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#KSOTY2018: The K-Pop Song of the Year 2018 Rate | COMPLETE RESULTS

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Slice of Life, Dec 14, 2018.

  1. Not me getting kicked out of the KSOTY group aka Tastemakers a day after I went on hiatus! I was just joking around, I didn't actually want to leave the group. I mean I know I am talentless and added nothing to the group but I earned that spot, damn it! I hate you, @Slice of Flop.


    I'd say that you went and pulled a Somyi on The Unit on me but I actually made the group instead of ranking just outside of the final lineup positions ddddddd. At least I'm still part of the lineup for the group consisting of people whose 11s are still in play.



    You don't deserve a UNI.T gun meme collage so I'm not even going to bother making one. But at least @Wills apologized so that's one person I will spare........maybe.

    If I had known that I mean would fall at this stage before the rate had started I would have been surprised but seeing how many people were calling for its head in the lead up to its untimely fall, I'm not all that surprised. It deserved better, though. I covered most of the reasons why I love the song in my commentary but there is one other reason. One reason that is so touching that it really endeared the song and the group to me and showed me how much the girls really respect each other. You might have seen all the live stages the girls did for the song but I bet you didn't notice that they incorporated choreo from each of their original groups in the choreo for the live stages of I mean. They even incorporated choreo from Laboum even though ZN didn't participate in this final comeback! Well, see for yourselves.

    This combined with the fact that the girls still interact with each other on Instagram is so precious. When will other temporary groups?


    I guess it's now officially time to say goodbye to them for the final time. Oh and time for me to say goodbye to Tastemakers.

    Peace, binches.

  2. No More and I Mean are 10/10 bops tho!

    The album tracks were shit.
  3. Let them know!
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  4. Me getting record likes (for my standards) on this sub for this low effort post.

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  6. Yes, hello. Reveal of results will resume later today. I just needed some time to reset my energy. xoxo
  7. Well.




    GENEROUS UNNIES: (10) @Sanctuary, @ryjm, @RUNAWAY, @He, @Love Deluxe, @Oleander, @GeiPanda, @eliminathan, @Vixen, @savilizabeths (9.75) @yuuurei, @PopZeitgeist (9) @Reboot, @evilsin, @junglefish, @vague, @Rem, @thommyh, @enjoy v2.0
    CHEAP UNNIES: (3) @Salami, @Ana Raquel (4) @Empty Shoebox (5) @Coming Century, @askew


    5 voters: 67 (average: 6.65000)
    10 voters: 48 (average: 7.25000)
    15 voters: 68 (average: 7.28333)
    20 voters: 58 (average: 7.58750)
    25 voters: 55 (average: 7.71000)
    30 voters: 51 (average: 7.80833)
    35 voters: 58 (average: 7.72143)
    40 voters: 59 (average: 7.83125)
    45 voters: 45 (average: 7.99444)
    48 voters: 48 (average: 7.98438)

    A late surge of high scores from our last eight voters pushed love4eva to the top 50. Congrats!

    love4eva is the debut single of LOOΠΔ yyxy, the third subunit of LOOΠΔ. This was produced by E-Tribe who is most famously known as the brain behind Girls' Generation's biggest hit, Gee. love4eva also famously featured Grimes who doesn't really need introductions. Damn, looking back, BlockBerry Creative really did went all out with this song, huh? Maybe the company was really gunning for love4eva to be LOOΠΔ's breakout hit?

    And yeah, listening to love4eva, it really does have the commercial appeal that a lot of pre-debut LOOΠΔ tracks lacked. love4eva is possibly LOOΠΔ's most straightforward pop single yet... only rivaled by Hi High. But because this is LOOΠΔ, love4eva still has some quirks. The song title alone is already a kii. And the random - and somewhat unnecessary - Grimes feature. And that breakdown before the middle 8. Jaden Jeong oppa will always find a way to inject even a sliver of quirk whenever possible.

    I will have to admit that this has fallen off my top LOOΠΔ songs now. Not that it was ever (eva?) a big fave to begin with but I just don't come back to this that much these days. But still, love4eva is a gorgeous track. It's a behemoth of a pop song with a killer hook. That chorus is bulletproof and sung to perfection by these girls. Go Won's little ad libs are everything.

