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#KSOTY2018: The K-Pop Song of the Year 2018 Rate | COMPLETE RESULTS

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Slice of Life, Dec 14, 2018.

  1. I-

    I think you've made a mistake if you catch my drift.


  2. Hey.




    GENEROUS UNNIES: (10) @Reboot, @ryjm, @Cotton Park, @OspreyQueen, @Oleander, @Wills (9.5) @Serg. (9) @evilsin, @Conan, @Kuhleezi, @He, @Rem, @Vesperly, @eliminathan
    CHEAP UNNIES: (5) @Dangerous Maknae, @askew (6) @Miyawakiwi, @Coming Century


    5 voters: 28 (average: 7.60000)
    10 voters: 32 (average: 7.60000)
    15 voters: 31 (average: 7.90000)
    20 voters: 29 (average: 8.11250)
    25 voters: 30 (average: 8.13000)
    30 voters: 30 (average: 8.12500)
    35 voters: 33 (average: 8.12143)
    40 voters: 31 (average: 8.15000)
    45 voters: 31 (average: 8.16111)
    48 voters: 34 (average: 8.09896)

    Another Supersarang Song bites the dust. This time, it's Pristin V's Spotlight.

    Spotlight is the b-side to Get It, Pristin V's first single. And I have to say, I am quite shocked this ranked this high. Like, I really checked the spreadsheet multiple times if I fucked up some computation or something. It just didn't made sense to me. Not because I hate the song - in fact, I really like it. I just didn't think y'all stanned it this hard... even more than Get It. Fun fact: Spotlight never charted on the K-Popjustice Charts. Iconique non-charting legend!

    But shock aside, I really can't fault Spotlight. It's just... wait for it... spotless. Kekeke. It's a slice of shimmery Scandinavian pop that's like crack to heaumeausexuelles. It's not the most exciting song ever, true, but it does make me want to gyrate. It's that type of song. It wakes up the sleeping [citation needed] thot in me.

    I get while Get It was chosen over Spotlight as Pristin V's single though. Get It is more in-your-face and therefore easier to sell while Spotlight is more subdued. But both songs are amazing and really showed a different side to Pristin. It could also be the last side of Pristin we get to see sadjfgjhsdgfj. PLEDIS ENTERTAINMENT IS SUCH A MESS UGH.

    yuuurei is the only one who left a non-positive comment: "A little bit lacklustre but it's pretty nice." And yeah, maybe ThighHighs dragged Pristin V's stylist too dddd: "The song is a bop, but what are these looks in the video. They went from THOT city in the Get It video to a conservative BISCUIT shoe in this one. Want better for yourselves, girls." It's their of way of keeping the conservative ahjussi fans happy, okay.

    Salami likes this version of Pristin: "This is not what I expected based on what I’ve heard from them previously, really enjoyed this." Reboot regrets Pristin V's current status as Pledis Entertainment Dungeon Dwellers: "Amazing song. It’s a shame that the main group seems to be stuck in k-pop limbo." Cotton Park managed to shoehorn a Red Velvet promo, talent!: "I love their Red Velvety Automaticish performance of this." And Kuhleezi is suddenly into sedatives... wait: "Sledgehammer but make it sedated. It works!" While Serg. actually prefers Spotlight over Get It: "Have to say that this is much better than the actual single from the sub-unit its very how to explain, charming in a way it takes you on a cute sweet journey and I absolutely adore the lushness of it. It's also such a distinctive sound from the previous work by PRISTIN." The rate results agree with you.

    But most of the comments stanned for the one-two punch of Get It and Spotlight. ryjm: "The 1-2 punch of this and Get It is pretty stellar.I could totally see this being an E•MO•TION cast off (no shade, this is a compliment of the highest order). The heavy pulsating drive-esque synths do things to me and I live for it. I think I stan a bit (a lot). I need more of this and I need it now." I don't think Pledis Entertainment will grant your wish, unnie. He knows this fact: "Two perfect songs in the same album? Yes. They had a great career." Ddddddd, a mess. eccentricsimply continues the praise party for Pristin V: "Both Spotlight and Get It are bops, Pristin and Pristin V deserved better." But Oleander out-stanned them all: "This song is flawless and Like A V, despite only having two songs, is one of the best minis from 2018 and that’s the tea. The fact that this group can do a song like Get It then turn around and deliver a more chill, midtempo-ish jam like this is proof of their incredible talent."

