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#KSOTY2018: The K-Pop Song of the Year 2018 Rate | COMPLETE RESULTS

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Slice of Life, Dec 14, 2018.

  1. This clearly is the biggest surprise of the rate so far.

    And if it's not clearly, then.... I must be thinking of some other rate in some other subforum with some other voters in some other universe.
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  2. New day, new elimination.

    Also, I forgot to tell y'all that the Holy Week holiday in the Philippines starts tomorrow so I'm gonna go on another little vacation cleanse my soul by praying and stuff. So no results will be posted until Sunday. Sorry, unnies. That's why I'm planning to reveal as many results as I can today dddddd.




    GENEROUS UNNIES: (10) @Ana Raquel, @yuuurei, @eccentricsimply, @Rem, @GeiPanda, @eliminathan, @savilizabeths, @Gintoki (9.75) @Oleander (9.5) @nikkysan, @BEST FICTION, @sweetlikegrande, @ohnostalgia, @thommyh (9.25) @FunkyButChic (9) @Cotton Park, @junglefish, @Wills, @soratami
    CHEAP UNNIES: (5) @Salami, @Dangerous Maknae, @codecat, @askew (5.5) @Conan (6) @Coming Century, @ryjm, @Kuhleezi, @Vesperly


    5 voters: 64 (average: 6.70000)
    10 voters: 94 (average: 6.30000)
    15 voters: 61 (average: 7.36667)
    20 voters: 81 (average: 7.27500)
    25 voters: 76 (average: 7.43000)
    30 voters: 66 (average: 7.55833)
    35 voters: 67 (average: 7.59286)
    40 voters: 61 (average: 7.80625)
    45 voters: 50 (average: 7.96111)
    48 voters: 46 (average: 8.00521)

    You and I is Dreamcatcher's fourth single (fifth if we count Full Moon) and is taken from their second mini album, Escape the Era. Dreamcatcher return to more horror goodness following the relatively tame (for their standards) Fly High.

    You and I is a tricky one for me. While I enjoy listening to it from time to time, it just doesn't grab me as their other singles. It's weird because You and I quite literally has everything I want from a Dreamcatcher single. Dark verses. A pre-chorus that amps up the drama. A chorus that is built for headbangs and shit. Iconique choreography. Name it, You and I has it. But in the end, it just doesn't have that je ne sais quoi that a lot of their other singles have.

    You and I will always have a place in my playlist. It's still a super solid track that a lot of other groups could only dream of releasing. But this is Dreamcatcher and I think they have done much, much better before and after You and I.

    ryjm wanted more from these ladies: "I’m a fan of my faux-rock sistren when they explore their more versatile sides, give me a Sleep-Walking, serve me up a Wonderland, unleash a July 7th, or decimate me with a Trap. This is just classic Dreamcatcher which leaves me wanting, but to their credit, they have always refined their style and performances with each comeback." The chorus failed Miyawakiwi: "couldn’t they get a better chorus for this? Everything else fits well together and then the chorus just explodes in your face." And Salami... well, I think the good sis is not the biggest Dreamcatcher fan: "It starts off so well, sounds like it’s going to be massive...and then turns into a standard Dreamcatcher song."

    "Maybe I've been a bit harsh on this," Kuhleezi realizes. "I mean I like the dynamic contrast and that prechorus is to die for, but honestly, I've come to expect much more from my nightcore empresses." Same though. Serg. is a fan but ultimately desires for some variety: "Dami's rap part alongside that piece of stick magician choreo makes the song, I love their Poprock songs I mean that’s the only genre they ever did but I kinda wanna see them step outside of their comfort zone for a release." Reboot bats for another song from the mini album: "I like it, but I don’t love it. The mini this song is on is EXTREMELY good, though. I wish Mayday had been the lead single instead."