    There has been murmurs about a possible LOOΠΔ yyxy single/album/project/whatever and while I would welcome that with open arms (give me your Sweet Crazy Love gurlz), I don't think it's that great of an idea now that the whole group has just debuted. It just doesn't make sense to go back to subunits not even a year after the whole group's debut. I'm okay with subunits singing albums tracks/b-sides but leave the singles to the whole group. For now. Let's talk about this subunit business in the next year.

    Expectations were not met as far as Miyawakiwi is concerned: "i was expecting yyxy to be… different? This sounds cute, but that’s about it. Odd Eye Circle stays as the best sub-unit for me." Empty Shoebox also isn't a fan: "Time for the worst feature of the year! Yay! This song though, it just isn't. Maybe I'm being harsh because we know they're capable of better, maybe I'm not. We'll never know. Or care enough to bother finding out." Salami wants more of that breakdown: "Bit cute for my taste. And then they have that random breakdown in the song that sticks out and just makes the rest of the song worse because that is the best bit."

    ThighHighs... are you describing me, precious?: "It’s peppy and fun and bright, but also a bit annoying and basic." Wills prefers Hi High now, as anyone should xoxo: "Not helped by the fact that ‘Hi High’ came along and did the exact same thing a fair bit better." As for Miss Ana Raquel, well...: "This did way too well in the Loona Rate so I'm tanking it here. oop." A mess.

    love4eva crept up on nikkysan: "Grown on me a bit since the LOONA Rate." RUNAWAY is now finally stanning: "this took a while to grow on me, but I absolutely adore it now. One of Loona’s best songs." yuuurei is also a new stan... except for that Grimes intro: "It took a bit for this to grow on me but I love it now, it's so damn peppy and catchy I can't help but smile listening to it. I really need a version with Grimes' intro removed tho." And thommyh is just reduced to a single word: "whew." He gave love4eva a 9 so this is a good whew.

    Go Won has saved vague's existence: "Go Won's little spoken bits in the chorus > life." I mean, Go Won > life so tea. Serg. is giving me Miss Brit-Brit teas with this comment: "Very fun and cute." love4eva proves to be a clown that comes back to bite GeiPanda: "Whenever I haven't listened to it for a while and then decide to play it, this song comes back to bite and doesn't let go. I love that it sounds like Very Very Very and Signal without being reductive. The chorus is so damn catchy and just... makes me so happy." He is feeling ha Marie Kondo oats a bit: "Sometimes I think I don’t love this as much, then I play it and it brings instant happiness. THIS SPARKS JOY! Really, it’s so bubbly, and so comforting at the same time. They all kill it one way or another: Chuu’s pre-chorus, Go Won’s bits over the chorus, Yves' high note, Olivia’s middle 8. Talent." I mean, Chuu is literally the definition of joy so you're not wrong.

    Vixen returns to kill Gee and Very Very Very one more time: "Simply amazing. I think, post the intro, the comparisons to 'Gee' and 'Very Very Very' are little bit… groundless? The production during the first few seconds of the song is definitely similar to 'Gee', I'll give you that, but I think the production, and more importantly, the melodies go into a totally different way than 'Very³'. There's a definitely a certain quirk to ‘love4eva’ that the others don’t have? Also Chuu sounds great xoxo." And Cotton Park plays a little game of math: "Extra points for the cheesy Grimes intro. Extra points for the inventive choreo. Extra points for Yves. Extra points for Chuu, is she even real? Fuck it. Alright, Orbits, it's a 10. Stan Loona."