    Last word to Wills who submitted Spotlight as ha Supersarang Song: "My supersarang, mostly because it’s the closest anyone came to replicating ‘new’ in 2018 ddd, but also because it’s very good." I do hear new. Excellent choice, bih.

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  3. Yeah, I’ve been gooped at ‘Spotlight’ outwit outplay outlasting SO many higher-profile faves, so I’m not about to complain about it being out; quite the opposite. Thank you all for stanning the little b-side that could xx
  4. Spotlight was a really great surprise for me. Loved the persistent bass so much. And I agree with the E•MO•TION and new comparisons.
  5. Yeah that should have left long ago.
  6. I said it was pretty nice! I can be WAY less positive than that.
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  7. Time to lose another 10. Sigh.




    GENEROUS UNNIES: (10) @Sanctuary, @ryjm, @nikkysan, @RUNAWAY, @Kuhleezi, @Slice of Life, @He, @Rem, @OspreyQueen, @Oleander, @ThighHighs, @Island, @enjoy v2.0 (9.5) @Ana Raquel, @thommyh (9.25) @eliminathan (9) @codecat, @Love Deluxe, @sweetlikegrande, @GeiPanda, @Wills, @Remorque
    CHEAP UNNIES: (2) @Gintoki (4) @Salami (5) @yuuurei, @Vesperly, @Vixen (5.75) @Miyawakiwi (6) @Coming Century


    5 voters: 77 (average: 6.55000)
    10 voters: 39 (average: 7.42500)
    15 voters: 41 (average: 7.61667)
    20 voters: 45 (average: 7.80000)
    25 voters: 34 (average: 8.06000)
    30 voters: 41 (average: 7.98333)
    35 voters: 31 (average: 8.15714)
    40 voters: 29 (average: 8.22500)
    45 voters: 29 (average: 8.20556)
    48 voters: 33 (average: 8.10938)

    With this elimination, Miss Hyolyn is now down to just one song. Today, we say goodbye to everyone's favourite thot anthem, Dally.

    Dally is Hyolyn's second single post-Sistar. After the tameness of To Do List, Hyolyn quickly made a 180 and dropped Dally. Wigs quickly dropped right after. Hyolyn is credited as a co-lyricist and co-producer for Dally which is, well, talent.

    I debated for days whether I should give Dally a 10. I know we're only just judging the song here (hence the Song of The Year rate title) and deep in my heart, I know Dally, the song, isn't a 10. But I felt like it was impossible to separate Dally from its visuals. Dally is very much an experience. I cannot imagine Dally without that music video and without that choreography. It's just not possible. So in the end, Dally ended up being my twenty-ninth 10 dddddd.

    The song itself isn't all that bad. It really is a basic bop but it is of the highest order. The song starts rather unassumingly only for that filthy pre-chorus to come and yathhhh, I just lose my morality. It's a song that's impossible not to groove along to. I also really love the inclusion of Gray. I'm not the biggest fan of shoehorning a random-ass rap verse but Gray's parts are so essential to my enjoyment of Dally. Plus, he's really not a rent-a-rapper here. He's credited as a co-lyricist and co-producer too. His chemistry with Hyolyn is off the charts and I would like to hear more from them.

    We cannot not talk about the visuals. Hyolyn truly came for blood. I love that Aliya Janell, the choreographer, is featured so prominently in the music video. Watching her and Hyolyn do those impossibly gag-worthy moves is... well... an experience. It's like watching a filthier version of Sistar19. Iconique.

    Let's just get this comment of Coming Century, noted meninist, out of the way, shall we?: "these points are for Gray and Gray only. A man." Miyawakiwi too???: "Gray’s rap is my favorite part, Hyolyn looks really good and she knows it, but the song’s kinda boring." I'm disappointed. yuuurei is not the target audience for Dally: "I get why this is a popular song but it's just not it for me. It's not the worst thing I've ever heard but it's far from the best either." At least Salami is here for the visuals: "Visually this is amazing - she’s just sexy as hell. But I don’t really like the song too much." Dally is just not good enough for GeiPanda: "She's such a queen, but I prefer the other songs she has made recently."

