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#KSO†Y2019: The K-Pop Song of the Year 2019 Rate | #1

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Slice of Life, Dec 15, 2019.

  1. He


    Yeah, really strange top 10. Cool for the boys, though.

    Love Foolish, while I adore it, should have been top 20 (maybe 15).
    Silent Night is also great, for a b-side. Top 30 maybe?
    Surprised but pleased Chungha made it this far.
    Butterfly should be top 5.
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  2. Well, let's see. I have:
    6 x 1
    7 x 3
    8 x 1
    9 x 2
    10 x 4
    in the top 11 - a fairly diverse spread of scores, but still more 10s than anything else, so I suppose it's a pretty decent group. There's nothing I'm actually mad about, not even my one 6 - I always knew it would do well despite my lack of enthusiasm for it since it's a major forum fave. What can you do?
    I'm not going to post my ideal order because I'm not about tempting karma like that.
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  3. .................................
  4. 10x6

    and two songs of my personal top 3 of the year (#justicefordejavu). that's definitely good.
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  5. I would give 9, 10 or 11 to the remaining songs. I don't know what a scale is.
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  6. Speechless that Psycho didn’t make the top 10, hm.
  7. Well, if I could change one of my scores, it's so that 'Fancy' by TWICE would win, as much as I like my last remaining 10, Eung Eung. I rated it 9.5, but if I didn't see my comment over on the PJ Chart Rate 2019, I love it the most here. Surprised that my lowest score for a Dreamcatcher track is still here and it's probably because it's not a rocker. How did we enjoy this more than Deja Vu?!?

    1 x 10
    2 x 9.75
    2 x 9.5
    1 x 9.25
    1 x 8.5
    1 x 8
    1 x 7.75
    1 x 7.5
    1 x 6
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  8. Psycho is good but it's not top 10 material at all.

    Zimzalabim on the other hand...
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  9. NAWT two male acts making it in ugh my influence even if I didn't even give them particularly high scores xx
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  10. I have:
    5 x 1
    7 x 3
    8 x 1
    9 x 2
    10 x 4

    Which is far too similar to be a coincidence. Did someone drop subliminal messages during the voting period?
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  11. I just don't know what this forum wants from Red Velvet for them to even enter a top 10 in these rates. You mean to tell me Red Flavor, Peek-a-Boo (literally their best single ever and still not Top 10?????), Power Up, Bad Boy, Zimzalabim and Psycho are all songs not good enough to for a Top 10 kpop song of the year? No matter what they do they can't please all of you or someone just has to be a fucking contrarian and give them a 1 or some bullshit like that. Why can't y'all just let them have just one thing? Would the world end if we didn't have 1 Sunmi song or *checks notes*... Love Foolish in the Top 10?
  12. You had me until the last sentence.
  13. Not sure why you singled out Twice in particular from that comment?

    Do I love all three Twice songs in the top 10? No. Do I hate all three Twice songs in the top 10? Not at all.

    Do I think KNK should have made it into the top 10? Nope dddd.

    Do I like Woowa and Gotta Go, but see them as top 20 material rather than 10? Yes.

    I like ‘Silent Night’ too, but don’t see it as top 10 either. In fact, Dreamcatcher had better songs than this in the rate.

    But, like I said, outside of KNK (which is...genuinely surprising ddd), everything here has had constant massive praise throughout the year (well, except 'Silent Night', I don't remember people hyping that one that much either), so while this isn't my ideal top 10, it is quite literally the top 10 I expected regardless.

    I have:
    10.0 x2
    9.0 x2
    8.5 x1
    8.25 x1
    8.0 x2
    7.75 x1
    6.0 x1
    3.0 x1

    which is... fine.​
  14. Wait none of those two made top 10? Now that's a mess.
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  15. Absolutely obsessed with the fact that KNK snuck their way into the top 11. The little boygroup that could! This... might be their career pinnacle ghdjfgkhfsd
  16. If Fancy, Feel Special, No and %% are top 4 I'll be satisfied with any order.
  17. Seulrene coming for that Hot Shot KSOTY 2020 #1 I'm manifesting iT.
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  18. Their Butterfly is coming
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  19. ff I was just thinking I know literally nothing about KNK, like who their members are, or what label they're signed to, how long they've been around, or any of their other songs, I never see them mentioned in the forum at all either. Still, they do have a 10/10 bop, which is difficult to get, not every boy group has that.
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  20. Now all I'm thinking of is this:
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