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#KSO†Y2019: The K-Pop Song of the Year 2019 Rate | #1

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Slice of Life, Dec 15, 2019.

  1. Let me exclude myself from this narrative because I actually gave four boy group songs 8-10 scores.

    By the way @Slice of Life I think you forgot to list my Sunset score.
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  2. He


    I love Sunset because it really nailed the sound they were going for, that beat is so sexy and the song balances the deep tones with great more delicate verses.
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  3. sunset is a perfect song and the only reason it didn't get my 11 was because #justicefordejavu was there. it's my second favorite release of the year and i even voted for it in the decade countdown

    i'd love to listen to anything similar to this. if anybody knows, please do share. x
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  4. I mean... do I think this subforum seems to prefer sexier concepts from boy groups? Yes, judging from the highest rated bg songs in the rate (TXT being an exception here).

    And also seemingly more accepting of them when they present as more... masculine and needing to be half naked in their music videos? Yes, but that’s a can of worms I’m not sure we’re ready to open.

    Still, it’s an amazing song and I’m happy it did so well.
  5. I think "sexy" concepts by boy groups are popular for multiple reasons here for sure; obviously there is a certain amount of Thirst™ happening for some, but speaking for my lesbian self, it definitely ain't physical attraction to the boys that makes me like songs like Sunset, Want & Move, SF9's Now or Never, etc ww. I personally just tend to prefer the kind of sleek and more "mature" concepts to the cutesy soft boi or try-hard aggressive ones. And tbf that lines up with my overall taste in girl group songs too.
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  6. I feel like the music itself in sexy boy group concepts tends to be of the more gay-friendly genre (moody, melodramatic, heavy house influences). So it's hard to separate the concept from the music that goes along with it to determine what ultimately explains the preference.

    I think a non-sexy concept along the lines of girl-crush for the guys (where we see a more mischievous side without frat bro bravado) could be well received.
  7. I don't know, I think K-Pop stans in general (including some on this sub-forum) also seem to prefer sexier/more mature concepts from girl groups. People aren't calling 'Lovelyz' boring because they don't have bops! APRIL was massively underrated when they were singing in their cute little white dresses with pure and innocent look in their eyes, but people are stanning now with the crop-tops, short skirts and harnesses. Companies aren't releasing all those GirlCrush™-lite songs/concepts/groups...just for fun, but because it clearly resonated more with a majority of the (international) fanbases. The sexier and more mature LOONA solos are the most popular here, while Kiss Later rots away!

    I am not sure it's really that deep really. Like you said, there will always be exceptions in both cases where this subforum (or kpop stans as whole) will stan the stan the opposite.
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  9. well, it might be a mix of both. the genre helped me a lot to stanning KNK. I mean the voguing potential in that chorus alone is artistic and I'm a sucker for it.

    Taemin on the other hand ~only got a 7.5 from me. so to each their own I guess?
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  11. Poor those Monsta X songs that both left at #90-something last year.
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  12. eccentricsimply

    eccentricsimply Staff Member

    And you’re PROUD of yourself for this????

    I personally don’t care for sexy songs by boy groups anymore that I care for sexy song by girl groups ddddd I feel like bgs are more and more sounding too similar for me to enjoy them overall and I feel the same about newer ggs, so.
  13. It's been well documented that noisy bg songs are universally disliked by the forum no matter if Wonho had his pecs on display ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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  14. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    Who's ready to meet our top 5 songs of 2019? But before that, let's meet our iconique sixth placer.


    Not today, unnie.




    SAINTS: (11) @He (10) @BEST FICTION, @eliminathan, @Rem, @ryjm, @soratami, @Coming Century, @Cotton Park, @vague, @OspreyQueen, @RUNAWAY, @ysev, @junkos, @Monkey0, @junglefish, @eccentricsimply, @yuuurei, @Love Deluxe, @Petit nain des Îles, @Oleander, @askew, @Conan, @Remorque, @Slice of Life (9.75) @TéléDex (9.5) @nikkysan, @Music Is Life, @PopZeitgeist (9) @Ana Raquel, @Empty Shoebox, @aux, @Mikl C, @ry123, @Vixen, @Gintoki
    SINNERS: (5) @Salami (6) @Hurricane Drunk, @Serg. (7) @GeiPanda, @Deja-Boo


    5 voters: 18 (average: 8.20000)
    10 voters: 7 (average: 8.75000)
    15 voters: 6 (average: 8.90000)
    20 voters: 6 (average: 8.97500)
    25 voters: 6 (average: 8.92000)
    30 voters: 6 (average: 8.90000)
    35 voters: 6 (average: 9.00000)
    40 voters: 7 (average: 9.01250)
    45 voters: 8 (average: 8.92222)
    50 voters: 7 (average: 8.96500)
    53 voters: 6 (average: 9.02358)

    For the first time in three years, Sunmi is not the winner of the K-Pop Song of the Year Rate. This time, she even fails to hit top 5 which is just tragic. Tonight, we say goodbye to her final rate entry, Noir.

