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#KSOTY2018: The K-Pop Song of the Year 2018 Rate | TWO WEEKS BEFORE DEADLINE

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Slice of Life, Dec 14, 2018.

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  4. I'm gonna try and finish this off today.
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  5. I don't know if I love or hate myself for beginning my scoring the moment you opened the thread. I guess I'm a nerd with no life.
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  6. Sorry Slicey I really tried to do my scores yesterday but I ended listening to See Sea over and over. YOU CAN HEAR A FIZZY DRINK BEING POURED WHEN SHE SAYS COCA WA COLA!!!!!!!! HER MIND

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  7. This is actually the sweetest. I super appreciate you being the first voter of my first ever rate, unnie. ♡♡♡
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  8. We love an 11.
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  9. He


    Oh my god!
  10. Sent.

    Can't say y'all will be happy with these scores but oh well!
  11. i'm back home and will start working on these scores tomorrow!
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  12. nn I spent about an hour or so more the other day making a start on this, and then I just checked my progress now and I see I only got through about scoring 6 or so songs... Bboom Bboom really traps you in this cycle of repeated listens, huh?
  13. Wait a minute. I--

    Not this Get It slander from a few days ago.. the song is actually about getting taste. Get It?
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  15. I have scored all the super trash and the charts up to june.

    Can't wait for @Slice of Life to reject my votes because he thinks my average is too low.
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  16. My averages are ridiculously high... but, um, it IS a list of songs WE LIKED. And we do have good taste. Collectively. Right?

    I'm waiting for one group to get too many songs in the upper eshelons then start getting shade for it.
    That's always fun. Mrow?
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  17. I'm going through and editing a bunch of my scores because I felt like I was being too generous. Oops? This makes it sound like I've been ruthless but I'm me so no, not really. I'm just not giving 8s to everything.
  18. My lowest score is a 4, the forum picked a really good selection of songs. I did try my best to be selective with my 10s however, so I have lots of 7-9 scores.
  19. I decided to not give anything below a 4 unless a song is really annoying for me every time I try to rate them and I've had only 3 of those in the 100 songs I've rated so yeah I think the list is as strong as it could be too.
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  20. Also I think the song list is really more diverse in comparison to last year. 2017 was an iconic rate too but Loona and Red Velvet filling 1/4 of the list together was a bit
    ... too much. The only artists that I think have too much songs this year are Loona and BoA but that's mostly because they had so much comeback/projects and it doesn't feel like they dominated the list anyway.

    Not a good thing for me ddd but there are also a lot more male representatives for boy group hunties this year.
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