    Dreamcatcher is excellent as usual for He: "The usual Dreamcatcher affair, just more refined. Fun anime opener." ThighHighs is here to marvel at DC's consistency: "A strong single with a great chorus. It’s not my favorite of theirs, but it’s just as consistently strong as the rest of their material." Vixen agrees: "Typical dark anime opening dance rock realness from our lovely ladies. The “sweet delicate vocals and production switch up to hard-hitting-rock production” is not exactly the rarest trope, but it works brilliantly here. I wouldn't say this is their best single ever, but it's absolutely competent and can stand its own against their best efforts. The girls absolutely killed it in the video, and I'm still amazed by how good they are as performers/dancers."

    Wills shows ha bias: "Great, similarly to how all Dreamcatcher singles are great. Diminishing returns be damned: as long as they the only ones in their lane, I’ll continue to let them get away with it." thommyh is living for the Halloween extravaganza of it all: "Love our metal halloween kweens... the visuals in the MV are pretty sweet, too." And we finally get Empty Shoebox The Stan: "When have Dreamcatcher failed to impress? Never. Exactly. Case closed. I love the black bondage outfits though."

    eccentricsimply asks... and answers: "Is Dreamcatcher even capable of releasing a bad song?? No, they are not. This was their last song in the nightmare concept and like it was honestly the best one to wrap it up. I love how this doesn't sound at all like Fly High, Chase me or Good Night. And that Dami part............ Iconic." YATH THE BEST PART IS DAMI. yuuurei is smitten: "I love everything about this, from that doorbell noise at the beginning to the slow build-up thru the verses into the drums in the chorus to that soft bit in the middle eight to the guitar at the end! One of my favorites from them."

    But GeiPanda might be the biggest KPJ InSomnia?: "Dreamcatcher. always. delivers. I can confidently say that there is not a blip on their singles discography. I could listen to them all day, they manage to maintain a cohesive sound without being repetitive. You and I is so hype."

  3. Let me know if you need me to step in for you sis Holy Week starts tomorrow for me too but I'm not going anywhere nñn
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  4. Me dumping all my responsibilities to you:

    I'll PM you before the day ends, unnie. x
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  5. who allowed this???????????
  6. I'm sharing the results of this rate with my girlfriend whenever songs she loves gets eliminated and between 'love4eva' and 'You and I', it's a sad day for us.
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  7. What better not be going soon. Especially when it not only gave us an amazing song but a video with impeccable looks like this....

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

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  8. Another KPJC number one song exits the competition.




    GENEROUS UNNIES: (10) @Sanctuary, @Cotton Park, @RUNAWAY, @vague, @Oleander, @ohnostalgia, @Island, @GeiPanda (9.5) @Conan (9.25) @Love Deluxe, @BEST FICTION, @PopZeitgeist, @Vixen (9) @ryjm, @Ana Raquel, @He, @thommyh
    CHEAP UNNIES: (2) @Salami (4) @askew (5) @Vesperly (5.5) @Dangerous Maknae (6) @Miyawakiwi, @eliminathan
    SHAMAN UNNIE: 7.75


    5 voters: 59 (average: 6.80000)
    10 voters: 56 (average: 6.30000)
    15 voters: 45 (average: 7.58333)
    20 voters: 36 (average: 7.93750)
    25 voters: 37 (average: 7.99000)
    30 voters: 43 (average: 7.94167)
    35 voters: 48 (average: 7.87857)
    40 voters: 35 (average: 8.06875)
    45 voters: 39 (average: 8.03333)
    48 voters: 45 (average: 8.01042)

    And EXID also lose their first song. This is Lady.

    Lady is EXID's first single for 2018 and their third (and final) single as a quartet. As y'all probably know, member Solji didn't promote with EXID for Lady because of health reasons. But mom is okay now so yay! Lady is another collaboration between LE and Shinsadong Tiger. These two really work so well. It's amazing.

    While Lady got a lot of plays from me, it's not exactly as solid as EXID's previous singles, DDD and Night Rather Than Day. What I appreciate most about Lady is how unabashedly 90s it is. We often get throwback-sounding songs from our favourite K-Pop idols but absolutely nothing comes close to Lady's attack on 90s music. It sounds super authentic to a point where I seriously thinks it's actually a song released back in the 90s. I also have to applaud the girls' styling during this era. They went all out. The Comeback Coroners are shaking.

