me with this information: "First Laboum track I love." FIRST??? Who are you???

    A lot of y'all had a lot to say about THAT music video. ryjm: "Kii at the KPOP industry cancelling Halloween and serving horror realness whenever they damn please. The video for this is a bit of a hot mess but I'm totally here for "The Walking Dead but Make It Sexy" concept. With this release, Laboum are on a hot streak, I want a full mini of chill bops stat." Red Velvet's RBB found rotting. Reboot is here for that music video though: "First time seeing the video of this song. It makes it even better and almost a tad hypnotizing. Very, very good comeback."

    RUNAWAY stans: "the girls DELIVERED a HUGE FUCKING BOP right at the end of the year and scalped EVERYONE. I’m really loving them. They just keep getting better." GeiPanda also stans... but not his cat: "I belted "OH I DON'T NEED NOBODY ELSE" to the cat I was sitting, and he didn't look very amused." Dddddd, this is so cute. Spotify got yuuurei's back: "I totally forgot about LABOUM until Spotify recommended this EP to me. I'm glad they're still out there doing their thing. This is sort of a melancholy-sounding bop and I like the breathy vocals." OspreyQueen is also grateful but also mad for a new bawp: "Kinda mad that this sea-shanty bop slipped through my radar for two months, but I’m bopping now and that’s all that matters." And enjoy v2.0 too: "also hello new obsession."

    Last word to ThighHighs as he's one of the OG Little Laboumer of this forum: "Their turn away from perky boppers into sensual bangers isn’t something I would have signed on for 2 years ago (RIP Hwi Hwi sajaegi icon), but they’re pulling it off better than I would have ever expected. My alien princess ZN stays an underrated fave, and my likely entry into one of the Hunger Games rounds. The video is a laugh, and although that is trash, it doesn’t damper my love for the song."

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  5. This is homophobic
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  6. Shaman Unnie giveth!

    Shaman Unnie taketh away.
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  7. This is fucking bullshit. There are plenty of songs that are still in that pale in comparison to Woman.....

    Talent lost.
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  8. Like all bar 2 of Loona?
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  9. What the FUCK?
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  10. I thought we loved smart, strong, and sensual women on this forum? I guess that doesn't apply to everyone. As for the low scorers' taste, all I can say is...

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  11. Woman was a nosedive in quality when compared to OSTS, tbh.
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  12. Yeah, Woman was so underwhelming after the EP we got earlier in the year. It sounded like an album track from one of her late 2000s Japanese albums. It should have left the rate way earlier.
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  13. I think I scored Woman so highly because of the iconic upside down walking.
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  14. I’m so sad Baam is out. Yes it is very similar to Bboom but it is still amazing. Praying for my other favourites now!
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  15. Sorry for the delay of this result. Just didn't want to post it. x

    I just got busy with summer classes these last two days ddddd.




    SUPERSARANG: @Oleander
    GENEROUS UNNIES: (10) @Mikl C, @codecat, @Cotton Park, @RUNAWAY, @vague, @BEST FICTION, @Oleander, @ThighHighs, @GeiPanda, @eliminathan (9.75) @PopZeitgeist (9.5) @Kuhleezi, @Serg., @Slice of Life (9) @Ana Raquel, @junglefish, @He, @Rem, @ry123, @OspreyQueen, @sweetlikegrande
    CHEAP UNNIES: (1) @Coming Century (2) @Wills (3) @askew (4) @Miyawakiwi (5) @Dangerous Maknae (6) @Sanctuary, @Empty Shoebox, @Vixen


    5 voters: 109 (average: 5.20000)
    10 voters: 78 (average: 6.60000)
    15 voters: 68 (average: 7.28333)
    20 voters: 48 (average: 7.76250)
    25 voters: 44 (average: 7.83000)
    30 voters: 35 (average: 8.05000)
    35 voters: 35 (average: 8.07143)
    40 voters: 45 (average: 7.98750)
    45 voters: 43 (average: 8.00000)
    48 voters: 49 (average: 7.96875)

    This is devastating. We say goodbye - for the very last time - to UNI.T.

    I Mean was taken from UNI.T's second and last mini album, Begin with the End. I Mean was written by Brave Brothers and sadly, just like No More, didn't chart on Gaon. Talent lost.

    I Mean, to me, is just quintessential K-Pop. This is classic K-Pop. I don't know how else to describe it. It's not exactly a throwback sound but it sounds familiar. It's probably because Brave Brothers is honestly already an institution in K-Pop. I know his sound like the back of my hand and although that can be detrimental in the long run, I still find myself bopping to I Mean like my life depended to it. I Mean, at the end of the end, is just a fucking bawp.

    So it does kinda bothers me that the song has such loud detractors. For a song that really embodies the genre of K-Pop perfectly - fun, loud, catchy as fuck - it's just weird to me that it isn't as celebrated as I would expect it to be. I mean, Rollin', another Brave Brothers track, finished in the top 10 of last year's KSOTY Rate. What does Rollin' have that I Mean lacks? Both of them sound just as good to these ears.

    But really, I Mean is a ginormous anthem. It's impossible to deny I Mean's energy. It's just relentless. It's one of the most memorable songs of last year and I'm pretty sure that on my first listen, I was already singing along to the song by the second chorus. That's how infectious it is. I know not everyone enjoys the almost shouty nature of NC.A's vocals here. But ugh, to these ears, she sounds so good... effortless even. Her stellar vocals elevate an already great song.

