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#KSOTY2018: The K-Pop Song of the Year 2018 Rate | COMPLETE RESULTS

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Slice of Life, Dec 14, 2018.

  1. @Slice of Life just shoot me already, it would be less painful at this point.
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  2. Well fuck this rate.
    I love you @Slice of Life you're doing a stellar job as always.
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  3. Not gonna make any friends with this comment:

    But if you're gonna give a song I like a 4 or less, then don't get all sanctimonious about someone else giving your blessed group a 4 or less also. We all have different tastes. Note: That's a GOOD thing.

    And if a song is going to be the SONG OF THE YEAR, it needs to be liked by a lot of people.

    I love that nobody and no song in this rate is ENTITLED to jackshit. Regardless of all the dedicated fanbase streamfarms that are jacking their viewcounts or all the big three won their jackass CEO's dump into the their promos and MVs.

    Another NOTE: That's a good thing.

    I don't agree with the position of everything. -Hell, y'all dumped my girls' RBB before the top 100 and I just threw up my arms and okay, I get it. I don't like it, but I get it. A lot of people hate it. I'm not going assassinate everyone's taste here. Well, I might, jokingly.

    This has been a great rate! And @Slice of Life is crushing it.
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  4. Okay but #justiceforGFRIEND.
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  5. He



    -Wendy RBB scream-
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  6. Our label, Cource Music is going to kill you and lock the rest of us away in the dungeon when they find out you've leaked our MV teaser! Delete it before they cancel (G)-Buddy-Z.

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  7. Hm sorry sweaty we’re called Bussies.
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  8. What a perfect name. Just don't let Sowon know what it means. We don't need another toilet paper situation.

  9. Yeolgi you're doing amazing sweetie

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  10. He


    Yeolgi for top 10!
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  11. @Slice of Life watching from afar as the forum implodes, all because Yeolgi makes Top 10:

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  12. There is no number 24 because, yes, we have another tie at number 23.

    The first part of the tie is...




    GENEROUS UNNIES: (11) @Miyawakiwi (10) @Salami, @Sanctuary, @ryjm, @Ana Raquel, @Conan, @He, @Rem, @Oleander, @Island, @Wills, @enjoy v2.0 (9.75) @Slice of Life (9.5) @Serg., @OspreyQueen (9) @evilsin, @vague, @Love Deluxe, @BEST FICTION, @sweetlikegrande, @ThighHighs, @eliminathan
    CHEAP UNNIES: (4) @eccentricsimply, @savilizabeths (5) @Coming Century, @Cotton Park (6) @Mikl C, @RUNAWAY, @Empty Shoebox, @soratami
    SHAMAN UNNIE: 9.75


    5 voters: 4 (average: 8.80000)
    10 voters: 5 (average: 8.55000)
    15 voters: 15 (average: 8.36667)
    20 voters: 17 (average: 8.45000)
    25 voters: 22 (average: 8.31000)
    30 voters: 21 (average: 8.34167)
    35 voters: 19 (average: 8.45000)
    40 voters: 19 (average: 8.48750)
    45 voters: 22 (average: 8.32222)
    48 voters: 23 (average: 8.30208)

    Well, talk about a true underdog moment. Forever Young finally exits the competition so be grateful, you beastly haters. But not after taking down A LOT of great songs ashfgdf. Mianhae.

    Forever Young is the sub-title track of BLACKPINK's first mini album, Square Up. And yes, I am still mad as fuck that this isn't a full-fledged single. The wastage! Forever Young was abnormally successful for a non-single, peaking at number 2 on the Gaon Charts right behind DDU-DU DDU-DU. I say abnormally successful not because BLACKPINK aren't big digital sellers but I just didn't think it'd do that well. I mean, it actually outpeaked actual BLACKPINK singles like As If Your Last and Playing With Fire - which both peaked at number 3. Again, Forever Young was the number 1 single that got away.

    Let's be real, Forever Young isn't the freshest-sounding song ever. It's the typical YG production down to the typical messy as fuck outro. But what separates it from the usual YG release is how effortless Forever Young is. It is so youthful and euphoric and whenever I listen to it, I just wanna jump up and down and pretend like life is all rainbows and butterflies and shit. A lot of YG (not just BP) songs have that ~hard~ quality to them and sometimes, that can be boring. We need more Forever Youngs to remind us that BLACKPINK are literally young ladies that just happen to be wildly successful. Let them have unabashedly fun songs too sometimes!

    Forever Young is also such a perfect summer anthem... something that I can't really say about DDU-DU DDU-DU. Whenever I listen to Forever Young, I can just picture white sand beaches, lagoons, tropical fruit shakes, all that great stuff and I just get... happy? Ugh, now I want to go on another vacation. But really, Forever Young is euphoria in song form. And I should've just given this a full 10.

    eccentricsimply drags BLACKPINK, Teddy Park AND Yang Hyun Suk in just a few sentences: "I...... think this song is very annoying nñn From the synths to the verses to that typical Teddy, sounds like nothing else in the song bridge. I'm tired of them releasing Teddy songs but it's not like YG can be bothered to find someone else to produce for Blackpink like... Imagine? The effort. His old misogynistic body wouldn't be able to handle it." That final YG drag, yathhhhh more please. thommyh deems this: "Pretty good, but not as great imo. Definitely a weaker track." GeiPanda is unimpressed: "A nice midtempo, but a tad one-note."