    But yeah, despite enjoying Lady, I felt like it was below EXID's usual quality. I mean, it's still pretty good but "pretty good" isn't exactly EXID's M.O. You get me? The verses are amazing. LE's rap sections are as sharp as ever. And Junghwa and Hyerin's pre-chorus bits are really well done as well. But the Hani-sung chorus really doesn't quite pop off. I love that Hani finally got to sing the chorus but I wish the chorus was more solid.

    Salami fears for ha life: "Didn’t like this. They’re hit and miss at the best of times but this was not good. I really hated the MV too. Don’t lynch me for this one!" To be fair, you have said way worse opinions. Love you xoxo. The talent saves this for Empty Shoebox: "I think this is my least favourite of their releases this year, because I'm less fond of the type of music being used as an influence. The talent clearly shines through though and produces an enjoyable result." While Miyawakiwi feels like this: "hmmmm… Kinda gives me ‘Fresh prince of bel-air’ vibes??"

    Lady doesn't feel very EXID for Serg.: "I'm on the fence with this one cause I love how much EXID expermient their songs when Solji's not around but then again I feel guilty for liking their songs without her in it and this doesn't feel like an EXID single at all, more like a cute album track with a retro twist on it." ThighHighs presents an argument: "This is a lot of fun, but after their return to form with I Love You, do we think maybe we did a bit much to give this #1 over Dally? It’s a cute throwback, but kind of forgettable in their discography." I will say that I gave more points to Dally over Lady for KPJC ddddd. And eccentricsimply sums up my feelings for the song with this comment: "I appreciate that they tried to do something different from what they usually do, like they tried with Night Rather Than Day, but I'm really not big on this song as much as I am on the rest of their discography. LE is still a genius though."

    Reboot is stanning again: "Good song. I have not listened to this as much as I should have. I think this needs to go back into my daily rotation." Vixen stans for women's power: "This throwback has been done so damn well. The absolute class this exudes is astounding. The girls radiates sassiness, but in a good quirky and fun way, and all of them look absolutely fantastic in the video, and sound phenomenal on the song. Ugh, the power of women…" YATH. While ryjm reminds us that he's a good speller: "Still traumatised at this only being a standalone single, my sultry queens effortlessly transitioned into this retro-realness jam and were serving lewks for days. This was a refreshingly different take on the EXID formula, giving is all the classic elements that make an EXID bop but filtered through a Triple-H sieve (what a weirdly spelt word). Watching our potato princess attempt to have swag was endearingly hilarious. Red hair Hani can step on me."

    codecat gives me 90s binch vibes and this comment proves it: "Kangol hats, Burberry prints, New Jack Swing...every 90s dream was packaged into this supreme hype anthem and we love that for us! I planned to say something in the lines of "hmmm you have to wonder how they manage to pull one great song after the other" but then again, it's EXID. We know why the songs are good. Hani dominating every aspect of that chorus plus my fave Hyerin SNAPPING with the registers make this my favorite EXID line distribution too (I wish Solji had some lines though)." GeiPanda appreciates a little switcheroo: "I fucking love the production on this. I love the switch-up of vocal roles. I love the styling. I love EXID." And thommyh simply declares: "Queens of inventing urban culture!" I---

    RUNAWAY is coming for @Vixen's wig as this subforum's main vocalist: "this 90s throwback sound needs to come back more often, because this song is a fucking BOP and a half. I always try to recreate Hyerin’s high notes when I’m singing along in the car, which is like 2 or 3 times a day usually. LOVE this song." We need a video. And vague flirts with controversy: "undeniably catchy and just. so. fun. is it controversial of me to call this their best single? maybeso dot jif but it's true so."

    Final words to He as he rebukes revisionism. Pull the trigger, unnie: "Ok, let me be a stan and say I do not appreciate the revisionism this track has gotten. Lady is great, it was actually just what they needed, a bit of a switch up, and this 90s track is just sublime. LE is incapable of making a remotely uninteresting track, and the girls always deliver. Also potato looked incredible." But in the end you only gave it a 9??? Make it make sense, unnie.