    It's sad that UNI.T only got to release two singles but goddamn do those singles slap hard. Unlike I.O.I and even IZ*ONE, UNI.T to me sounded and looked more like a real group. The chemistry between these girls were so palpable and I felt like (almost) everyone got equal time to shine. I would've loved another single or two from them just based on the strength of the group. But meh, it's all over and I Mean is a farewell single that would be difficult to topple over. Not every group gets a bop for their last single. A fucking good bop at that. xoxo

    No, Wills, you are an ungrateful heaux: "Maybe an odd hill to die on, but I’ve actively disliked this from first listen (notably, the chorus might be the single most annoying thing I’ve heard all year). I don’t really know much about UNI.T, but I do know they were a temporary group; for this, I am grateful." Coming Century drags Brave Brothers' familiar tricks: "bad and generic bore bros 101, this had 0 character to it and could have been easily done by what 6 other groups he's produced? also it's a bit too screechy for me." And Empty Shoebox wanted more than just mere basic boppery: "It's a basic bop. It's listenable and enjoyable. Usually that's enough but there's so much better here, even in the basic bop category."

    "Bit boring," askew notes. No u. Miyawakiwi's ears are not pleased: "The beat is good but them screaming nan MaaariYAAAA! Not so much D: ." And eccentricsimply feels like UNI.T failed their mission: "This song is way better than everything else they released during their short existence, but they were trying to do a Bboom Bboom and they.... Didn't quite succeed did they?"

    Speaking of BBoom BBoom, it got another shout out courtesy of ryjm: "Oh unnies, you deserved so much better. It’s a travesty how short lived they were as a group when they showed so much potential, but if you’ve gotta go (new single by Chung Ha out now!) then this is how you do it baby! I’m so glad they didn’t go down the predictable cliché route of serving us a yawn inducing farewell ballad and instead decided to go out guns a blazing and disco ball a spinning. Carefree and triumphant…what more do you need? Kii at the MV being some low-rent version of Momoland’s Bboom Bboom." Reboot is here for the music video drama though: "The video is so cute." At least Salami knows a bop when he hears one!: "This is catchy as hell."

    I can feel codecat convulsing with excitement while writing this comment: "We are...going to ignore the 90's La Redoute catalog styling, the poor visuals and go straight to the song. BEST BRAVE INTRO SINCE LIKE A CAT!!!!! Get it engraved on my grave!!! UNI.T we hardly knew ye but you went out with a bang - sometimes you just need that Brave Brothers megabop to get by, and even though they were scarce in 2018 (boy group stans if he did something for your faves I don't wanna know about it), the only one we got shook every core of my cells into combustion. Great job!" YATH STAN. RUNAWAY goes extra HAM with ha WOWs: "that “let’s get ready to rumble” gets me so pumped up every time. WOW this song is just WOWWWOWOWOOWOW. sad that they’ve already disbanded." And Kuhleezi is reminded of ha childhood: "What kind of nursery school B.O.P.! 'We have a great hook and we're not afraid to hammer you with it' realness."

    "ABSOLUTE BANGER!," sobs ThighHighs and yes, I believe you boo. ry123 is sad-bopping: "Poor UNI.T, at least they still brought a bop." He compliments the perfect strainy vocals: "This is how you do strainy vocals well. Fun, catchy, taking cues from one of the biggest hits of the year. An underrated gem." YATH. And Serg. has certain requests addressed to Brave Brothers: "I want my life to be produced by Brave Brothers.. K? Thanks! I can't believe UNI.T have the best disbandment song in history of K-pop who would've thought the not even 6 month long girl group would snatch like this." Legends only.

    Oleander left a beautiful comment about ha Supersarang Song. Take it away, my love: "A bop to end all bops and was one of the songs that almost got my 11. It was incredibly close. The song is amazing. So amazing that it makes up for the low-budget “me and my friends want to make a music video but only have $5 but my uncle owns a studio so we’re good” video. Honestly, it fucking sucks that the group was so horrifically mismanaged. These girls are veterans and yet they were cut down before they were even given a proper chance. I was surprised at first at how quickly I grew to love the group despite not having watched The Unit outside of their respective auditions, some performances, and the final lineup reveal. Then I realized that these girls are all incredibly charming and they really make a perfect group. I miss them. Since I’m already ranting, let me add one more complaint about the way they were managed. I get that “Shine” was basically The Unit’s “Pick Me” but why did they force them to record a version for the Line mini album? I’m glad they recorded a version of You & I because it is an amazing song but Shine is so dull in comparison. Why did they not record an OT9 version of Cherry On Top?????? Ugh….their company can go to hell for disbanding them so soon and messing up so many prime opportunities."

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  16. This is in my "Why I Love KPop" list. I couldn't have said it better.
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  17. I hate celery. Everyone is quick to remind me there’s ostensibly little to dislike; its flavour is mild, and peanut butter makes it that much more enjoyable. It even has some enthusiastic stans, and I’m glad they found it! It is, after all, a quintessential vegetable.

    I can’t really trace why I hate it - I find it overpowers everything else in a dish, to the point of being the only thing I can taste. And, at the end of the day, I just don’t like the taste.

    So, basically, with my apologies to @Slice of Life and @Oleander in particular, ‘I Mean’ is my Kpop celery. And I’ll concede: listening with peanut butter does help.
  18. I love the song to death, but that was a nice explanation. Great post. Our subjectivity is flavored and fermented by all kinds of lingering aromas and tastes, some completely subliminal. I just love the street-cornerness of it; how we used to sing when we were kids. The tension-and-release, as predictable as it is, and cheerful, almost playgroundy call-and-response, the underlying relentless impulsiveness of the rhythm, N.CA's piningly extra adlib, and just the pure joy of it.
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  19. Remember when I started a thread for Uni+ posting about every single unknown idols that joined the show only for me to stop caring about the show after episode 2 and never listening to the group's songs

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