    I cannot not give ryjm the last word. The good sis delivered an essay to end all essays and this isn't even for his 11: "This generation’s Gee. LOOΠΔ X GRIMES? Binch you’d best believe this is the shit unnie! Although I do wish we got more than just an intro from Grimes, it’s speaks volumes as to how powerful our little monster rookies are to secure such a critically acclaimed artist for a pre-debut era unit track. While the song wasn’t at all what I expected based on the member’s solos (still bitter about the lack of a re-package and Olivia’s revenge arc), I absolutely adore this track. From the wistful opening synths, Grimes’ psychotically sweet intro and the propulsive instrumentation, everything is just perfection. I live for how many lines my porcelain pineapple princess got (hopefully by now y’all have seen the light and learned to love God Won). The video is a classic LOOΠΔ x Digipedi affair: beautiful and confusing – it continues the fascinating Eden story arc of the YYXY girls; I love how the song is so bubbly and cheerful yet the video actually tells quite a sad story. I love my rebellious shady crackheads, you go and defy God my beautiful lesbians. Their performances of love4eva have all been stellar and the girls truly shine when they’re on stage, making me appreciate the magnificence of this song. Yves Saint Lesbian and Olivia Slae absolutely killed it in every single dance break, our sultry queens did THAT!"

  8. Eh, Grimes hasn't made good music since 2012 so, not mad at this leaving.
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  9. .....
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  10. Oop. This one hurt.



    How can you not love such unbridled joy and positivity?

    Miss Columbia, don’t raise up, don’t put down, Olivia Hye is coming for y'all.

    The perfection is just too much.
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  11. [​IMG]
    Whew, I love the track, but I was afraid it would be another one of theirs.
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  12. He


    Meh, these lower scorers are a mess.

    But I knew this was coming.
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  13. Out of the remaining LOONA songs, this was one of the better ones. How is it that See Saw and love4eva are out but favOriTe and Stylish aren't?
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  14. I’m offended.
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  15. And the last song that didn't receive an 8+ average is...




    GENEROUS UNNIES: (10) @Dangerous Maknae, @evilsin, @Conan, @ry123, @Vesperly, @Remorque, @Vixen (9.75) @thommyh (9) @Rem, @PopZeitgeist, @Island, @GeiPanda, @savilizabeths, @Gintoki
    CHEAP UNNIES: (5.5) @yuuurei (6) @Reboot, @Salami, @Serg.


    5 voters: 82 (average: 6.45000)
    10 voters: 26 (average: 7.70000)
    15 voters: 56 (average: 7.43333)
    20 voters: 64 (average: 7.52500)
    25 voters: 66 (average: 7.58000)
    30 voters: 50 (average: 7.81667)
    35 voters: 55 (average: 7.77857)
    40 voters: 52 (average: 7.91250)
    45 voters: 41 (average: 8.02778)
    48 voters: 47 (average: 7.99479)

    Lil' Touch is the debut single of Girls' Generation-Oh!GG, Girls' Generation's second official subunit. Oh!GG is made up of Taeyeon, Sunny, Hyoyeon, Yuri and YoonA, the Girl's Generation members who stayed with SM Entertainment. The song reached number 7 on the Gaon Digital Charts which actually shocked me. After the unfair floppage of All Night and Holiday, I really didn't expect Korea to still be here for Girls' Generation. I'm glad to be proven wrong.

    Lil' Touch is amazing. It's exactly the type of song that I think Girls' Generation should release at this point of their career. It's mature, sexy and trendy but not stale. Taeyeon and Sunny unsurprisingly shine the most with their solid vocals but the three non-vocalists held their ground too. It helps that the verses are sung so low (sometimes to a fault) that Hyoyeon, Yuri and YoonA are comfortable singing them. Can I just say that I'm so happy my girl Sunny is finally getting all these lines??? Yath, I've waited for your moment, cyst. You deserve this. And Sunny truly proved her main vocalist status here. What's good, Tiff and Seobaby???

    I thought the verses could've used more... energy. Especially on the second verse. I understand that the girls are going for a sultry vocal delivery but it definitely felt flat compared to the amazing pre-chorus where the vocals truly pick up. The chorus makes up for the verses though as it's truly the centerpiece of the song.

    I wish we got more than two tracks from this subunit. A mini album would've sufficed honestly. With the success of this subunit (yes, the single album also sold well), I really hope SM Entertainment gives them a comeback this year. But I'm holding my breath. SM Entertainment can't even give Sunny a fucking solo SM Station single ddddd. The sabotage...

