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#KSO†Y2019: The K-Pop Song of the Year 2019 Rate | #1

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Slice of Life, Dec 15, 2019.

  1. If Fancy wins I'll buy everyone* who gave it an 11 a copy of the More & More album!

    *this offer only applies to members whose username is soratami.
  2. Can I request an username change?
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  4. I am so nervous, I love both songs a lot but I did give one song a higher score than the other.... 11 next to a 10
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  5. This whole time I thought I gave my 11 to Fancy so I wasn't going to let myself get mad about Feel Special leaving.......

    But for real, next rate I'm going to hand out 0s to any song I just don't want to win. Plain and simple. I'm done with the shenanigans. There is no realm of reality where Feel Special is even less than a 7. I hope y'all are ready for deserved winners to lose in 2020, cause it's happening and I will enjoy every second of it.

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  6. Can't wait to get booted at #57 with low scores from @Dangerous Maknae and @Slice of Life xx
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    Apink versus Twice

    Fancy versus %% (Eung Eung)

    Black Eyed Pilseung versus... Black Eyed Pilseung???

    Two equally deserving songs stand before God me... but there can only be one...

    K-Pop Song of the Year 2019.

    Unfortunately, it is NOT...




    SAINTS: (11) @soratami, @Serg., @Rem, @GeiPanda, @ThisIsRogue, @Coming Century (10) @nikkysan, @clowezra, @vague, @Ana Raquel, @Empty Shoebox, @aux, @OspreyQueen, @RUNAWAY, @evilsin, @Hurricane Drunk, @ysev, @junkos, @junglefish, @Mikl C, @savilizabeths, @Love Deluxe, @Petit nain des Îles, @FunkyButChic, @Joli Chat, @Kuhleezi, @BEST FICTION, @eliminathan, @ThighHighs, @ryjm, @Oleander, @Gintoki, @Deja-Boo, @Music Is Life, @ohnostalgia, @PopZeitgeist, @Conan, @Slice of Life (9.5) @Cotton Park, @He, @Wills, @TéléDex (9) @Crafty, @eccentricsimply, @ry123, @Remorque
    SINNERS: (6) @Sanctuary, @yuuurei (7) @Monkey0


    5 voters: 4 (average: 9.00000)
    10 voters: 2 (average: 9.45000)
    15 voters: 2 (average: 9.63333)
    20 voters: 2 (average: 9.57500)
    25 voters: 3 (average: 9.50000)
    30 voters: 3 (average: 9.58333)
    35 voters: 3 (average: 9.55714)
    40 voters: 2 (average: 9.58750)
    45 voters: 2 (average: 9.67778)
    50 voters: 2 (average: 9.67000)
    53 voters: 2 (average: 9.66981)


    This never really came close to toppling our eventual winning song but goddamn did it try. Coming in at second place is the amazing, showstopping Fancy by Twice.

    Fancy is the lead single of Twice's seventh mini album, Fancy You. This was the reunion project for Twice and their long-time collaborators, Black Eyed Pilseung and Jeon Goon. The last Twice single produced by Black Eyed Pilseung and Jeon Goon was 2017's Likey. Damn, it's been a long time huh. Fancy was of course another hit for Twice as it peaked at number 3 on the Gaon Digital Chart. It ranked 29th on the year-end Gaon Digital Chart, further proving its popularity and impact. It's also a critical hit as it landed on several year-end lists of critics and publications such as Billboard, Buzzfeed, Dazed, Refinery29 and KultScene.

    2019 was a transition period for Twice. I don't want to say they were forced to mature because of ITZY's debut but it would be a lie if I don't acknowledge the fact that, yes, Twice's image and sound had a very noticeable shift in 2019. And I would like to believe that Fancy was the bridge between the old and the new Twice. Fancy was the perfect marriage of Twice's past successes and Twice's future potential.

    What struck me the most about Fancy was how it sounds familiar and new, both at the same time. There's no denying that Fancy still sounds like a Twice single but it also contains new ideas and tricks that seriously excite me for Twice's future releases. It also feels like a natural progression and I appreciate that so much. In a way, I feel like I'm growing and maturing along with Twice and it makes me root for them. We love artists that strive for growth!