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  9. Alright some of y'all genuinely just do not have any taste whatsoever and it's a good thing Holy Week is starting so all of us unnies can put God in our heart and PRAY for y'all asses to get some taste...
  10. 'Night Rather Than Day' - 'DDD' - 'Lady' - 'I Love You': a RUN. The girls have been going from strength to strength.
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  11. I...
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  12. We lose another 11.

    And another lady.




    GENEROUS UNNIES: (11) @Island (10) @Sanctuary, @Ana Raquel, @He, @eccentricsimply, @Oleander, @ohnostalgia (9.5) @Mikl C, @FunkyButChic (9.25) @vague, @Love Deluxe (9) @Reboot, @Coming Century, @yuuurei, @junglefish, @RUNAWAY, @BEST FICTION, @Gintoki
    CHEAP UNNIES: (5) @Salami, @Serg., @Vesperly (6) @Dangerous Maknae, @ryjm, @Conan, @Wills


    5 voters: 14 (average: 8.20000)
    10 voters: 23 (average: 7.85000)
    15 voters: 22 (average: 8.11667)
    20 voters: 40 (average: 7.87500)
    25 voters: 32 (average: 8.11000)
    30 voters: 39 (average: 8.00000)
    35 voters: 37 (average: 8.01429)
    40 voters: 40 (average: 8.03750)
    45 voters: 45 (average: 7.99444)
    48 voters: 44 (average: 8.01563)

    Lady is the debut solo single of Yubin. The song was written and composed by Dr.Jo. Lady failed to chart on the Gaon Digital Charts. But it did chart in the top 5 of the K-Popjustice Charts and that's what matters. xoxo

    What still stands out the most to me on Lady is the fact that Yubin, the main rapper of the Wonder Girls, didn't rap. At all. It's still so weird to me and something that still will probably haunt for the rest of my life dddddd. But other than that, I really don't have any other main issue with Lady. It's a gorgeous slice of city pop that perfectly positions Yubin as a viable solo artist.

    I was not surprised that Yubin sang the song really well though. She has always served some cute singing parts for the Wonder Girls' various songs and I for one really like the tone of her voice. She's no Yenny or Sunmi but she sounds believable as a singer. She does kinda struggle on some parts especially in the chorus ddddd.

    My favourite part of Lady is definitely the production. Like, damn, that shit's gorgeous. City pop needs to be the next trend in K-Pop so tropical house can finally die. Please @God, hear this prayer of mine.

    And for something a little shallow, I have to say Yubin looked absolutely flawless during this era. Ugh, the glittery dresses, the big hair, the gloves, the hair pieces, the everything. Just flawless. The music video is a delight to watch. No wonder Mariya Takeuchi was threatened kii.

    Serg. says thank u, next: "Not really a fan of this one, I like retro concepts much more when they're done like her next single." ryjm also compares this to Thank U Soooo Much: "Again, this is a situation where hindsight has hindered my opinion of a song. Knowing what Yubin unleashed on us heathens later on in the year, this song pales in comparison. Being a hardcore Wonder Girls Stan, I will always root for my girls and live for any retro-inspired bop deliver, but this just doesn’t have much impact on me. The city pop inspired production is fabulous but feels a bit muffled at times. I know my girl can to better, and she does, just a little bit later on." While GeiPanda... does not enjoy any of Yubin's 2018 offerings: "I love Yubin, but her songs so far have been a bit... safe. I'd like to see her explore more experimental soundscapes. She has the talent to deliver it."

    Things just doesn't up for Vixen: "I feel like this is one of the instance where I like the idea, the concept, what the whole thing represents, I like that more…than I like the actual song if that makes sense? It’s a pretty decent throwback, well executed at the very least." Wills also noticed the track's shortcomings: "I can’t shake the feeling this deserves higher - Yubin’s clearly a pro, and everything’s put together skillfully, but this just fails to move me." At least it kinda moved Empty Shoebox?: "It's not quite Sunmi's début, but then again what is? It's not bad though."