    Reboot is also all about Hyolyn feeling ha oats: "Not my favourite song she has released this year, but I’m not mad because the video is great and she serves Looks throughout." Vixen has a more pointed take: "I kinda wanted to like this more, if only for what it represents, and what Hyolyn herself represents in K-Pop, but like… it simply isn’t really good to me? I find the verses incredibly sluggish, and I don’t find the chorus to be that catchy. The feature is also annoying sadly. At least, she looks absolutely snatched in the video." vague also comes for the disappointing chorus: "i wish the chorus were a little more substantial, 'cause everything else here is great." But lowest scorer Gintoki couldn't care less about the visuals: "I mean Hyolin is absolutely stunning in the video, but the song sounds like Tinashe's b-side."

    Speaking of Miss Kachingwe, she gets another promo via Serg.: "It is very Tinashe, but I'm here for her influence in K-Pop, as long as it isn't like Woo Woo." Damn, will KPJ ever forgive DIA for Woo Woo? Actual Tinashe superstan Kuhleezi's hips might be in danger: "Are there more interesting songs here? Definitely. Do any of them make me want to smash it till I need recovering for an immediate hip transplant? No way." codecat's neighbor might need an immediate hip transplant too: "The true Hyolyn gymnastically thot-danced OUT! This slaps on every level measurable, the OH U BETTER STOP.....line is a fucking LINE. Even the outro is perfect. You'll beeee on your waAaAAyyYyYy..............The Emancipation of HYOLYN!" Why don't you dance with ha bih.

    Here are the misandrists ddddd. thommyh: "an actual queen! I don't like that rap feature at all though, but if she can dance and she can sing and she can serve looks... it makes sense to add an unnecessary boring rap like every other one else in ha league. Queen of being on-trend!" Empty Shoebox too: "I may have inflated this score based on how much of an utter icon Hyolyn is, as well as the choreo. stan_culture.gif. Lose the man though." Wills has an interesting take on Dally: "Something about the track + video + (especially) context is giving me ‘Crazy in Love’ and it’s a VERY EXCITING PROSPECT." Hyolyn is not Korea's Beyonce for nothing. And eccentricsimply asks a rhetorical question: "Is there anything this woman can't do???"

    ryjm reminds us of this Hyolyn performance: "CEHyolyn honestly slayed the game this year, queen of making me question my sexuality. I am 100%% here for any woman who unapologetically owns their sexuality and is empowered by their womanhood (a Hyolyn X HyunA collab would be mind blowing) which I why I love this song so damn much. A sensuous bop for the ages, unnie is feeling herself and mopping the floor with some incredibly slick body breaking choreo. I will never tire of watching that video where she kills it like the boss ass binch she is as a crowd of shocked/appalled/amazed/awestruck actors watch her deliver this sensual bop." He also brings it up: "A serve. A queen. An ally. Like, how good is Hyolyn? Sanging, dancing, (rapping), visuals, attitude of a star. CEOlyn is unstoppable. You hear that Korean actors?!" Iconique.

    Did you really expect to get a thot anthem from Taeyeon of all people, ThighHighs???: "I. Love. Sluts. This is the ho anthem that I was NEEDING from a Kpop solo artist, and if Taeyeon wasn’t going to bite Hyolyn is the perfect person to go down this route. Everything about this (even the faceless rapper) knocks and comes together perfectly." I--- You do you, bae. OspreyQueen even stans the cover art: "One of the first K-Pop songs I ever properly stanned. It’s just effortlessly cool, even down to the cover art which was definitely one of my favourites of 2018." And RUNAWAY mourns Korea's basic taste: "This song is BRILLIANT. And that choreography gives me WHIPLASH. She is such a star and SLAYS me every time this song comes on. This deserved to be number 1 on these charts and in the real world, but I guess life sometimes doesn’t work like that."

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  8. He



    At least the lack of taste is consistent with you low scorers.
  9. We are down to our last three Supersarang Songs.

    Our bronze medalist is...




    SUPERSARANG: @Gintoki
    GENEROUS UNNIES: (10) @Reboot, @Coming Century, @Sanctuary, @ryjm, @vague, @PopZeitgeist, @Vesperly, @OspreyQueen, @enjoy v2.0, @Gintoki (9) @Cotton Park, @yuuurei, @Kuhleezi, @Love Deluxe, @Oleander, @thommyh, @soratami
    CHEAP UNNIES: (5) @Miyawakiwi, @askew (5.5) @sweetlikegrande (6) @Salami, @Conan, @Vixen


    5 voters: 14 (average: 8.20000)
    10 voters: 18 (average: 8.05000)
    15 voters: 23 (average: 8.10000)
    20 voters: 25 (average: 8.15000)
    25 voters: 29 (average: 8.16000)
    30 voters: 22 (average: 8.30833)
    35 voters: 30 (average: 8.20714)
    40 voters: 30 (average: 8.18125)
    45 voters: 42 (average: 8.01667)
    48 voters: 32 (average: 8.11979)

    Nawt Wekilegends almost crashing the top 30. The talentry... far too much.