    While I think the whole song is a masterpiece, I'm especially fond of that middle 8. Seriously, where did that come from? Just when you thought the song couldn't get any better, the middle 8 comes out of nowhere and pulverizes all your remaining hair follicles. From Mina's falsetto to Jihyo's high note, everything about that middle 8 iconique and instantly makes it a discography highlight.

    I know that KPJ Onces might be heartbroken with the final results and I totally understand. I mean, Twice have three songs in the top 5, and two songs in the top 3. After their less-than-stellar showing in the #KSOTY2018 Rate, Twice came back with a vengeance in 2019 and released masterpiece after masterpiece. The narrative and the odds were in their favour... and yet here we are, about to crown a non-Twice song as the K-Pop Song of the Year. So close but so far. In the end, I want to remember Twice not as losers of this rate. That would be a disservice to the excellence and hard work they exhibited all year long. Instead, I want to remember Twice as artists who grew and matured and released their best music yet. How's that for character development?

    Of the sinners' club, only Monkey0 left a comment and said: "I genuinely like it cause it’s not rabid chant with diarrhea of noisy production." Salami, who gave Fancy an 8, comes for the chorus but is still a fan, all things considered: "I loved this to begin with but it is slowly losing its appeal. It’s the chorus I think - everything else is a 10 ESPECIALLY everything about the second verse. Dahyun’s voice sounds the best it’s ever been, I could do without her rapping again. Seems like everyone woke up to Chaeyoung too, at last!" And surprise, surprise, Vixen is not a low scorer (she gave it an 8.5): "God, what a bop! What a chorus too. Second verse is pretty amazing too. The pre-chorus is probably my least favorite bit of the song because of the vocals, but I can live through that one. Also, Jihyo on that bridge?! Yes, mama… You better SANG. This is probably one of her more open belt? Whew!"

    "The beginning of their mature imperial phase?," He asks and you may be onto something. "Fancy really marked an upgrade in their already boptastic sound." FunkyButChic is overjoyed: "Like all their best singles, it’s a shot of pure joy that’s too hard to deny." Music Is Life is back with more screaming: "WHAT A BOP! I FANCY YOU TOO!" Ana Raquel welcomes the new era of Twice: "This new era is everything. Congrats on these ladies into making one of the most catchiest songs of 2019." clowezra is also a new fan: "Before this, apart from TT and Dance The Night Away, I'd never really enjoyed their material to be honest-but lord have mercy this is incredible. Every second is pure a shot pure euphoria, a cuter concept done right." And I don't really understand this comment from Cotton Park but I'm living for it: "I got a houndstooth jacket a few months ago and everytime I put it on (not often) I hear this song in my head." Do you feel special every time you put that jacket on, oppa?

    Joli Chat's other faves are in deep trouble: "Peak gg-kpop-ultimate-amazing-iconic-unstoppable-out-of-this-world-nation’s-gg-I-wish-my-faves-could-but-my-faves-became-twice-when-they-released-this-bop-kinda song, they really did that!" aux loves: "A banger." I hope you're not shading Twice's past singles with this comment, OspreyQueen: "This debut single by a new 2019 group who had released no other songs prior to this one was brilliant. wasn’t it?!" ohnostalgia describes my arteries: "wall to wall sugar." And evilsin loves an eternal bop: "The really didn't come to play this year, did they? The fact that this hasn't aged at all and I did play it all the time over the year is just another testament to the amazing craftsmanship of this song."

    savilizabeths gets it: "How did they manage to make this so perfect? It’s absolutely stunning. A masterpiece. It mixes old TWICE with new TWICE perfectly and I just never get tired of this. If this wins, I won’t be surprised." YATH AT THE FOURTH SENTENCE. ysev made some points with this comment: "The pre-chorus is so necessary? It kind of connects Fancy to everything pre-Fancy while the song in its entirety is more connected to Feel Special. It provides context! It kind of sounds like a coming of age song with all its growing pains because of that. Oof… So good! So so so so good!" Are we ready for Twice's Coming of Age Ceremony though? Kii. While Empty Shoebox just wants to celebrate Twice's marked improvement: "As someone who liked ‘Yes or Yes’, this song isn’t quite the Quantum Leap that it was for others, but I cannot deny the massive improvement in Twice this year. Thanks to Itzy I guess? Also thanks to years of practice and promotion allowing them to nail this every time. No thanks to that absolutely gruelling schedule though. I’m grateful that slowed down this year."