    Salami is not here for OT5, y'all: "Honestly I was disappointed in this. I’ve maybe listened to it 5 times? I like that lines are more even and they all get heir moment, but it doesn’t sound like SNSD." At least Reboot appreciates the lewqs so that's something: "Gorgeous gowns. Average song. The fact that there’s now five members and Hyo still gets nothing to do is problematic. Everyone looks amazing, though." Miyawakiwi is only here for OT9 though: "I miss ot9 but hey, at least we got more Yuri this time around!." NO FIGHTS BETWEEN OT8 AND OT9 STANS ON THIS THREAD, THANK U.

    I wonder if eccentricsimply is regretting ha 7.5 score?: "This aged a bit badly. I'm already scoring it lower than I would've when it came out and I don't doubt by the time the rate is done I'll regret not giving it a 6, but oh well. At least the points are for the Visuals and for a girl group surviving (kinda) to see 11 years in this industry." Kuhleezi demands drama and she demands it from Taeyeon: "I'm in love with the beat, but the bridge doesn't go anywhere. Where's the pathos, where's the crescendo, where's the drama @Taeyeon? Even a proper high note would have sufficed." And Coming Century summons... Cheryl?: "why does this also sound like a Cheryl song."

    Speaking of summoning the dead, here's ryjm name-checking Sugababes: "Well isn’t this an absolute stomper!? The sparse production of the track really makes the song, even though the track is mostly just samples of percussion, is still exudes such a frenetic energy. All of the girls sound so sultry and no one is wailing uncontrollably so that’s a win. The video is…pretty? The gowns are gorgeous but literally nothing happens. This also weirdly gives me Sugababes vibes (the Heidi, Mutya and Keisha era)…I…don’t even know why." Serg. appreciates the total lack of effort: "Give us that little throwaway 2018 token SM latino single and dissapear again queens! We didn't even get a dance practice let alone a live performance but at least they released something against all the odds even if just as a 'subunit'." And Empty Shoebox... almost uttered glowing praise?: "This has no right to be this good. Unfortunately I can never see any time where I want to listen to it." Eaux.

    thommyh loves ordering me around huh: "Oh, work, bitch!" I do everyday, okay. GeiPanda agrees: "They served it. A banger." ry123 applauds the maturity: "Exactly what GG should be releasing." He celebrates Yuri getting robbed of a great track???: "Queens of stealing Yuri’s title track. This was an amazing reminder of why they are still a very viable group." And ThighHighs just...: "Gimme a leer touch." I---

    Wait at codecat also being a Sunny stan: "A humid bop! I only listened to it a month after it was released and I was surprised at how infectious it is, you learn the chorus from just one listen. The latin music flavors are placed smartly and honestly I'd be down for a remix with DJ HYO's lil' touch part on loop for 3hrs straight. SM GIVE SUNNY HER BAG." YATH JOIN THE CLUB. And RUNAWAY is here for Hyoyeon finally getting her time in the spotlight: "it was great after all these years of being a Hyoyeon fan, seeing her get SO MANY LINES. This was a great new direction for the group after all the changes, and it was nice seeing the 5 of them together." Talent always wins.

    evilsin gets the final word as he repents for calling Lil' Touch a Super Junior reject. So glad to know you've seen the light, unnie: "I was laughing when I heard the preview, because this sounded like a Super Junior reject, but look at my score and think who's laughing now? The girls, because I'm forever their slave. They sound stupidly good on this, all 5 of them and I can never stop listening to this after only one listen. The melody in the chorus still gives me some gypsy or balkan vibes, I swear I could have heard it something like this before before."

  16. He


    Not a leer touch!!!
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  17. Two good songs that should have left 15 songs ago. Good riddance.
  18. I can't believe you all rated a song where Hyo barely got to sing higher than Hyo's masterpiece Punk Right Now. Actually, that's a lie. I can.
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  19. Oh noes.
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  20. [​IMG]

    I want to support GG as my former faves but it's difficult with music this bland.

    Speaking of bland, could a TWICE song or the other Taeyeon solo leave soon?
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