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#KSO†Y2019: The K-Pop Song of the Year 2019 Rate | #1

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Slice of Life, Dec 15, 2019.

  1. They can tie for first with No and %% being lovely first alternates. (And Butterfly in the Top 5, kekekekekeke)
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  2. Gave a 10 to both so idc
  3. Fancy already feels dated to me. It was great at the time but it didn’t have any staying power and then when Feel Special came along and that album, it was non-existent.
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  4. I tend to think Feel Special is "bigger" because of the theme and lyrics. I mean yeah I did become a stan right when I first saw the Fancy video but to watch Feel Special with English subtitles was very


    It's a rare moment where we got to connect with a big (possibly biggest) girl group on a more personal level, especially knowing what Mina went through and seeing her with all the girls around on the cover and their sheer sincerity when talking about anxiety. We tend to not expect that from artists like them so it's always a nice surprise when it happens.
  5. Yeah basically this. Fancy was a good song but Feel Special was a moment in every way possible.
  6. Fancy is the bigger bop, but Feel Special is... well... special. It’s the kind of song that only happens once in a career and it managed to capture everything that makes TWICE what they are. Truly a masterpiece!
  7. Are you for real? I physically couldn't stop listening to it for what felt like years.
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  8. It’s the chorus. I’m not a massive fan of it, which I think is because of the vocals but also it doesn’t really sound like the rest of the song. Everything else around it is perfect though.
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  9. OspreyQueen

    OspreyQueen Staff Member

    Don't forget my utterly incomprehensible opinions!

    1. No - CLC
    2. Dalla Dalla - ITZY
    3. The Fifth Season (SSFWL) - Oh My Girl
    4. Tiki-Taka (99%) - Weki Meki
    5. %% (Eung Eung) - Apink
    6. Noir - Sunmi
    7. Fancy - Twice
    8. Love Foolish - Twice
    9. Psycho - Red Velvet
    10. Silent Night - Dreamcatcher

    I still don't think Feel Special is all that.
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  10. Fancy and Feel Special are both 10s.

    But Fancy is superior.
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  11. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    Lemme join the Twice conversation...




    SAINTS: (10) @soratami, @Ana Raquel, @Empty Shoebox, @RUNAWAY, @Serg., @yuuurei, @savilizabeths, @Petit nain des Îles, @BEST FICTION, @eliminathan, @Rem, @ryjm, @Vixen, @Oleander, @Music Is Life (9.5) @eccentricsimply (9) @evilsin, @ry123, @GeiPanda, @Deja-Boo, @Conan, @Slice of Life
    SINNERS: (3.75) @Monkey0 (6) @Crafty, @Coming Century, @Mikl C, @ohnostalgia


    5 voters: 41 (average: 7.30000)
    10 voters: 38 (average: 7.82500)
    15 voters: 22 (average: 8.15000)
    20 voters: 37 (average: 7.91250)
    25 voters: 24 (average: 8.15000)
    30 voters: 29 (average: 8.17500)
    35 voters: 22 (average: 8.27857)
    40 voters: 18 (average: 8.39375)
    45 voters: 18 (average: 8.41667)
    50 voters: 19 (average: 8.37000)
    53 voters: 20 (average: 8.39623)

    Let's start the top 20 with an album track elimination. Tonight, we say goodbye to Twice's Hot.

    Hot is track number four of Twice's seventh mini album, Fancy You. It was written by member Momo and Kang Eun-jeong and produced by Jonatan Gusmark, Ludvig Evers, Moa Anna Carlebecker Forsell and Josefin Glenmark.

    I know y'all stan Hot but I didn't know y'all stan it this much. This was one of the more unexpected results for me. But listening to the song again after, well, two months, I now get why Hot resonated so much with a lot of people. Hot is excellence, mama. It is easily the best album track of Fancy You. I admit that the opening notes of the song were not very promising ddddd. I don't know; it just sounded off to me. But then the song progresses and Hot reveals itself to be actually very, very good.

    I don't care if the chorus feels underwritten. It is my favourite part of the song. The girls' vocals plus those horns just do things to me. I just want to gyrate whenever it comes on. But we also can't forget Miss Mina Sharon Myoi eating that middle 8. Her falsetto is just sumptuous. It's kinda giving me Lana Del Rey vibes. I can't get enough of it. More of this for the upcoming comeback please!

    Lowest scorer Monkey0 calls out the chorus: "I’d like it much more if the chorus was fully executed." OspreyQueen takes issue with the production: "Not a fan of the Julia Michaels-y production, but at least the chorus didn’t get the memo on being boring." And ohnostalgia is just not impressed: "meh."

    "My personal favourite from that album," Empty Shoebox confesses. "But there’s better on Feel Special." Screaming at you giving this a 10 but still having a bone to pick with it. aux calls it: "Sweet album track." Music Is Life curses: "Holy shit at this total bop! These girls always deliver, don’t they? Another discover for TWICE for me, hadn’t heard this one before the rate." evilsin is feeling horn-y... I mean trumpet-y kii: "This is just so damn fun. The trumpet-filled post-chorus really does elevate the whole track."

    Momo is credited as a co-lyricist of Hot and the stans are, well, stanning. Serg. insists: "Momo is a songstress, let's get that out of the way." RUNAWAY is ready for more Twice slayage in 2020: "burn it up HOT BABY~ Momo, our songwriting queen DELIVERED not one, but TWO iconic songs this year. Can’t wait to see what 2020 brings for our legendary, TALENTED queens." He refers to Twice as: "New queens of albums." And yuuurei proclaims: "The title is apt."

    Uptown Funk got a couple of mentions as well. Salami tells us: "It’s starts of sounding like Uptown Funk and then switches it up completely. The fact that most of their album tracks this year could’ve been comeback singles says it all, and this is a perfect example." savilizabeths adds: "Queens of album tracks where you initially mistake the song for ‘Uptown Funk’. This could have been a title track, it’s that good." Petit nain des Îles also thinks Hot deserves single status: "This could easily be a single. Infectious."

    Let's end this post with Vixen who is admittedly not Twice's biggest fan. But with Hot, she's stanning hard. Oh yes, she is: "I don’t care what any of you ugly binches say, this is the best b-side TWICE has released that year, and ya’ll UGLY if you don’t think so. Those pulsating verses… That breazy pre-chorus… That freaking soaring chorus. Most of the girls sound fairly decent too, if not very good actually. Like this is SUCH a win for them. What a bop. One of their best bridge too!! Mina sounds divine there, and Nayeon is only really tolerable when she flips into a soft higher register, like she does here. And Jihyo’s adlibs?! ANYWAY, a bop, a bop, A BOP!!"

  12. This was their weakest song in the rate so I’m not mad. It’s still great and even though it’s half-baked, the chorus IS the best part of the song.
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  13. More proof that the Japanese trio are the best Twice members.
  14. I don't think anyone was looking forward to an Uptown Funk redux in 2019. Bait-and-switch of the year!
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  15. Mina's middle 8, my wig.... when she's on, she's ON.

    Looking forward to next Momo masterpiece in 2020 RATE.
  16. He


    Hmm, this was way overscored.
  17. No, it wasn't.

    I fcking love that song, it - along with 2 others still in the rate (hint: not Fancy or Feel Special) - actually finally made me get on the Twice bandwagon. Or well, maybe not get on it, but I'll hitch a ride now and then if they're playing a bop. Idk what I'm talking about, I just woke up. Anyway glad this did fairly well.
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  18. ‘Hot’ was my favorite remaining Twice song. A shame, but I kind of expected it due to the b-side status.
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  19. This beating all of Red Velvet’s b-sides...
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  20. Slice of Life

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