    Fancy already nabbed six 11s and here are the people who almost gave it 11s too. RUNAWAY: "totally considered giving 11 to this song for a LONG time. It just does everything for me, and completely delivers on all fronts. Chaeyoung completely killed this comeback, Jihyo SLAYED the vocals, and the group was on a whole ‘nother level this year, compared to everyone else that released." Petit nain des Îles: "Song of the year contender. I still can’t believe I went from not caring about them, few singles aside, to becoming a full blown stan. And it’s all thanks to the genius songwriting that went into this. The moment I’ve heard the pre-chorus, I knew this was something special. Then the chorus hits and wow, what a moment! This has the most euphoric chorus out of everything I’ve heard in 2019. To sum it up, Twice have been stepping on my necks all year and I’m not even complaining. Perhaps the Masochism is the Twice fans we became along the way." I saw that Sky Ferreira promo and I approve. And ThighHighs: "A contender for my 11, and it KILLED me not to give it to the girls. Fancy is their crowning achievement. Feel Special is great too, but Fancy is just on another level. Everything about this comeback was perfect, from the song to the video to the live performances. And to think I used to be kind of a hater." Another character development!

    And now we go to our 11-givers. Let's start with ThisIsRogue who somehow found a way to promo Somi too: "This rate made me go and watch Sixteen. I'd never watched it before and the buffoonery, riggery and straight up tomfoolery shown by JYP were far too much. Somi should have thrown a bitch fit for getting her necklace snatched by none other than JYP himself. Anyway turns out he made the right call because they've been the biggest girl group in SK for several years. Before 2019, TT was by far my favourite song of theirs and I didn't think they'd ever be able to top it. They've done that this year. Twice!"

    And Serg. who simply says: "I'm here cause I'm gay." YATH.

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    And our






    SAINTS: (11) @vague, @Love Deluxe, @Petit nain des Îles, @codecat, @Crafty, @Hurricane Drunk, @Conan (10) @Coming Century, @Sanctuary, @nikkysan, @Ana Raquel, @aux, @OspreyQueen, @RUNAWAY, @ysev, @junglefish, @eccentricsimply, @Serg., @yuuurei, @Mikl C, @savilizabeths, @FunkyButChic, @Joli Chat, @Kuhleezi, @BEST FICTION, @He, @eliminathan, @ThighHighs, @Rem, @ryjm, @Vixen, @Oleander, @GeiPanda, @Gintoki, @Deja-Boo, @Music Is Life, @TéléDex, @ohnostalgia, @PopZeitgeist, @Remorque, @Slice of Life (9.5) @junkos, @Monkey0 (9) @Salami, @Empty Shoebox
    SINNERS: (7) @clowezra


    5 voters: 2 (average: 9.60000)
    10 voters: 3 (average: 9.35000)
    15 voters: 3 (average: 9.40000)
    20 voters: 3 (average: 9.55000)
    25 voters: 1 (average: 9.64000)
    30 voters: 1 (average: 9.76667)
    35 voters: 1 (average: 9.75714)
    40 voters: 1 (average: 9.75000)
    45 voters: 1 (average: 9.73333)
    50 voters: 1 (average: 9.70500)
    53 voters: 1 (average: 9.74057)

    The KSOTY tradition continues! After winning the #KSOTY2018 Rate with I'm So Sick, Apink once again reign supreme with their 2019 single, %% (Eung Eung). Can you say legendaric?

    %% (Eung Eung) is the lead single of Apink's eighth mini album, Percent. Apink once again teamed up with I'm So Sick's writers/producers, Black Eyed Pilseung and Jeon Goon, for %% (Eung Eung). Unlike I'm So Sick though, %% (Eung Eung) wasn't that big of a hit and only reached number 17 of the Gaon Digital Chart. Still, it was able to win Apink four music show trophies from The Show, Show Champion, M Countdown and Inkigayo.