    "So… Yubin doesn’t know how to wink lmao," clocks Miyawakiwi and I didn't even notice omfg. "Her voice sounds sooo goood, she really fits the song’s genre." yuuurei is already assembling her 80s ensemble: "A really fun retro 80s sound here, makes me want to put in some big plastic earrings and go dancing." Reboot is living for the chorus: "The melody of the chorus is so gorgeous." ThighHighs is dancing as we speak: "Breezy discobop with lewks and choreo for your ass. What a woman." And codecat wants everyone to know she's a booked bih: "A hymn for busy ladies ONLY. Vacant heauxs need not comment about this."

    Gintoki pledges allegiance to city pop: "With City pop you just can do no wrong, I wish we had a chance to hear the song that sampleplagiarize Plastic Love." I would also kill for those unreleased Wonder Girls tracks so I get you, sis. He is just kidding... or is he?: "A retro queen. This is so carefully crafted (and plagiarized? dddd… jk), everything is on point. And Yubin is such a star. Amazing track."

    vague is late to the Yubin party but he's here now: "i looove '80s jpop, so this aping that style is right up my alley. i feel rly bad that i never even bothered giving this a single spin until "Thank U Soooo Much" dropped tho~ flop." And eccentricsimply is also a changed woman: "For WHATEVER REASON I didn't really like this the first time I listened to it, but now??? Now I'm ready to lay down my life for the queen of disco."

  13. This rate is really starting to piss me off!
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  14. Wow
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  15. Dddddd neither of these elims did anything to me. Sometimes it's good to be a hatin ass bitch (who doesn't remotely hate either of these songs).

    Maybe my heart is just frozen solid after the Time For the Moon Night> Secret Garden> Dreams Come True eliminations.
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  16. Good riddance to all of the latest ones.
  17. nn this is me.
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  18. At least we passed 8+ average and wooping 46 songs have it. Now I wonder how many are 9+...
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  19. Ask and you shall receive.




    SUPERSARANG: @ryjm
    GENEROUS UNNIES: (10) @Coming Century, @Sanctuary, @ryjm, @evilsin, @Ana Raquel, @nikkysan, @vague, @Oleander, @ohnostalgia, @Vixen (9.75) @Slice of Life, @Love Deluxe (9.5) @junglefish, @Kuhleezi, @eccentricsimply (9) @yuuurei, @RUNAWAY, @Rem, @PopZeitgeist, @GeiPanda, @Remorque
    CHEAP UNNIES: (3.5) @Serg. (4) @codecat (5) @Miyawakiwi, @Mikl C, @Wills (6) @Salami, @Conan, @Empty Shoebox, @sweetlikegrande
    SHAMAN UNNIE: 9.75


    5 voters: 19 (average: 8.00000)
    10 voters: 32 (average: 7.60000)
    15 voters: 23 (average: 8.10000)
    20 voters: 34 (average: 7.97500)
    25 voters: 31 (average: 8.12000)
    30 voters: 31 (average: 8.11667)
    35 voters: 36 (average: 8.04286)
    40 voters: 44 (average: 8.02500)
    45 voters: 34 (average: 8.06111)
    48 voters: 43 (average: 8.02604)

    Stylish is the final song of LOOΠΔ's debut mini album, [+ +]. And I really don't understand why y'all are shocked that this did really well here. Even though it only finished number 7 on the August 2018 edition of the K-Popjustice Charts, it still got 100+ points. No other 7th placer got that much points in the history of the K-Popjustice Charts. What I'm saying is Stylish was always well-beloved on this subforum. No revisionism juseyo.

    And it truly deserves the love. Stylish is a wig-snatching closer of a track. Stylish is the track that really properly showcased the depth of LOOΠΔ's vocals. I mean, the whole song is literally littered with ad libs by LOOΠΔ's vocal line which culminates in THAT excellent outro. Red Velvet is quaking. The production is ace too. I've said it before but the use of silence in the first pre-chorus (or is that already the chorus?) is a thing of beauty. It really allowed the vocals to take center stage. I appreciate that.