    Metronome is taken from Weki Meki's second mini album, Lucky. Trippy and Le'mon are credited as the producers for Metronome. And I can't lie, this has grown on me massively. I might give it a 9 if we were rating now.

    Metronome is Weki Meki living their synthpop fantasies. It's no wonder that the lovely unnies of KPJ clung to this for dear life like its Weki Meki's only song ddddd. I can't blame y'all though. There something about Metronome that's so... expensive - something that can't be said about the vast majority of Weki Meki's discography. Weki Meki's music has a certain trashy quality to it that is absent on Metronome.

    I guess Metronome just sounded faceless to me back then. It's not that I think it's a bad song. It's not. It's just not the type of song I expect from Weki Meki at this point in their career. I already have other girl groups that serve me mature, lush, and synthy music. I need my Weki Meki music to be unabashedly messy. Gimme trash or gimme death. Okay, maybe not death but y'all get what I mean.

    In the future, when Weki Meki have outgrown their bratty iljin personas, maybe I could enjoy Metronome more. But not today. *bops to I Don't Like Your Girlfriend and La La La instead*

    Miyawakiwi is not here for this version (or any version ddd) of Weki Meki: "The chorus is too repetitive for me, maybe because of the way the sing it and not so much ‘cause the actual chorus, the verses are not the strong point here, so…" And that's the only negative comment Metronome got. Talent.

    "So good," Reboot purrs. "I expect lots of good things from Weki Meki in 2019." You're in for a treat, unnie. Weki Meki are making a comeback next month. ryjm is obsessed and he tells us: "I.AM.OBSESSED with this song STILL. This is by far the best thing Weki Meki has ever released and it is an absolute travesty that it didn’t get the Title Track treatment. This is the song that should define the group’s sonic blueprint for future comebacks. It sounds mature and sexy yet still playful and fun. I feel so fabulous whenever I listen to this song – the streets become my catwalk and I just strut it out unnie. This song shows what potential the girls have and that they can truly deliver when they are given the right track…their agency just need better quality control. To go from something as amazing and refined as this to something as trashy as Crush…sis what you doing?" No Crush slander on this page, thank u.

    eccentricsimply also shades Weki Meki's other masterpieces: "If only they could release titles as good as this." Serg. promos the dead: "This is like more electronic version of Pristin V's spotlight and I quite enjoy both songs. Probably the best song Weki Meki have done." Empty Shoebox, sweetie, I'm sorry to disappoint you but no: "Probably the best that they've released so far.. Can we at least agree on that Slicey and Nostalgia?" You don't see our names in the Generous Unnies for a reason kekeke.

    "Yes, Weki Meki has some high quality music," He suddenly realizes. "Like this is some professional shit they created! It’s really good." They have other high quality music, thank u. ThighHighs has this to say: "The best thing they’ve ever put out. Full stop." And Kuhleezi comes out as a... deep synth?: "That deep synth is how I sexually identify." I will support.

    We end this post with OspreyQueen who is now probably the biggest Ki-Ling of KPJ: "Basically the song that made me realise I would die for Weki Meki." I--- I can't compete with that.

    Last edited: Jun 21, 2019
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  10. As a Weki Meki stan I’ve been so confused as to why this is the song the forum collectively voted over twenty plus classics.
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  11. [​IMG]

    It's probably because we have shit taste, unnie dddddddd.
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  12. Also, we'll meet our top 30 tomorrow! How cool is that? I'm so glad we made it this far without completely tearing each other apart kekeke.

    But before that, one unnie will lose ha 11.

    Goodnight girls. ♡
  13. [​IMG]
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  14. The top 30 is where it’s going to get savage though. It was nice being friends.
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  15. I was scared mine would go like 15 eliminations before, but it's gonna be me now for sure, I can feel it.
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  16. Hoping the SF9 song leaves next, just before we get enter the top 30.
  17. The good thing about giving out so many high scores is that I won't have to deal with making enemies and being killed as we inch closer to the end. The new supreme is coming.

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  18. EXCUSE ME??
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  19. Suddenly I’m part of MisandryJustice.
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  20. He


    It’s ok, we still like Jinyoung over here.
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