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#KSO†Y2019: The K-Pop Song of the Year 2019 Rate | #1

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Slice of Life, Dec 15, 2019.

  1. not at all! you have a month to go basically
  2. It’s frustrating that since the rate, I’m now a legitimate Dreamcatcher stan! The metal crossover isn’t normally my thing but their talent came through tbh.
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  3. Awesome! I'll get started on it ASAP.
  4. My average looks like I hate K-pop noooo
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  5. He


    So I’m a WJSN stan...
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  6. @soratami remember this next time you complain about my rate scores.
  7. Eclipse being the second song out still makes zero sense...
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  8. May I interest some of you in a Taeyeon's discography rate? ♡

    A simple click! x
  9. Not me being in the middle for everything except LOONA, sorry!

    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    I still haven't found the right words to express my feelings, so let me just say now @Slice of Life ‐ THANK YOU.
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  11. Why is this gif giving me
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  12. The More & More choreography <3
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  13. Very happy to be at the top for CLC!
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  14. Three months later...

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  15. OspreyQueen

    OspreyQueen Staff Member

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  17. This... is really over huh? There goes the only constant thing in my life. RIP
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  18. Look on the bright side: only 6 and a half months until the next one begins!
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  20. [​IMG]

    Whew... What a ride unnies and oppas... Sorry for the absolute bombardment of Likes spamming you've probably received from me the past few days/hours ddd.

    I wish I wasn't taking my like 6 month+ mental health break / internet detox etc. during this as I would've readily participated in this rate! Overall I absolutely loved the music from 2019. Amazing job @Slice of Life and @vague and @Cotton Park too of course!!!

    Now, not that you asked but here's my thoughts after reading all of this...

    Any song in the top 5 deserved to win, truthfully dd. They all bop they all have the power they are the moment etc. etc.

    Now.. what is my messy opinion of the overall final chart placements? If I had the power I would've swapped Room Shaker with Tiki Taka.
    (It would've been contending for my 11 nn...- but I'd give that to CLC's No)

    The way Really Bad Boy was done dirty in 2018's rate and y'all could've paid reparations by letting Psycho into the top 10... y'all can't let us have anything !!

    Now.. who had the funniest kii of the rate (even if I don't agree with the context nn)?
    That was a moment... on the level of a certain Taeyeon rate runner's (3).. eye...
    We will not forget!

    And FYI my supersalvation would've been the iconique CLC's I Need U. But I know that'd be done dirty b/c it's in English. No it's true, it's true... anyway sorry for my ramblings and spam ddd.
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