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#KSOTY2018: The K-Pop Song of the Year 2018 Rate | COMPLETE RESULTS

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Slice of Life, Dec 14, 2018.

  1. Listening again, it’s even more like 4 Walls than I remember. I miss f(x) so fucking much.
  2. Without f(x)'s unusually diverse palette of vocal styles and strengths.
    There will never be another KPop group quite like them. I'm pretty convinced.
  3. And where is the gratitude? No one talks about them, no one remembers them. An album called Pink Tape exists and people don’t stan on a daily basis. It don’t make sense.

    Maybe I should take this to drunk K-Pop and post alternative links to Rum Pum Pum Pum/Step/Signal all night long.
  4. I for one have been snippy since probably the beginning. Snippy and proud.
  5. GWSN just seem really bland.
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  6. That's weird, sis... Never stopped you from listening to a boyband before xoxo

  7. [​IMG]



    GENEROUS UNNIES: (11) @Rem (10) @Reboot, @Salami, @Miyawakiwi, @Love Deluxe, @Vesperly, @Oleander, @Island, @eliminathan, @savilizabeths, @soratami, @enjoy v2.0 (9.75) @FunkyButChic (9.25) @nikkysan, @Slice of Life (9) @Mikl C, @vague, @Serg., @GeiPanda, @Remorque
    CHEAP UNNIES: (3) @Coming Century (5) @Ana Raquel, @askew, @Wills (6) @ryjm, @Cotton Park, @Empty Shoebox, @ohnostalgia, @Gintoki
    SHAMAN UNNIE: 9.25

    5 voters: 14 (average: 8.20000)
    10 voters: 25 (average: 7.80000)
    15 voters: 45 (average: 7.58333)
    20 voters: 48 (average: 7.76250)
    25 voters: 47 (average: 7.82000)
    30 voters: 39 (average: 8.00000)
    35 voters: 46 (average: 7.93571)
    40 voters: 56 (average: 7.86875)
    45 voters: 39 (average: 8.03333)
    48 voters: 36 (average: 8.07292)

    TWICE loses their first title in this rate. To be honest, I get the criticism for the song because as much as it is a very pleasant pop song, it's not that great in the big context of TWICE releases? Considering they've released masterpieces like Cheer Up and Likey I think it's always fair of us to expect something great from them, just like we expect Fancy to be the bop it's going to be.

    Anyway, I'm not too upset about this loss if only because What is Love? is Heart Shaker except not as catchy. Like I get people who might prefer this one, but then again for me Heart Shaker is the blueprint and this is just a bit of a cheap copy nñn The music video is great though, I love that they did these movie references again.

    Whatever you say about JYP at least the budget for their music videos is never lacking.

    Y'all had a lot to say about this, so let's start with the not so nice comments.

    Coming Century doesn't agree with me when it comes to the music video "they've done this exact same video concept like what 4 times now? its boring by now, and it doesn't help this is more screechy than normal" but it's not like I'm here to please. Wills is giving some controversial opinions "I predict controversy: this, to me, is their weakest major single of the year. (No, ‘BDZ’ doesn’t count.) (No, I can’t promise it would change anything if it did.)", while He can appreciate it in parts "The chorus here is undeniable, true to TWICE form. The rest does not spark as much joy, but I use it sometimes." And Empty Shoebox is... underwhelmed? Maybe? "The fact that the question mark is always backwards in the video still pisses me off. Other than that it's usual TWICE. Straight from the checklist. No alarms and no surprises." RUNAWAY backs me up here, "not as good as their other singles from this year, and it’s literally a carbon copy of Heart Shaker, but it’s still good. Speaking of, WHY THE FUCK IS THAT SONG NOT IN THIS RATE?!?" and well, probably because Heart Shaker came out in 2017?

    codecat makes a good question "I'm curious to see how many people agree with this being the best TWICE single AND video of 2018" and well,

    Salami: "Definitely their best single. Instant hit for me, still can replay it several times even now and that MV is probably my favourite of the year. Even Dahyun delivered in this!"

    vague: "this is in the top three of their singles for me, i think. it's so fun n breezy; i just luh it so much. the video's super cute, too."

    Vixen: "I know I’m not the biggest TWICE supporter because the importance I give to vocals (whether that be just proper pitch technique, or pretty vocal colors), but I honestly thought this was one of their best singles to date, as well as their strongest offerings of 2018? I was kind of bummed to see it didn’t get as much of a big reception here, as I finally found myself enjoying a TWICE song dddd. I think it sounds fresh, fun and sugary."

    yuuurei: "Certainly one of the group's better tracks imo, it's cute but not overly saccharine, while also not coming off too bland."

    Miyawakiwi: "Really catchy, but what’s new, Momo’s voice is actually pretty good in this song! BB CrEAam!!!."

    I think you have a bunch of supporters there.