    Noir is the first digital single of Sunmi released in 2019. It was written by Sunmi and produced by EL CAPITXN and Sunmi. Despite not promoting this on music show programs, Noir was once again a hit for Sunmi and has become her sixth straight top 10 single. It peaked at number 8 on the Gaon Digital Chart. Kween tingz.

    Noir just might be Sunmi's most ~experimental~ single yet. It's definitely not as catchy or public-friendly as Gashina, Heroine, and Siren. It doesn't sound as big as those songs. It's quieter and mellower and definitely more introspective. I've read the English translation of Noir's lyrics and it really could mean anything but I choose to interpret it as Sunmi's take on today's social media consumption. The music video showcases this issue beautifully.

    And speaking of the music video, I think it's an essential watch and very much a necessary component of the Noir experience. I don't think I'd be this obsessed with Noir if the music video didn't exist. If you noticed, I try to keep my write-ups completely about the songs because after all, this is a rate about songs. But I'm willing to bend my rules just a tiny bit for Noir because god, that music video is one of K-Pop's best.

    But while the music video has truly helped the song shine more, I think the song is a 10 on its own. While I enjoy Sunmi's poppier singles, there's something about Noir that speaks to me more. It's probably the production that's retro and modern at the same time. It's probably Sunmi's understated vocal delivery. It's probably a combination of both. It doesn't really matter. Noir is fantastic and truly one of 2019's very best.

    Salami doesn't get it: "She sounds bored and that’s how I feel as a result." Joli Chat clocks the undercooked chorus: "I feel like it’s missing a little bit of spark in the chorus, idk." ThighHighs is adequately but not completely wowed: "It’s a great concept for her, but the song doesn’t really do it for me as much as some of her others. It’s still great, but not her best." And while Empty Shoebox gave this a 9, she still critiques: "The video for this is a bit better than the song, unfortunately."

    "A loooot of artists on this list released music that failed to match their 2018 material," Wills shades. "And with Heroine and Siren being two of the best songs of the decade, comparisons were always going to be especially tough for Sunmi. This is still very good; I’ve just come to expect outstanding." Fair enough. FunkyButChic believes Sunmi elevates the material: "The song itself is nothing special, but Sunmi’s delivery injects the whole thing with the right balance of sarcasm and self-awareness." aux finds a Sunmi song he enjoys: "Now this is an offering from Sunmi I can get behind." And here's ohnostalgia's searing rendition of Noir's chorus: "new-r-e-ah-i e-i, new-r-e-ah-i e-i." Iconique.

    askew pulls a Brit-Brit: "Does anyone think social media is a good thing? I love Sunmi. I think she's a really interesting artist." Noir is built only for Sunmi, Vixen reports: "This is honestly one of her best songs ever. So charismatic, so enigmatic. It’s the kind of stuff only she can pull off, really." evilsin celebrates Sunmi The Creative Genius: "Love Sunmi for creating her own genre." RUNAWAY snaps: "another early year SLAY that I’ve had on rotation since release, and I’ve never skipped this song when it came on. Honestly, with time this may beat out Siren for me."

    "Ooh, this one is good!," coos savilizabeths. "The video is absolutely amazing too. Gorgeous!" OspreyQueen also highlights the excellence of the music video: "I don’t often even care about music videos, but it has to be said that THIS song’s video is essential viewing to fully appreciate it. It made the woozy eerie vibe totally click into place after I watched it." Music Is Life only wants to jump and dance: "I wanna jump and dance to this one. What a bop." Petit nain des Îles has some lofty words for Sunmi: "A dark and haunting homerun, cementing her as one of the best artists to come out of Kpop’s industry." I fully agree. Cotton Park simply calls this a: "Masterpiece."

    I'm so sorry, He, but it's time to say goodbye to your 11. Take it away, unnie: "Ugh, this song and video are so perfect it hurts. Sunmi really is it. It might be my favorite track of hers? It feels so complete and such a curveball after all the bops. I hope she continues to explore different sounds." You bet she will.

  15. TWICE now having three songs in the top 5 fff. I just love stanning them.
    Don’t let D*k know tho!!!
  16. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

  17. He


    Agh, it deserved top 3! Heathens.
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  18. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member


    %% (EUNG EUNG)




  19. 5. Love Foolish
    4. %%
    3. No
    2. Fancy
    1. Feel Special

    Exceptional top 5.
  20. What I'd like to see:

    5. %%
    4. Love Foolish
    3. No
    2. Feel Special
    1. Fancy

    What I think it'll be:

    5. Love Foolish
    4. No
    3. Fancy
    2. %%
    1. Feel Special
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