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#KSO†Y2019: The K-Pop Song of the Year 2019 Rate | #1

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Slice of Life, Dec 15, 2019.

  1. Somehow
    On the Road
    Mr. Potter
    Will You Go Out with Me?
    Can't Stop
    Kiss Me
    Pick Up The Phone

    All 10s but I see you gorls are not ready to have that conversation yet.
    At least I know @roux would agree with me and that's all that matters!!!
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  2. I loved most of those songs, but I haven't had the urge to revisit much of the rest. Out of 2 albums and 5 EPs, the ratio of great to forgettable songs is one of the worst I've come across for a group with an extensive discography.
  3. I assumed this was a joke so to be sure I googled. Nope, it’s real!
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  4. This didn’t beat Taemin, Dreamcatcher or KNK?

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  5. Sad to see WOOWA go... I'm very happy, however, to be able to see and be part of DIA's greatest success in their whole career! hopefully their next song will actually enter the charts!

    I just saw that koreans are complaining about Red Velvet's voices being used on their subway system, saying they don't want to hear their voices, so let's just translate the last two pages and send it to them!
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  6. Ok I love KNK but they have to go now..

  7. dd that make me picture this:

    *Subway car approaches station*

    Station speakers: "...are you ready for this?"
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  8. aux


    This GIF will never not make me scream.
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  9. eccentricsimply

    eccentricsimply Staff Member

    You bet it didn't, heathen.

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  10. Want is an outstanding song, it's top 5!
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  11. Aeons ago when I was a little boy, there was a show on MTV called Dancefloor Chart. Now let me tell you, Dancefloor Chart was religious to me — I knew that, when the bassline from the show's intro (Moloko's Forever More!!!) started to play, it was time for the world to fuck off and for me to bop and do silly choreo in front of the TV to all kinds of club music with questionable MVs. Ranging from dreamy trance, dirty garage to vocal-led house and D&B, these songs opened up many possibilities for me and you know that we decided to ascend Naomi Campbell third eye meme? Yep that's literally me seeing my horizons being broadened into another astral plane by all the synths and drum beats — I wouldn't have discovered dance classics like Strings of Life, Pacific State, Chime, Stella or Good Life if it wasn't for that show, and I like to think it was a big, formative part of what I love about music.

    I love K-pop a lot, and while I do expect that most of these girls aren't going to do trance chants on top of an acid bleep bloops, I sometimes try to find in K-pop some of the things I've listened in the past on Dancefloor Chart. Not many songs have quite fully hit the mark but then DIA released WOOWA. That fucking arcade center INTRO coming in at full power right from the get go! This was a song made by people who adore dance music and just...get all the references. It even sounds like Let Me Think About It sometimes but we're gonna look at that as an HOMAGE and not S. Tiger doing another round of copy paste!!!!

    A song with filled with hooks and playful songwriting we all come to know and love in K-pop. A prechorus so hypnotic that you can just smell the rum hitting your nose before swallowing a big gulp as you lose yourself in the club crowd by the time it ends. Eunice letting her voice soar with that drum break building up momentum. And then the chorus...those dissonant saxophone riffs swirling around the lyrics...it just seems to make everything look like you're in a hazy, slo-mo movie, letting your hair down, dancing until sunrise. I've never been to Ibiza and I was a fetus when balearic music took flight but I just know that WOOWA would have been a club hit there back in the day! DIA's ode to the dancefloor is excellence personified in every way.

    I've been a big fan of DIA and their input along the years, so the fact that this flopped kills me a bit...sometimes I think it would be more successful if it had one of those made for TikTok choreos, and maybe they'll get their chance somehow but being fully aware of their company's historical incompetence...you know what...fuck it. With WOOWA, they came through, they delivered, and they pressed reset on the culture for those woke enough to appreciate it. On a final note, there is something ominous about some tracks that were mentioned in other posts being still in the game over this and yes I’m fucking pissed! DIA continually get disrespected on here because they push boundaries!!! Oop this is a lot of text but before I finish!!!
    WHORE!!!!! On the road and Can't Stop were both GORGEOUS pieces of music!!!!

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  12. God I remember when I had this kind of conviction on this forum. Now I only participate in rates where I know I like a good 80-90% of the music, and/or use a scoring system like this:
    11 - i love it the most
    10 - i love it
    9 - i really like it
    8 - i like it
    7 - it's okay
    6 - i don't really like it
    5 - i really don't like it
    4.5 - i hate it
    because I'm weak and I don't want to get called out wwwww and i also don't care enough anymore to argue with people on here
    I may not always agree with your scores @Coming Century but I respect you living your truth.

    In other news, anyone who dislikes WANT or Love Foolish needs to get their hearing checked.
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  13. Notchu @Slice of Life saying you don't know how best song of 2016 goes

    Matjyo oneureun neukkimi ttak watjyo
    Deo isangeun sumgil su eobseo No
    Neon naman bwa neoege jumuneul georeobwa
    Matjyo neodo nae mameul ttak neukkyeotjyo
    Neoreul nohchil sun eobseo neol bonaegi sirheo
    Ni maryeoge naman al su itge jumuneul georeobwa

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  14. Thanks @Slice of Life it was in no way a criticism of your hosting. I just... don't get how 'Psycho' is a 1? I don't usually have a lot to say about the songs in the rate because I think a lot of them are middle of the road, yet serviceable bops that don't need any commentary. Otherwise my ballot would be filled with "meh", "it's alright", "it's OK".

    I get that we all have different taste and I'm perfectly fine with that. I'm also fine with people wanting to use the entire range of scores available to them and agree with @Coming Century that 10s are handed out too freely. For the most part, the songs I give a 10 to are my shortlist for an 11. They're songs that I absolutely love and would be happy if they won the rate.

    Whether you hand out a 1 or a 10, you must have strong feelings about the song and one would expect the commentary to reflect that. Anyway, the whole scoring issue is a much larger discussion, and I don't want to dwell on it too much. I just wanted to throw in my 2 cents because these discussions usually happen in the early hours of the morning in Australia.

    I have a 6 and a 7.5 left in the rate, and a song that I have scored lower than I would if I submitted my ballot today. Based on the comments in the thread, I think it's on track to win though.
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  15. I think reasoning another user's scores is a little nonsensical, no offense. Music is incredibly relative and it all comes down to taste, not good or bad, but wether you like something or not; your 11 might just not be all that for someone else, and that's ok.
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  16. eccentricsimply

    eccentricsimply Staff Member

    Looking at the spreadsheet and seeing all the breakdowns that are still bound to come


    Including my own

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  17. I know it’s not really the point of your post but I’m about to go torrent Dancefloor Chart off the strength of this description alone.
    Also I don’t know any of those songs, playlist juseyo
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  20. @nikkysan


    Reading the posts you deleted earlier got me feeling some kind of way, so I just wanted to let you know that I live for your chronic pressedness and I hope you don't take the banter on here tew seriously. There are times when a throwaway remark strikes a nerve and I find myself drafting a paragraph hissing and spitting about my scorned favourites only to backspace the whole thing and stew in silence. Seeing your audacity to hit post reply, sometimes recognizing my own grievances plainly laid out, has brought relief to those cursory thoughts. This is more indicative about my own headspace right now than anything about you, but I feel like I see a pattern with how your exasperated stanning plays out on this forum and I feel the urge to safeguard that earnestness (LOL). The world is in a weird place right now, and I'm grateful every day to have this corner on the internet as a respite from all that. I'd hate for you to feel genuinely antagonized, especially in this subforum. I don't know, I'm feeling melodramatic and tender as fuck right now!!!!!!! Let's just skip to the post-chorus:

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