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#KSO†Y2019: The K-Pop Song of the Year 2019 Rate | #1

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Slice of Life, Dec 15, 2019.

  1. Rem


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  2. Not @Sanctuary, the OG Sana stan, preventing Fancy from winning. The betray.

    But congratulations to @Slice of Life for being that bitch and hosting this massive rate beautifully for the third time in a row.
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  4. Amazing job @Slice of Life and thank you @vague for the amazing artwork. The rate was so much fun. Thank you.
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  5. Lovely work @Slice of Life the rate's religious theme and worldbuilding was far superior to Lady Gaga's Chromtaica, wig!
    It was very fun!
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  6. 99% of forum ONCE are also Pandas so in protest instead of Apink we will tank I*Zone!

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  7. [​IMG]

    So happy with this result. %% is such an amazing song, it and Apink deserve all our praise.

    @Slice of Life, you've done an outstanding job again, thank you for being such a good host.
    @vague, you are an artiste and a legend ♥ (also happy birthday again!)

    I'm off to have an Apink marathon.
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  8. beautiful song beautiful results beautiful rate beautiful host

    thank you sis you rock!!!
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  9. @Slice of Life you’re perfect, and you too @vague. I will miss waking up to a new elimination each morning, delivered with all the pomp & circumstance these tracks deserved.
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  10. @Slice of Life and @vague, name a better duo. That was a fantastic rate that kept me on my edge, and nothing will beat both dreading and anticipating the eliminations every day. What a ride! I'm already looking forward for next year's edition <3
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  11. Slicey, thank you for providing us with yet another fantastic rate full of ups and downs — it was a treat from start to finish...except when we eliminated Ruann's BEEP BEEP!!!! A moment...most unpleasant in our careers sad emoji but anyway! Thank you for putting in the work and for the commitment!!!! @vague you are such a talented human being and you just keep on getting better and better at this!!! It's been a treat to see your progress and to see more and more of your funny and warm personality...thank you so much for your beautiful graphics!
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  12. @Slice of Life


    The video those tweets are referencing....has been deleted, and I just realized it now after going through all the troubles of making this shit ddd. But I'm sure Slicey and Vahgeh watched it since I posted it in the LOONA thread regarding Gowon's godmother affair kii.

    More seriously... Huge huge huge thank you to both of you for all the hard work provided for this rate. It was truly a rollercoaster. So many ups, so many downs - especially breakdowns....ddddd - but I digress! It was super fun, and I want to congratulate both of you because I know this is ain't easy work. ♡

    Both 'Fancy' and 'Eung Eung' would have been very deserved winners, so I feel like this is quite a satisfying outcome in the very end?

    ♡ Congratulations to 'Eung Eung', and again to our host and our graphic designer! ♡

    (Also, I'm sorry if I (truly?) upsetted anyone with the Feel Special score. I think you guys know me well now to know that it wasn't my intention, obviously!)
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  13. @Slice of Life, you are an impeccable human being, full stop. thank you for hosting this rating so flawlessly. I know how much hard work this rate took, so the fact you've hosted it so seamlessly is even more impressive. I'm glad to have gotten to know you better these past few months, and consider you one of my closest friends on here now! I'm so happy and thankful you allowed me to help out with the gifs and graphics, too! it's been a good time.

    and thank you to everyone for your kind words regarding the gifs throughout the rate!!!! I don't always reply because I'm a shy boy dd, but I saw them all and appreciated every kind word so much!! Slice and I wanted to make the SuperSalvation reveals special, so I hope you all liked them!!

    ffffff I have not visited the LOONA thread since around the time "So What" dropped, so I have not seen it gfagfhsdgaf. I will catch up eventually ddddd.
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  14. We got the correct order! Even if Feel Special kinda deserved to be below No and yes I said what I said. Both %% and Fancy are modern K-Pop classics so their placements are deserved.

    Thank you @Slice of Life for hosting yet another fabulous edition of the KSOTY. <3
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  15. Thank you so much @Slice of Life for being such a great host and @vague for the amazing graphics, and to everyone else as well for making the rate so fun!
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  16. A deserving winner and a fantastic Top 6.
    Great job @Slice of Life but I expect nothing less from you. Also fantastic work with the graphics @vague. Truly an inspiration.
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  17. Not gonna lie, I feel underwhelmed by %% winning, as amazing as it is. I guess it just would've been nice to see a new group win.

    Regardless, thank you @Slice of Life and @vague for running this rate and providing us plenty of gags, laughs, drama (thank me for that one, actually) and amazing graphics along the way. These rates are always a highlight for this subforum thanks to your hard work. Love you both!
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  18. Being the lowest scorer for the #1 is NOT cute, but it really is a great song (although I’d argue that Dumhdurum is better)! Fancy definitely deserved the win. Thank you for such a bloody fun rate Slicey!
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  19. OspreyQueen

    OspreyQueen Staff Member

    Thank you to @Slice of Life and @vague for another fantastic rate that served excitement, tension, visuals, betrayal...and of course lots of mess! Already eagerly awaiting next year's rate, and my annual submitting of a divisive boygroup song which is clearly doomed to get kicked out at #90 or something but then bursting into a fit of rage when it does xx
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  20. I'll just say it. Now that some others have. I am a little sad that TWICE didn't win. Eung Eung is a great song, both within here and within PJSC circles, but I don't find that song as much as of my highest mark 10 than Fancy being the 10 that I would give now. It's just so fun and catchy, whilst I like the melody and chorus on Eung Eung, but the verses, not as easy to stick in my head.

    I apologise if it seems downbeat, but I've only been scoring on PopJustice and this rate for the past few months, compared to everybody else.
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