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#KSO†Y2019: The K-Pop Song of the Year 2019 Rate | #54

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Slice of Life, Dec 15, 2019.

  1. Since I'm done...I came to the conclusion that 2019 was fine but not better than 2018/2017.
    And guys where are Limesoda? There were some really questionable quality songs on the list.....but no Limesoda who are strong 9/light 10.
  2. Can we express opinions? Can we Mother Slicé? Hennyways... all I want to say is that, if the winner is neither Fancy nor Eung Eung... eek. That would be weird, wouldn't it? Both are so influential. Monumental and blah blah all that. Hhhhmm intersting thought? But I shouldn't waste too many thoughts in this matter. At least not now because we got a long journey ahead of us. I wonder who will cry, who will whine, who will groan, who will moan? I know one thing for sure, I will smile.
    On that note, xxoo xoxo xx oo xx
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  3. I am extending the deadline by 10 HOURS. xoxo
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  4. I haven't done averages but I obviously gave a lot of 10s. What's less expected was me giving out a score or two lower than a 4. Poor those recipients.

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  5. Praise Lord Bom!
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  6. I'm getting flashbacks to starting the 2018 rate extremely late and trying to listen to as many songs as I could for a second time before submitting, PMing @Slice of Life asking what was the absolute latest time I could send my ballot, and scoring the songs until literally the last minute. I'm pretty sure I only ended up submitting it at like 3 PM. I remember I was waiting for a delivery around that exact time too which made it even more stressful.

    This time around I was the second voter. Now that's character delevopment.
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  7. Could we perhaps have one more cup of leaderboard tea, please @Slice of Life?
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  8. Ffffff I didn't think people cared about these leaderboard teas. I'm currently traveling but I'll try to give one last tea a little later.
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  9. I do dddd
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  10. Only 11 more songs. Have to admit it’s been a bit of a slog to get through this years list. A lot of average songs instead of really good and really bad.
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  11. I regret not saving Jopping dddddddddd

    I know y'all would underscore it a lot but it was genuinely one of my favorite songs of last year. Top 3 debuts together with ITZY and TXT xxxx
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  12. I see you @askew sis. Give us an update. Will you return as the rate villain this year? Where's da ballot doe
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  13. By the way the lowest scores I gave are 1 7.5 and 5 8s. Highest is 41 10s, besides my 11. So basically, I am wigless.
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  14. Due to insistent public demand, we are bringing back the FINAL LEADERBOARD TEA.

    Keep in mind that I have only put 40 ballots in the spreadsheet. And there are like 7 more ballots collecting dust in my PMs dddddd.

    3 songs are still without a single score of 10. But one of these songs got an 11 so... slay?

    23 different songs have gotten at least one score of 11.

    Only 2 songs have gotten a score of 0. None of them are in the bottom 10.

    7 songs have reached 9+ average. So much for 2019 being a bad year for K-Pop huh. Kekeke.

    ♡ Our top 5 songs are not only iconique but also historique??? Records will be broken for sure.

    That is it!!! I hope this quenched your thirst just a tiny bit. xoxo
  15. I'm waiting for the ballots of
    since they told me they'd vote.

    I'm also waiting for commentary from @Gintoki for his below 4 scores.

    After that, we will be closing the voting lines. xoxo

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  16. I will be watching from the sidelines and go off as Psycho unjustly gets eliminated in 30ies
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  17. She's in. Just waiting to see if Sister Slice is going to slap me on the wrist or give me the cane. And thank god y'all can't tank my supersalvation out of the Top 100 this time, Shaman Unnie ha grace and mercy!

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  18. Given that my average ended up around 7, yes you could be (and I really, really don't like my low rated songs)

    On another note, four of these songs appear in my top played of 2019, and three of them got the same score. That surprises me for some reason.
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    Thank you, beautiful children of God!

    @Coming Century
    @Cotton Park
    @Ana Raquel
    @Empty Shoebox
    @Hurricane Drunk
    @Mikl C
    @Love Deluxe
    @Petit nain des Îles
    @Joli Chat
    @Music Is Life
    @Slice of Life

    Suffice to say, voting lines are now closed.

    I still have 13 ballots to enter into the spreadsheet though but I PROMISE! Our first elimination will happen in a few hours. So please anticipate.
  20. Hip will fall first won’t it.
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