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#KSO†Y2019: The K-Pop Song of the Year 2019 Rate | #55

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Slice of Life, Dec 15, 2019.

  1. Very first elimination. I guess there is now a tie.

    Also I can’t believe @Slice of Life is actually going to post all my stupid short commentary. Poor them.
  2. I want to print this on a sash and wear it around. I promise it's the only NCT-related song I tanked this time!

    because there's only 2 of them kii
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  3. [​IMG]

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  4. This song is... fine. I gave it a 5. There's much worse that could've gone first but let's just wait and see. Also werque @ the average being this high already. The last placer for 2018 was in the 5.0 range.
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  5. This was one of my lowest scores, which means a 6.5. Honestly, this bodes well for many other songs I'm already anxious about.
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  6. Also, Zimzalabim wasn’t the first song out!

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  7. There were 117 songs in the 2018 rate though. The #100 average here is around the same it was in the last rate.

    It was unlikely it'd be I think, since so many people love it. Though with averages being as high as they are, I guess a few people tanking it might be enough for it to get a low placement.
  8. I didn't provide commentary for this one (because I only reached songs beginning with F) but I would have used words like 'anonymous' and 'unremarkable', so my track record for shit commentary would have continued.
  9. A male artist out. We love to see it.

    Next a boygroup, please. xx
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  10. Poor Long Flight.......even though I’ve heard it many times and still can’t remember how it goes.

    But there’s worse here!
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  11. This is probably the most apt description for this song. I do love it, but I have to admit I only really remember what it sounds like when I get to it in the playlist. It's like a dream that you wake up from but can't remember.
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  12. Three eliminations today, let's go! Which songs do you think will not survive today? Kekeke.
  13. If I get my way, either one of the Seventeen, Astro or Puzzle song. xx
  14. A mess.

    You not mentioning Eclipse though, LOONA’s impact. Never mind dddd
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  15. Fine, then I want the bad GOT7 song out right now, do you prefer that? xx
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  16. theres this song by idk who and the title has escaped my mind too. its a female nugu soloist. it was my lowest score i think. its a very very basic tropy song, i think (?). that can go. should! fuck it.. WILL. lets manifest.

    edit: the song is puzzle by arran, had to look it up
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  17. Sis you better not be referring to Queen Ruann...
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  18. nn it's arran
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  19. Um Puzzle is Gr8.
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  20. Waiting for Slicey to send me the spreadsheet so I can already start typing my rant for when y’all get Zimzalabim out before the Top 50.
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