    I think ThighHighs overthought Forever Young's lyrics a little: "I like this better than DDU-DU DDU-DU, and really truly think it’s a great song, but something about that breakdown doesn’t quite work for me. I LOVE the end-of-song breakdowns that YG always tosses in, but something about the lyrics just being “Whatta-bum-bum” and girls having fun seems a bit… shallow. The rest of the song has a kind of nostalgic quality that the ending kind of squanders, when it could really elevate it to a 10/10 level. That being said, I still pop my buss to the ending we have, so lemme be quiet." It really isn't deep but I think that's why it works so well? So yes, just bop with me boo. Empty Shoebox at least recognized the bridge's power: "The bridge is the best part of this. The rest is kind of...safe?" Vixen bats for the outro only: "The song itself? A 6.00 at best. That long-ass outro after the middle-8? A fucking 11. God what a moment!!! So, well I had to kind of find a middle, but also keep it fair to the other songs who are great from the start to the end." Gintoki too: "Yeah another tropi-pop song, but the last minute is everything."

    It's not a BLACKPINK song without 2NE1 comparisons. Here's RUNAWAY's take: "I didn't enjoy this much at all actually. I'm just not here for these obvious 2NE1 cast-offs. Rose literally sounds like she's singing along to Bom's guide vocal, it's so BLATANT. These girls have no identity of their own at all." yuuurei sees the similarities... but bops anyway: "I know everyone and their dog has made the comparison by now but this is literally a 2NE1 song. However, I still like 2NE1's music, so to me that's not a bad thing. It's a cute track." You and me boo.

    Vesperly's comment isn't as positive as the others but she gave the song an 8 so: "I only listen to the Japanese version, which is a shocker for Blackpink since usually their Japanese versions are absolutely horrendous." ry123 is impressed at a non-single's power: "Such a good song, especially considering its a B side." ryjm knows Forever Young is BLACKPINK on autopilot... but bops anyway: "Swearpink is in the house! The production is typically sleek and complex even if the structure is essentially a copy and paste of any other BLΛƆKPIИK song's blueprint. Again, there’s something about the Square Up songs that makes them feel like an evolved and refined interpretation of the BLΛƆKPIИK sound. The final switch up at the end is killer and still gets me so damn hyped, certainly not revolutionary (kii) but I get my life nonetheless."

    Wills correctly calls Forever Young: "Song of the summer, with a bullet. Also: my favourite song by them to date." Salami further laments Forever Young's status as a non-single: "This should’ve been a full single. I know they sort of promoted it but imagine two number 1s last year after properly pushing this." Serg. doesn't seem to mind because Forever Young is still a certified hit: "The most powerful b-side ever. Charting #2 everywhere upon it's release what a missed opportunity for a cute summer/beach themed music video, that last 1 minute signature Teddy song change actually works so well here, I can't wait for this to go off at Coachella." I still haven't fully watched their Coachella stages so please tell me if Forever Young truly went off.

    BLACKPINK is the revolution, we been knew. Kuhleezi dares: "Dare I say it? The way it switches up near the end is so progressive. 'Blackpink is the revolution'. They made some points." Yath. He reiterates: "Blackpink is the revolution. Queens of the people, really. I know this song is a bit dated, but at the same time not? I live so hard for the jarring final section." Yathhh. And excuse me, but Miss codecat is actually here for Forever Young???: "When the bongos (amazing) go into the I could die in this momeeEEE EEE EEeeent...Forever YOUNG Young young - aural void - BLACKPINK is the revolution, I know the gates of the apocalypse have opened. Girls wanna have some fun! Hail Manon!" YATHHHHHH.

    Final words goes to Miyawakiwi, our 11-giver. The stage is yours, boo: "I ignored square up when it was first released but the moment this song began playing while on shuffle i was instantly transported to another dimension and came back to reality to find myself scalped." Iconique.

  13. If I was scoring the songs today, I'd definitely give Forever Young a 10. It's so special.
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  14. Agree that Forever Young is one of BLACKPINK's best and that's saying something, considering almost all of their songs are pretty great.

    Black Pearl is cute, could have stayed until Top20.
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  15. The Square Up mini is one of my favourite releases from 2018. The wait was excruciating but boy did it pay off! In retrospect, I think See U Later should've been my Supersarang. I was (and still am) obsessed with it.

    It's also why I think Kill This Love is a letdown after the immaculate Square Up mini.
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  16. He


    I didn't know this forum was so unimpressed with Blackpink.

  17. I have already written the next elimination but I wanna post it on page 97. Kekeke. I'm going to sleep now so please post more and maybe I can post the next result first thing in the morning. Goodnight! ♡♡♡
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  18. Cue nobody posting anything.
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  19. We're all waiting till after slicey goes to bed, so that he has to post the next on page 98.
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  20. The only song deserving of the win left in is I’m So Sick, and I never thought I would say that about an Apink song.
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