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#KSO†Y2019: The K-Pop Song of the Year 2019 Rate | #1

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Slice of Life, Dec 15, 2019.

  1. I love Kpop. I love you all.

    That's it, that's the post.

    Stream Rain On Me while we're awaiting the next elimination x
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  2. Hi! Saw this post yesterday (conveniently posted before my DIA post!) and I knew you would delete it, but now that we're here: do you wish to add something more enlightening to whatever that is or was it just one of your many successful attempts at looking like a brat on this subforum?
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  3. The way you quoted part of my post (the "I'm pissed because they push boundaries!" part) felt like a dig at me and to be perfectly honest upset me a bit. It feels like whenever I have an unpopular opinion or want a song that this forum collectively likes to leave a rate it feels like I'm being vilified for it (you and others start acting shady and sub-post like you did before, and not necessarily in a playful way, but in a way that made it seem like I had said something bad), but everyone else is allowed to without any problem. The way everyone dogpiled on me back when I made that post when Colors by LOONA was eliminated made me really uncomfortable, I calmly explained my point and explained it again when everyone read it as an attack on Twice and Apink, when I never said anything bad about them in the first place.

    That whole situation really took me aback because I never thought this subforum would ever go in on a user over a non-aggressive statement like that, like ever. After that it seemed like everyone was ignoring me until I praised a song the forum was stanning (Lalalila by April for example) then all of a sudden I was worth y'alls time again. So forgive me for being passive aggressive back to you because you haven't treated me like everyone else since that day. I tried my best to not have another "meltdown" over an elimination knowing the subforum would think I took it too far (despite the fact that I'm no messier than most of y'all and I'd never go out of my way to personally insult or attack other people over low scores outside of a stan twitter reaction clip, and no, questioning Coming Century's 1/10 for Psycho isn't an attack).
  4. I'm copying this into my notes app. It will come handy for the Red Velvet rate xx
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  5. Now sis, you know you & I are cool so I'm saying this from a place of love. But I think you tend to not look at the bigger picture when you make some of your complaints about your favourites being done dirty in this rate. Like I pointed out with Red Velvet & LOONA having almost all their tracks carried to the top last year and the year before, while Twice were left to rot even with tracks like Likey doing not so hot in the rate. I think you have a bit of tunnel vision in that sense where you can only see that your favourites are being treated unfairly when that simply isn't the case.

    The reason for a rate is to get our collective opinions on the songs of the year, so when you make comments about how x is being carried to the top because of good will, you fail to see how that could've been the case for the very groups you are defending this year. It's not a slight against you, and I think in the end the most important thing to remember is to not take anything seriously enough that it upsets you on this forum. I find if I'm genuinely getting annoyed/hurt by other's opinions, I simply make it into a joke. Do y'all think I wasn't pissed that LALALAY got demolished by Tiki Taka which came #2 in the month of LALALAY's release? Of course! But I'm not going to let y'all see me sweat about it. In the end this is just a fun little K-Pop sub forum get together that is meant to be just that: fun! So let's not take it too seriously.

    Unless Twice or Apink don't win, in which case...

  6. 53. Sunrise - GFriend
    44. Fever - GFriend
    39. You Are Not Alone - GFriend
  7. To be honest I feel like any rate score messery seems trivial, after living through @Monkey0 zeroing all the Twice songs in the 2017 #1s rate.
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  8. So do I. Here is some K-pop.
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  9. I didn't take part in this rate but just wanted to say y'all did Psycho dirty.
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  10. Red Velvet are one of K-pop's top groups of this generation, and they're still charting on Gaon with a single they released in December. LOONA are known to be a subforum/Twitter/anywhere where there's a gay with an internet connection fave. They're doing great! None of your posts defending them are going against the grain (I caught that post too) since 97% of us love those groups — they're a reflection of you being tiringly defensive about songs you care for, which I can relate, but there's a fine line between loving your faves a lot and sucking the air entirely out of the room.

    I can't speak for anyone else but knowing the people that usually post here, I find it hard to believe anyone was ignoring you on purpose...I do think you have to wonder: if this subforum, known for being peaceful and stress-free (most of the time ddd) changes its dynamic towards my posts...is there something about the way I conduct myself that might be the reason for that sudden change? Am I perhaps...doing a bit too much? I know where your passion comes from, I know the thrill of discovering these songs, these groups, falling in love with them and being so protective of something that became so precious to you and you didn't even see that coming...but like...breathe. You do have a point about that little 1, I would be pissed if that happened to my 11...but I'd eventually laugh and move on because I know there's much more on this rate to enjoy, like the funny posts or getting to know the people that post on the subforum. Not everyone in here is out to screw you over. Your faves are fine. Don't let that same passion be the thing that ruins your K-pop journey and try not to take us all so seriously — we're all just having fun here, and we sure need some fun in the times we're going through right now!
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  11. That's perfectly fair and I think you are right. To be honest I sometimes forget that Twice weren't as popular as they are now because they're unanimously loved by everyone, I thought it was only that user with the Taylor Swift avatar that appears once every blue moon that obsessively hated them. Colour me jealous that I didn't get into kpop in 2017 when both RV and LOONA were at their "peak".

    I didn't get mad over Zimzalabim's elimination because I knew it had zero chance of making it to the endgame because of how divisive it was, I honestly, truly believed it would be an early out just like RBB was the year before. Same with You Calling My Name because it was a miracle it did so well for a boy group song, especially considering that GOT7 were done dirty in the 2018 rate. Psycho seemed to be near-universally liked, not just by the casual fans who had been waiting for Bad Boy 2.0 for nearly two years, but also the hardcore Reveluvs who usually can be a bit cynical about RV's more safer, GP pandering songs. So I really was frustrated that it missed the Top 10 by that much.

    I... have no explanation for my blowup over Colors ddd... I just love that song so much that I knew I was gonna be mad when it was cut, despite the fact it was never gonna reach Top 10.
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  12. I think I'm just a very sensitive person at heart, sometimes I have trouble learning how to take a joke or realizing that no harm was meant, or reading someone's tone over the internet or having run ins with asshole users elsewhere on the forum so it's made me put my guard up a bit. You're in general a really funny person and I have plenty of good interactions with you in the past, I think just what I had felt was tension build up over the past month over things I had posted in this thread, that I felt I had annoyed a number of people in this subforum for getting too defensive over my faves, so I read your post as an attack on me.

    I apologise for my words before in those deleted posts, they were just things I wanted to type out in the heat of the moment. I really love and respect everyone in this part of this pink hellhole because it really is a haven from the usual tone in Pop & Justice. I want to get along with everyone, really.
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  13. We aren’t the barometers of taste anyway - you let DDU-DU-DDU-DU exit at #27 last year.
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  14. So this is the reason YG aren't letting them out of the dungeon. Suddenly, it all makes sense.
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  15. I think that was deserved.
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  16. Tea! It should have left sooner.
    Jk blinks.
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  17. eccentricsimply

    eccentricsimply Staff Member

    We should all be complaining about KNK making it so far anyway instead of fighting because of the girl groups.
  18. Me when @Slice of Life posts the gif for KNK‘s elimination

    I still think their TOP10 placement is very deserved
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  19. Why complain about the best song of the rate?
  20. eccentricsimply

    eccentricsimply Staff Member

    Zimzalabim was out like fifty pages ago, we’ve already been through that.
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