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#KS࿊TY2021: The K-Pop Song of the Year 2021 Rate

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Slice of Life, Dec 20, 2021.

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    Another 11 will leave the KSOTY building tomorrow….. and it’s not a Superupgrade Song! Goodnight, besties! ♡
  2. hope its scientist i hate science
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  3. Surely no one gave that an 11!
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  4. don't underestimate people!!!!
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    FIRST CLASS: (11) @savilizabeths (10) @Crisp X, @Cotton Park, @ryjm, @Pretty Places, @vague, @soratami, @enjoy, @roblognick, @Remorque, @bbynewyear, @thommyh, @Vixen, @ohnostalgia (9.75) @drod93 (9.5) @eccentricsimply, @TéléDex, @Music Is Death, @Slice of Life (9) @ultraviolet, @RUNAWAY, @Trinu 3.0, @ohdenny, @Conan, @chrisjche, @Wills, @R92, @KimLippington, @lovechoerrymotion, @Oleander
    ECONOMY CLASS: (4) @Serg. (5) @eliminathan (5.5) @Attis, @Sanctuary (6) @Sprockrooster, @Monkey0, @leedlelee..., @Lately, @askew, @GeiPanda


    10 voters: 13
    20 voters: 28
    30 voters: 28
    40 voters: 23
    50 voters: 38
    60 voters: 30
    65 voters: 36

    And with this elimination, we officially say goodbye to Purple Kiss. This is their final rate entry, Zombie. It was the lead single of Purple Kiss' second mini album, Hide & Seek. It was written by Kim Do Hoon, Kang Ji Won, Basick, CyA (of ONEWE) and member Yuki and composed by Kim Do Hoon and Kang Ji Won. Zombie unfortunately didn't enter the Gaon Digital Chart but it peaked at number 89 on the component Download Chart. Not bad for a non-Big 4 girl group!

    Purple Kiss was definitely one of the best rookie groups of 2021. They released pre-debut singles in 2020 and early 2021 but when it came to their debut single which was Ponzona, it felt like these girls were not rookies at all. Their skill sets are topnotch and the music is good. Ponzona was already good but their comeback single Zombie was even better. It was when I really viewed Purple Kiss as a viable act to follow. And why not? Zombie's chorus is one of the year's best. Like, it's in the top 10 choruses for sure. I can't believe the hook "zombie-bie-bie-bie" has never been used before FFFFFF. And wow, what a hook it is indeed. And the rap! I feel like people don't talk much about the excellent rap parts! Yuki is honestly giving LE??? I'm shqqk. Can't believe she ended her sunbae Moon Byul that easily!

    Zombie would've been the easiest 10 ever but that pre-chorus... ma'am. That is a crime against music! It seriously disrupts the excellent flow of the song. And the weak-ass delivery of "ai kkamjjagiya!" is not the tea either. It should've served camp but in the end, it only managed to serve Class F on the first season of Produce 101. But again, the chorus was just too good that I still gave the song a 9.5. Purple Kiss made their comeback after six months with memeM and whoo.mp4, it was definitely a divisive affair. I hope Purple Kiss can come back later this year and deliver another bop with at least the same quality as Zombie. These girls are too talented to settle for mediocre music!

    The way all the low scorers didn't leave commentary... jail! Now we're left with the not-so-negative comments. First up is eatyourself who stans the album tracks more than the single: "I get why this was chosen as the title track and I think it's a bop, but the rest of the mini is so much more interesting!" And boombazookajoe compares Zombie to another song called the same name: "Well this is no Zombie by Day6, but it's definitely catchy." Girl, my DAY6 oppas are quietly serving in the military! Pleek don't get them dragged for no damn reason!!!

    Pretty Places just couldn't pass up the opportunity of awarding that chorus with a 10: "Even though I'm being pedantic with my scoring and I should be knocking points off for the pre-chorus, Zombie still gets a 10 from me. The chorus is incredible and has been stuck in my head ever since I first heard it. So much fun." aux finds more reasons to love Zombie: "I remember listening to this when it came out and liking it, but honestly, listening to it again, it’s such a great comeback. I did like “PONZONA”, but this is so much better." Salami wonders about Zombie's chart performance: "Not sure how big a hit this was but sounds like it would’ve been a huge Twice song. So simple but so catchy." Answered this above, bestie!

    Cotton Park has found one gem of a group in Purple Kiss: "I have no idea who Purple Kiss is but this is one of the best songs of 2021." Crisp X namechecks Miss Duo Lingo: "I love how this is more or less subtly channeling Levitating by Dua Lipa." Vixen has a fearless forecast for Purple Kiss: "They're really the group to look forward to imo. I think they could surprise people." And bbynewyear channels the late great Miss Whitney Houston: "Birthdays, Weddings, Graduations, Funerals... you know the rest!" PERIOD!

    And finally, we have savilizabeths who bestowed her precious 11 to Zombie. Take it away, bestie!: "This is a perfect pop song. Literally the only problem I have with it is the poor line distribution but if you’re just a casual fan, that isn’t really an issue and it doesn’t impact the song itself. The entire concept is so much fun and fully committed to in both the song and the visuals. It’s quirky, it’s campy, it’s colourful while being about the undead. The hook is addictive and the entire song just feels triumphant in how good it is. Goeun’s high note makes my heart skip a beat every single time and the music dropping out with a bang makes the climax of the final chorus hit so hard. And there are so many other things to love. Yuki’s raps! She is probably my favourite rapper in Kpop right now already. I love the fact that she tends to get multiple rap parts in their songs, she’s so well utilised. The “Ai kkamjjagiya!” parts brings me so much serotonin. The pre-chorus leading up to it feels so eerie amongst the bright sounds of the rest of the song. I highly recommend their Band LIVE Concert video for this song. Their energy is so infectious, they’re such a delight to watch! I had no idea what my 11 was going to be until I was halfway through writing this, but it is the perfect choice."