    With the release of I'm So Sick, Apink has entered a new era. In this new era, there are no signs of cutesy dresses, innocent concepts and anything beige in colour. Apink has successfully re-branded themselves as the new queens of cool with a monster of a bop on their sleeves. And the KPJ community welcomed them with open arms. The challenge for Apink now was to release a comeback single that could at least match I'm So Sick's excellence. And this time, they really can't rely on shock factor.

    So what did Apink do? Once again, they released a monster of a bop - plain and simple. And it's actually just as good as (if not better than) I'm So Sick??? Kweens! Sometimes, a song just needs to be great and everything else will follow. Apink knows what's up.

    The verses of %% (Eung Eung) are simply gorgeous and are my favourite part of the song. There's a machine gun quality to Apink's delivery of the verses that just speaks to me. It opens with the calm of Hayoung and Chorong and then Naeun and Bomi come out of nowhere with such intensity that's honestly kinda scary. I feel like they are about to assault me fffffff. Those drums are a nice touch. Admittedly, the chorus had to grow on me. It wasn't bad... it just wasn't as earth-shattering as I'm So Sick's. But I genuinely love it now and that's what's important.

    Not that I needed proof but I'm glad that %% (Eung Eung) has successfully shown beyond doubt that I'm So Sick was not a fluke. It's genuinely exciting to see a senior group like Apink still serving excellence this late in their career. And with the resounding success of their new single, Dumhdurum, it looks like Apink's streak of excellence has no plans of stopping. Kweens!

    Cotton Park is quick to apologize: "Apologies for not loving this as much as everyone else does." It's ok. %% (Eung Eung) also didn't quite enamour ry123: "I can tell this is a really good song, but I never feel drawn to listen to it over and over for some reason." Empty Shoebox would've loved a follow up to %% (Eung Eung) in 2019: "I always forget about this one when I think of 2019. Probably because there was no follow up. That said, I remember the Gugdan songs and APRIL songs from last year which (cruelly) had no follow-up." Wills also clamors for that follow-up: "This never clicked for me as well as I’m So Sick, but it’s still a jarringly great track. Now hurry up and complete the trilogy!" STREAM DUMHDURUM!

    Vixen successfully sent %% (Eung Eung) to victory: "This is a splendidly lush, ethereal, sophisticated, dreamy dance song with some honestly mesmerizing electronic sounds. I just find the song really…clever? First in its concept and idea, but even within its own video. And there's just something totally enthralling about the song itself. Its atmosphere reminds me a little bit of APRIL's 'Oh! My Mistake' in that they're both very....mysterious and dreamy? Either way, what a song! A classic, a classic." Joli Chat adorably says: "I’m 100EungEung in love with this song, the verses are magical, perfect follow-up to I’m so sick!" aux just calls this: "K-Pop perfection." He agrees and adds: "Perfection, really. It still feels fresh and a smash." Remorque continues to be a fan a whole year later: "I've been in love with this ever since it got released in January. The girls give us a fantastic performance, the production compliments it and the video gives us all kinds of mystery."

    "What a return to form and way to shatter the Beige Queens status," Monkey0 surprisingly stans. "The production on chorus is so clever. Truly bombastic track sksksksks." I don't know how you survived the first six months of 2019 without hearing %% (Eung Eung), yuuurei: "Absolutely legendary. I didn't actually listen to this until at least halfway through the year and it still became one of my most played songs of 2019." Talent! Music Is Life promos PJSC: "A bop, one of my faves after I heard it in PJSC." Don't forget to submit your entry for @codecat's KPSC x. evilsin has chosen his favourite part of the song: "Those synthesized piano-lite keys are doing things to me. They also carry the whole song for me." And FunkyButChic gets hyperbolic... and truthful: "There are traces of its influences—gated drums, heavy subs, staccato keyboards—but they come together in a fashion that’s almost unheard of, making this one of the most boundary-pushing pop songs of the last decade. Hyperbolical, perhaps, but it’s my truth." Amen.