    Some people are more cautious lovers, like Kuhleezi, who name drops someone who should really not exist in pop culture anymore "From the bridge onwards it absolutely slays though. That rap, ugh. Eminem sunbaenim retired. This year I really really appreciated their way of switching up the chorus at the end. But more on that later." Serg. is selective with his love "Where are Mina's lines? No 10s for that but I absolutely love the movie themed music video and especially the videos that were selected for it" and ThighHighs is selective with his hate "I’ve never been fully slayed by this song, but it’s always been a cute, breezy affair. I bop along every time, and they keep Dahyun out of the picture for a good portion so there’s not much for me to dislike! The video is cute, too. I often think Twice are overpraised for just being ok, so it’s nice when they actually serve a fun, flirty concept and execute it well!" And GeiPanda just wants Momo to shine, "Perfectly Twice. The only disappointment is that this is the initiation of Twice not including an iconic foghorn moment from Momo - please stop making her sing regular parts that any other member could do. I need a "BB CREAM PAPAPA" or "SIGNEUL BONAE SIGNAL BONAE" moment asap, it replenishes my electrolytes."

    Let's finish this off with ryjm again? "Did Twice decide to mix things up and deliver something sonically experimental...no but they did release yet another unbearably catchy tune. I absolutely live for gay Twice and What is Love? is cute and all, but this type of song started to feel unbearably familiar as my girls continued to churn out songs. I feel like everything after Signal is predictably formulaic (if it ain’t broke and all that). The girls’ star power is undeniable but I just wish their output was better. TT, Signal and Likey remain unbothered...but I still use." You... do know Likey came after Signal right?

  8. Oh, we're going for a double kill tonight.




    GENEROUS UNNIES: (10) @Reboot, @Mikl C, @nikkysan, @junglefish, @RUNAWAY, @Kuhleezi, @Serg., @BEST FICTION, @Rem, @eliminathan, @soratami, @enjoy v2.0 (9.5) @Vesperly, @Oleander (9.25) @savilizabeths (9) @Dangerous Maknae, @evilsin, @Empty Shoebox, @eccentricismply. @Love Deluxe, @sweetlikegrande, @GeiPanda, @Wills
    CHEAP UNNIES: (2) @Coming Century (5) @Cotton Park, @askew, @Vixen, @Gintoki (5.25) @yuuurei (6) @Salami, @He

    5 voters: 70 (average: 6.60000)
    10 voters: 32 (average: 7.60000)
    15 voters: 49 (average: 7.55000)
    20 voters: 37 (average: 7.92500)
    25 voters: 38 (average: 7.98000)
    30 voters: 32 (average: 8.10000)
    35 voters: 37 (average: 8.01429)
    40 voters: 40 (average: 8.03750)
    45 voters: 33 (average: 8.06667)
    48 voters: 35 (average: 8.08333)

    Remember when my commentary about this song sparked a forum wide discussion regarding TWICE and the standards they are held up to and how people are unnecessarily mean to them in this forum? Remember how I complained about the premise of it because I was a bit bothered by the whole yes or yes concept and yet I ended up giving it a super high score? Gotta love this forum sometimes.

    Yes or Yes was one of the gazilion singles TWICE released last year, officially being the last one and... y'all did it dirty. It's such a fun song and it's not necessarily Conventional TWICE, as much as it's super poppy and it fits their image perfectly. I was happy about the slight changes in not only the sound but also their choreography!!! Is so good!!!!! So fucking good, TWICE is so talented put some goddamn respect to their name all of you!

    Anyway this elimination makes me kinda sad because I genuinely grew to love this song. Short haired Jihyo y'all....... Short haired Jihyo.

    I'm gonna start with the hateful bitches first because you guys are going into my Ignore List real soon after this. Cotton Park bumped up his score for the song just so he wouldn't have to be bothered to write a long commentary to it, didn't you? "Don't get me started." Start sis, let's throw hands right now. yuuurei is so very willing to reveal a lack of taste, "TWICE really reminds me of AKB48, not in concept necessarily but in the way that, though I can appreciate the technical competency and appeal of their music, it tends to just bore me and I can't get into it. There's nothing particularly wrong with this or any other TWICE song, but for the most part they do nothing for me and I'm often just waiting for the track to be over." Comparing TWICE with AKB48.......... Wow. And He is another Likey enthusiast, but apparently not a TWICE enthusiast, "I’m not here for this. It’s a bit grating and the video gave me a headache. I swear I like these girls, but I feel they’ve been a bit underwhelming since Likey. "

    ry123 offers "Think i’ve accepted Twice are never going to shake this image and sound." I mean, someone has to bring some happy bops to the world while we're sinking in fascism and global warming! Coming Century isn't excited "yeah this really wasn't their year..... (outside of DTNA, an excellent song btw!) the lyrics to this make me slightly uncomfortable and it's a bit too shrill." Salami makes a... bold statement "Their weakest track this year (including Best Thing I Ever Did). I like that Mina is all over it for once, but I can’t take this song too seriously. Especially after seeing that Disney video of the princes dancing to it. And why did Chaeyeong have to be played by the Beast?" Weakest? Really sis?

