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#KSO†Y2019: The K-Pop Song of the Year 2019 Rate | #58

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Slice of Life, Dec 15, 2019.

  1. I was highly successful last year, but this time....not gonna happen, a few members already openly hated my supersalvation and I probably gonna flop like anything Momoland released after boom boom
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  2. Ddddd damn it she really does. I guess she wins this round.
  3. I... don't. I gave it a 6. Maybe read what I actually wrote.
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  4. You Calling My Name is a great song and I won’t hesitate to drag everybody who gave it a low score, especially because I know who you are.

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  5. aux


    I would die for Wendy

  6. [​IMG]




    SUPERSALVATION: @OspreyQueen
    SAINTS: (10) @Sanctuary, @nikkysan, @OspreyQueen, @RUNAWAY, @Monkey0, @Wills, @Deja-Boo, @Music Is Life, @Slice of Life (9.5) @Cotton Park (9) @ysev, @Petit nain des Îles, @FunkyButChic
    SINNERS: (1) @Vixen, @Gintoki (2) @Salami (3) @soratami (4) @aux (5) @Crafty, @Empty Shoebox, @Serg., @Mikl C


    5 voters: 92 (average: 5.60000)
    10 voters: 88 (average: 6.70000)
    15 voters: 91 (average: 6.86667)
    20 voters: 73 (average: 7.30000)
    25 voters: 84 (average: 7.07000)
    30 voters: 82 (average: 7.19167)
    35 voters: 86 (average: 7.10714)
    40 voters: 88 (average: 7.02500)
    45 voters: 93 (average: 6.93333)
    50 voters: 92 (average: 6.98000)
    53 voters: 90 (average: 7.05660)

    There it goes. My first 10. I'm honestly just glad and gagged this escaped the bottom 10. Talent always wins.

    Ring Ring Ring is the debut single of my new favourite boy group VERIVERY. Released on the 9th of January 2019, Ring Ring Ring was the perfect introduction to a very promising new group.

    While new jack swing is not foreign to K-Pop, it's definitely a genre that has yet to be really squeezed dry by the industry. Which is shocking to me because it is such a good sound. This is one of the reasons why I love Ring Ring Ring (and VERIVERY) so much. In an industry where chasing trends is a way of survival, here's a group from a relatively smaller agency willing to take a risk with their sound. You only get to debut once (unless you're Mark from NCT). Make it count.

    And really, I just think Ring Ring Ring is a goddamn good song. That chorus is undeniable and definitely one of the year's best. And the vocals! The fucking ad-libs! There's an earnestness to the way they sing that I just find heartwarming. They make you want to root for them. I don't know; it's probably just me.

    Despite my stanning, I'm not blind. I totally get the reluctance to the song and concept. I mean, there's already a big bias against girl groups doing a cute concept. There's an even bigger bias against boy groups in general in this forum. I don't expect most of y'all to even entertain the idea of a boy group doing a cute concept. So for now, it is enough that @OspreyQueen and I got to force y'all to listen to Ring Ring Ring at least once. Baby steps, etc.

    Oh look at that, I got into my feelings. Moving on to the comments...

    Vixen hates this, of course: "SCREAM at this 90s boygroup filler albumtrack finding itself in this rate. It’s going to be a no from me, boys. I don’t know what else to say really, this has been such a huge turnoff for me ddd." Salami is a hater of all things cute: "The only thing worse than girl groups doing cute concepts is boy groups doing cute concepts." I guess you hate me too huh. And Ring Ring Ring left Gintoki speechless... in a bad way: "Not sure where to start....this is exactly everything that I don't like in kpop, visually and musically. Just not my cup of tea."

    soratami describes this as: "Backstreet Boys realness. That's definitely not a compliment." Backstreet Boys wish they have the range. Empty Shoebox would rather listen to ITZY's Icy: "...all day long, modu nal channeura bappa. i noraega Your favorite song anhseubnida, geureoke dwel kkeol jal ara. Remind me to never try to write anything in Korean ever again." And K-Pop newbie aux is left stunned... in a bad way: "What is dis hunny?" Excellence, look it up.

    Surprisingly, Ring Ring Ring got a ton of good comments. At least savilizabeths is willing to take a risk: "I want to stan these boys more than I do because they’re super adorable. I love the cuter concept here. It’s fun." Music Is Life is won over too: "That intro and the production had me bopping right away. So much fun. Okay, I fucking love this one." I didn't think evilsin would give this the time of the day: "Love the nostalgic quality of the beat. Make me want play early Janet or something." Yath stan! Even ohnostalgia, my misandrist mother, gives in to VERIVERY's talentry... kinda: "*sways slightly*"

    "New jack swing typically does little for me," Wills begins. "But this won me over immediately with its chorus. Bottled sunshine that I returned to more than anything else this year." Do you stan Lay Back yet though? Petit nain des Îles needs more of this, thank u: "I need more New Jack Swing influenced Kpop in my life, and this provides exactly that." I'll link more of VERIVERY's brand of new jack swing below, unnie! And I think FunkyButChic might be my new taste twin: "Even when playing in the New Jack Swing wheelhouse, Ring Ring Ring doesn’t mistake the genre’s novelty for good songwriting. Instead, it delivers a chorus so giddy and crowd-pleasing that you have no choice but to sing along."