    "It’s wild how they went from being a group I barely cared about to releasing a top 5 SOTY two years in a row," ThighHighs notes. "They seriously put together the perfect package and managed to top I’m So Sick in just about every way. The music video? Sickening. The live performances? Absurd. The haircut on Eunji? A major gag. Now WHERE IS THE COMEBACK?!?" savilizabeths reiterates: "Literal perfection in a song. I didn’t think they could do better than ‘I’m So Sick’ but goddamn, they did! There’s something moody yet euphoric about this. I love how delicate the verse vocals and how the pre-chorus melody quickens and then bursts into the chorus. It’s the perfect little pop package and one of the absolute best songs of the year. Is it time for their annual bop of 2020 yet?" I SAID STREAM DUMHDURUM! Salami begs for more: "2 years in a row, Apink have one of the best songs of the year. This turnaround is insane. As a song it’s completely mental but it’s one of the oldest in the rate and sounds one of the freshest, I still play this a lot. More please." Ana Raquel's prediction turned out correct: "If I'm So Sick won last year, this could 100% win this year as well. Legends. Keep the new era." And ohnostalgia compares: "thank u, sorry > thank u, next." Tea.

    RUNAWAY gets honest: "literally the first week of January they release this song and honestly almost nothing has beat this song for me in terms of memorability and iconicness. There was a whole other 51 weeks and no one stood up to QUEENS APINK this year." OspreyQueen gets poetic: "A K-Pop song from a parallel universe. It stays in line with most of the genre’s typicalities, but there’s something wonderfully otherworldly inside its composition. It takes a few listens to “get” but it’s utterly compelling once it clicks. I also love that the “eung eung” hook is literally scattered throughout the song in a bunch of different permutations like reflections in a hall of mirrors." Wig! And ysev gets descriptive: "This song… I’m not exaggerating when I say this will probably end up being one of my most favorite K-pop songs ever. Eung Eung has a very dark 80s vibe and reminds me of a more upbeat version of Wonder Girls’ Rewind. The song opens with an ultra melodic keyboard riff that had me hooked right from the get go. It low key sounds like something you’d hear in an 80s aerobic video. On initial listening the chorus left me a bit underwhelmed but that changed over time. It actually makes sense to have a less “out there” hook when it’s obvious that the star of the song is that aforementioned riff. By ‘sacrificing’ a more bombastic chorus, the beat actually gets to breathe and shine, especially after the bridge. My favorite moment though is Naeun’s and Bomi’s part during the second verse. A dark synth is added to the mix and makes for such an atmospheric section of the song. It gives off a very ‘film noir’ vibe, like some David Lynch movie soundtrack. ‘Mulholland Dr.’ and ‘Twin Peaks’ come to mind in particular. The song checks off everything you’d want in a pop song: catchy, atmospheric, good vocals and a tinge of darkness to give it a dangerously sultry tang. 10/10." PERFECT.

    Of the seven disciples who gave %% (Eung Eung) their 11s, only Petit nain des Îles left commentary so she gets the last word. How badass is that? For the last time, take it away, unnie!: "What is there to add that hasn’t already been said before? The opening chords are so heavenly they immediately makes you feel like a part of Apink’s world. I love that, despite the modern production touches, the chorus melodically seems more reminiscent of late 00’s/early 10’s Kpop classics. They didn’t try shifting the beat to a dancier groove and just let us… breath. There’s a restraint that I appreciate. A total serve."

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  11. Rem


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    Have fun catching up, unnies. We are not done yet! I'll be back with all the stats tomorrow. Goodnight and thank you for all the support! ♡♡♡
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  14. I'm so happy!!

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  15. Thank you @Slice of Life for a great rate! Congrats Apink for not being divisive.
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  16. I hope Twice fangirlies won't tank Dumhdurum next year ddd.
  17. aux


    Amazing rate @Slice of Life! You're free now! Thank you so much for running this, I discovered a lot of new music through this rate.

    @vague your graphics deserve some praise as well, what a fucking serve.
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  18. I'm glad %% won, but tbh it would've been fair if it was another tie a #1 like last year, Fancy deserved to win, but so did %%!
    Ok, but anyone who dares give Dumhdurum less than a 10 needs to be banned from any future ksoty
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  19. He


    Well done @Slice of Life, what an amazing rate. As usual you served excellence.
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