    And despite being heavy on vocal styling, Stylish never sounds as heavy as, say, Red Velvet's RBB. The ad libs, falsettos, whispers, and high notes all feel essential to the track and not just mere vocal gymnastics. Stylish is definitely a gem in LOOΠΔ's already stacked discography.

    Let's start the proceeding with the lowest scorer, Serg.: "Find a note girl, find a note… Those awfully produced R2D2 vocals with that cheap screechy noise beats in the background, LOONA can and has done much better than this." Ouch. Miyawakiwi does not appreciate distortion: "The verses are weak, not a fan of that distortion effect on their voices." While my darling codecat... would like to talk about Perfect Love instead KGSKFKASK: "I don't like this so I'll be reviewing Perfect Love instead! In constant movement and with a wide assortment of influences and sounds (there is also a bed squeak sample what's up those lately), Monotree did wonders with Perfect Love - I like how it's laidback and chill but you can still be real thotty and work the floor to it. Bonus points for Haseul clearly singing a prominent part in an OT12 song as well!" A mess.

    ThighHighs is not buying the hype: "I don’t see what y’all do in it, but that’s ok! It’s still good." Wills agrees and notes: "Just sayin’, I think there may have been a bit of hype around the album that made this seem better than it is. In isolation, a bit of a headache." thommyh is also not won over: "Not really my favourite tbh? Just doesn't click for me." As for Empty Shoebox... the good sis would love to drag Fahrenheit instead: "Does 'mileage' even mean anything outside of backwards countries like USA and Brexitland? Argue all you want but you can never escape that Fahrenheit is the most nonsensical unit of measurement."

    Salami is kinda here for it, yes?: "With all 12 of them, this is their best song." He even calmly stans despite calling for Stylish's head a couple of eliminations ago: "Ha, album tracks better than your faves singles. Yes. This song knocks and it also has a very fair line distribution. So yeah, stan LOONA etc." yuuurei is reminded of Stylish's beauty: "I tend to forget about this track but it's actually a groovy little jam." And RUNAWAY just melts for Stylish: "this song….does things to me. It’s so IMMACULATELY produced. It’s just like WOW every time I listen to it."

    nikkysan is living for the harmonies: "The chorus harmonies are so gorgeous." Kuhleezi is living for the vocoder: "That vocodered acapella first chorus. That's what all us 32 gheis came here for." eccentricsimply is living for Heejinsus: "It's still so weird listening to a song with all of them nñn But this is really good and I don't know if this makes sense, but this is exactly the type of thing I expected the entire group to release? That part in the chorus where Heejin sings almost acapella?? Everything." And evilsin is living for... LOOΠΔ: "Looks like LOONA happened to be my favorite girls of the year, or at least they managed to release a mini of the year. The chorus in this is an ultimate sing-along, it's perfectly structured and highlights the runs on the 'mine's and 'style's and just so freaking fun to chime in to. The post-chorus in the end with those 'oh-oh-oh's and that final 'my baby~~~' are just a cherry on top."

    ryjm once again gets the last word as he bids goodbye to his beloved Supersarang Song: "Honestly, has there ever been a more perfect closer!? My poor scalp. Just when you think the obligatory ballad will come on and close the mini, the girls decide to serve you one final wigsnatching bop. The vocal runs and harmonies throughout this are simply sublime. The production is fabulous, the song twists and turns continuously, taking out and dropping in different flourishes so the it never exactly repeats any section. The power, the vocals, the harmonies, serve my queens. The name says it all."

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  20. I just... just shut the whole fucking rate down because this result is garbage.

    I’m convinced the low scorers probably confused it for another song because nothing they said even describes Stylish in the slightest.

    Also there’s this weird passive aggressive energy coming from people because people stan them not for their amazing music but because they’re hyped up or something. They’re legitimately great.
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