    I love it when people say exact opposite things, like ThighHighs saying "This is just a bit too cute and precious for me, but that melody is undeniable" and GeiPanda offering "I love this. It's so damn catchy, and manages to break out of the box of being too cute/bubblegum." And nikkysan is also on board "I generally don’t like the more cutesy type of girl groups but I’ve found TWICE to be an exception, this song is so catchy and loaded with hooks, and I love the urgency of the pre-chorus. It’s a song I can’t listen to just once" while Miyawakiwi is concerned about the members' scalps "The song’s pretty good, RIP Dahyun’s hair tho, i guess someone had to get the bad cut and they where tired of destroying chaeyoung’s hair lmao."

    Some people bring up both the controversy and the problematic aspect of the song. Like Reboot, "
    I get that some posters have problems with the lyrics of the songs, and I totally get that, but I like to think of Yes Or Yes of being about the girls being totally confident and self-assured. Melodically it also happens to be their strongest song so far, so I can’t help but really, really, really love it. It makes me happy! I hope they take a really long break after this, though." Yep, didn't happen, but it's a nice thought. Serg. says "Proud of my first real controversy involvement on the forum I kinda snapped tbh. Song is great, it's typical TWICE and the dance break is phenomenal I just dislike the choreo but that’s not enough to take a point." It was only your first? Sis, you gotta catch up. Empty Shoebox points out a funny fact "I love it how the video starts so menacingly. It's a Twice song for heaven's sake. It couldn't be less menacing if it tried. Anyway, still a problematic bop."

    And then we have the people who truly, truly loved this.

    First up, ryjm saying he stans again "Safe to say my obsession with Twice has waned this year, but I am now fully back on board (i'm sorry unnies, a break was needed). This isn’t the best track on the album, but boy does it go off (and in so many different directions), it feels like the song goes on forever with the crazy amount of sections it has, but it never drags. Yes the song is no real deviation from their standard formula, but this delivers the unwavering optimism and joy in such an appealing package that I can’t not like it. The video is so unbelievably camp and over the top but it’s classic twice and serves me TT vibes so I’m happy. But seriously, how is Tzuyu even real, I mean IS she even real? What a goddess." RUNAWAY has a favorite and she deserves lines! "Jeongyeon getting all those lines was true popJUSTICE. This is one of my fav songs of the year for sure" and Wills is a little bit emotional there, "This is what I was waiting all year for: a deserving followup to ‘Likey’."

    We're gonna end this with Kuhleezi, who waited two years for this moment to happen. "This is it. This is the Twice single I've been waiting for since TT. Now, I won't pretend like my thrice past never existed, nor that I've been way too harsh on them a few times, but Yes or Yes to me feels so clearly better than their offerings since. And I can't help but ask myself why. It's not like it's completely different from their usual output, quite the opposite: it's Twice doing what they do best and doing it the best they can. It's Twice upping the stakes, masterfully genre-hopping, piling up hook after hook to create a song that has every right to enter the K-Pop history books. Boy, they made it simple, you got two choices: stanning, yes or yes?"


  9. dddd I was gonna say "Yes or Yes" should have left before "What Is Love" right after reading #36....... well.
  10. oh...
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  11. Give me my pocket book I'm leaving
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  12. Wow... I wasn't expecting that at all, i'm speechless

    Btw, Jihyo looks SO GOOD in that picture, i can't believe haters where calling her the 'visual hole' of twice.
  13. That was my last elimination filling in for Slicey, thank you for being patient with me and thank you @Slice of Life for trusting me to do this too!!
  14. Goddamn.
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  15. [​IMG]

    If y’all would stop being trash for even one day so I can breathe fresh air that would be appreciated.

    Unrelated to the above but thank you @eccentricsimply for taking over and keeping the rate moving at a good pace. It’s the first time I’ve actually seen the back up rate host put to work and everything went off without a hitch. Now please undo the last two elims
  16. I’m know I’m a ONCE but I’m not mad about any of that. Twice definitely needed to do better in 2018, and looks like they finally will.

  17. [​IMG]

    I think Yes or Yes was another song I had originally pegged as a 10 but dropped the score a bit for some reason I don't understand.

    Thanks for filling in @eccentricsimply, you did an excellent job!
  18. No ma’am, not when you have two of the three Hyolyn songs in your kill list @Vixen.
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  19. Rem


    I’m sad to see ‘What Is Love’ go. My sisters would force me to listen to BTS, a nightmare, literally a nightmare so I never really liked K-Pop until I heard ‘What Is Love’. Something about that sugar rush pop sound made me fall in love with Twice, and I know a lot of people say it’s similar to their other songs but as a first time listener of them, it really felt magical? Who knows, maybe I’m just a basic gay but I absolutely adore it and it’s the song that made me fall in love with K-Pop so it will always have a special place in my heart.
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  20. I gave both 'To Do List' and 'Sea Sea' a 8 I believe, which ironically was also the score I gave to 'What Is Love'. Good songs are good songs. But I just have many other higher scores than that amongst the remaining songs, so these had to be on my kill list xoxo

    'Dally' features a man. We don't want that! #MisandryJustice
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