    RUNAWAY confesses: "okay I fucking LOVE this. This iconic 90’s throwback with the absolutely euphoric chorus gives me everything I ever needed. And the boys singing the chorus are serving the kind of powerful vocals I love. I think I found a new group to stan." This makes me so happy, yath! Risky Kween! ysev is reminded of the ~good old days~: "I really like the early 90s vibe. Sounds so wholesome and reminds me of the ‘Fresh Prince of Bel Air’." Monkey0 knows ha references: "Love child of early SHINee and INFINITE, which is a very good thing." As expected from a fellow hag K-Pop stan ddddd. And Cotton Park is here to deliver this gospel: "One of the most underrated groups in K-Pop. This is such a fun, fresh, adorable song."

    Hold me, OspreyQueen unnie. First of all, thank you for bringing this song to Supersalvation so I didn't have to. From Weki Meki to VERIVERY stannage, I know I can trust you. Take it away!: "So, in early 2019 I was obsessed with The World Ends With You and by extension anything with a vaguely new-jack-swing/city-pop kinda sound, so VERIVERY landed at just the right time for my peak stannery. I IMMEDIATELY fell in love with their music, their concept and Gyehyeon’s beautiful face, and Ring Ring Ring still hits that pleasure centre in my brain. The synth blasts, the tinny drum loops, the boys’ ad-libs, the deliberate overcluttered-ness of it all, it’s the perfect fusion of retro and modern. I fully expect it to flop given that KPJ is the one place in the world where being a man is actually a disadvantage, but I’m not bothered about that. For this incredible song to be in the same list as the big shots of the K-Pop world is enough for me. Though it’ll be an enormous kii if it surpasses Boy With Luv I’d gladly take that." That last sentence killed me. I'm so sorry.

    And make sure to check out VERIVERY's other masterpieces starting with...

    Their excellent pre-debut single, Super Special:

    The underrated follow-up to Ring Ring Ring, From Now:

    Their darker take on new jack swing, Tag Tag Tag:

    And their latest single and biggest ""hit"" so far, Lay Back. It's a new sound for them too!:


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  7. I gave hit a high score i think but that 'Prrrrrrr-ah' Vernon does... ugh
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  8. Oh fuck off.
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  9. The funniest thing is that if Ring Ring Ring were a ‘The Red’ b-side (which is what it sounds like) it would’ve fared waaaay better than this. But surprised I am not lol.
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  10. Ummmmmmmm....WHAT the fuck people??
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  11. [​IMG]

    And that's all the positivity I have to give. I would have thought this would at least scrape Top 60...
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  12. I love the song, but this actually fucking dragged me through the dirt and left me to rot. I obviously love it now but some semblance of that thought definitely went through my head when I first heard the song. The masc energy JUMPED. Still a 10/10 though.
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  13. Are we really gonna see the same four-five voters in the lowest rated section for every boy group song?


    I’m honestly so pissed off by this elimination. What a ball of joy this song is. Even removing the visuals and sometimes overbearing cuteness of the video, there’s a rock solid pop song underneath it all, the bouncy production and hooks and melodies for days. Like... how is this below songs like... you know what I’m not even gonna say it.

    @OspreyQueen I’m so sorry, you and Gyeheon didn’t deserve this.
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  14. This is literally only the second boy group elimination so far (that's only 2 out of the 11 eliminated songs) and people are already doing too much.
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  15. I mean... I could also be talking about last year’s rate as well.
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  17. Those highlighted VERYVERY songs all slay. Thank you, @Slice of Life, for injecting me some serotonin on this blessed day.
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  18. [​IMG]

    Honestly though???? I'm used to KPJ's aversion to boygroups at this point, but BTS managing to outpeak this song genuinely stings. If y'all are gonna tank Ring Ring Ring for being too saccharine or whatever, maybe don't switch like sissies and reward a genuinely faceless cicada shell of a song like Boy With Luv just because its twitching in the breeze could be mistaken for a decent rhythm and because Halsey (whose album turned out to be terrible anyway) has like two words on it. Make it make sense.
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  19. ...Anyway, to the people with a modicum of taste, here's another great new-jack-swing inspired K-Pop song.

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  20. Just out of curiosity, how many of the people mentioned in your post do you think gave an unacceptable score to Boy With Questionable Talent and Piss-Poor Spelling?
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