  6. Slice of Life

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    36. Zombie - 8.26923
    82. Cast Pearls Before Swine - 7.54615

    1. @savilizabeths - 10.25000
    2. @enjoy - 10.00000
    2. @thommyh - 10.00000
    4. @Cotton Park - 9.75000
    5. @Crisp X - 9.50000
    5. @drod93 - 9.50000
    5. @KimLippington - 9.50000
    5. @Music Is Death - 9.50000
    5. @RUNAWAY - 9.50000
    5. @soratami - 9.50000
    5. @Wills - 9.50000

    12. @junglefish - 9.37500
    12. @vague - 9.37500
    14. @chrisjche - 9.25000
    14. @Slice of Life - 9.25000
    16. @bbynewyear - 9.00000
    16. @eatyourself - 9.00000
    16. @R92 - 9.00000
    16. @ryjm - 9.00000
    20. @eccentricsimply - 8.75000
    20. @TéléDex - 8.75000

    22. @Remorque - 8.62500
    23. @ohnostalgia - 8.50000
    23. @Oleander - 8.50000
    23. @roblognick - 8.50000
    23. @Trinu 3.0 - 8.50000
    23. @ultraviolet - 8.50000
    28. @lovechoerrymotion - 8.25000
    29. @Love Deluxe - 8.12500
    29. @ohdenny - 8.12500
    29. @Vixen - 8.12500

    32. @aux - 8.00000
    32. @evilsin - 8.00000
    32. @FunkyButChic - 8.00000
    32. @PopZeitgeist - 8.00000
    32. @Salami - 8.00000
    32. @tj-x - 8.00000
    38. @Inland Empire - 7.87500
    39. @Hurricane Drunk - 7.75000
    39. @Overdose - 7.75000
    39. @pondeforehead - 7.75000

    42. @Pretty Places - 7.62500
    43. @Ana Raquel - 7.50000
    43. @Conan - 7.50000
    43. @Glitterizer - 7.50000
    46. @clowezra - 7.25000
    46. @GeiPanda - 7.25000
    46. @Phonetics Girl - 7.25000
    46. @ysev - 7.25000
    50. @BEST FICTION - 7.00000
    50. @He - 7.00000

    52. @codecat - 6.75000
    52. @ry123 - 6.75000
    54. @Lately - 6.50000
    54. @Monkey0 - 6.50000
    54. @Shockbox - 6.50000
    57. @boombazookajoe - 6.00000
    57. @yuuurei - 6.00000
    59. @eliminathan - 5.75000
    60. @Sprockrooster - 5.50000

    61. @askew - 5.25000
    62. @Sanctuary - 5.00000
    62. @Serg. - 5.00000
    64. @Attis - 4.75000
    65. @leedlelee... - 4.50000
  7. 'Cast Pearls Before Swine' became a favourite of mine after this thread introduced me to it.

    So thanks @KimLippington!
  8. If these were switched I could say this is a fair rate.
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  9. It would be a fair rate if both were at least 20 places higher.
  10. Consistency wise they probably are the strongest group with multiple songs.
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  11. Oh good, yet another smear campaign. @Slice of Life when will this end bestie??

  12. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member


    I’m already in bed, I’ll deal with this tomorrow. Goodnight, beastie! ♡

    It has been corrected x
  13. Dammit, why did I log onto the forum? Somehow I clicked on this thread knowing that my 11 would be the one leaving us. #36 is a good placement but the first ten voters got it right when they placed it at #13.

    memeM is good but I hope they bring something as bombastic as Zombie with the next comeback!
  14. Slice of Life

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    We haven't had a boy group elimination in a while, have we?

    But that's about to change!





    FIRST CLASS: (11) @Monkey0 (10) @eatyourself, @eccentricsimply, @RUNAWAY, @Cotton Park, @ysev, @ohdenny, @Glitterizer, @R92, @KimLippington, @leedlelee..., @Remorque, @TéléDex, @ohnostalgia, @askew (9.75) @thommyh (9.5) @Crisp X, @ryjm, @codecat, @Sanctuary (9) @boombazookajoe, @Attis, @junglefish, @pondeforehead, @FunkyButChic, @chrisjche, @Oleander, @Music Is Death, @Slice of Life
    ECONOMY CLASS: (3) @Trinu 3.0 (4) @Hurricane Drunk (5) @Salami, @yuuurei, @bbynewyear (6) @Shockbox, @Lately


    10 voters: 30
    20 voters: 20
    30 voters: 35
    40 voters: 31
    50 voters: 35
    60 voters: 37
    65 voters: 35

    Rise up, misandrists! It's finally time to cut another boy group song. Tonight, we say goodbye to ONF's The Realist. That leaves them with just one song in the rate, Beautiful Beautiful. Anyway, yes, The Realist was taken from ONF's first full album, ONF: My Name. It was written and composed by GDLO (MonoTree). The Realist, only an album track, did not enter the Gaon Digital Chart but it peaked at number 102 on the component Download Chart. How iconique is that???

    If we rated The Realist back in August or September, it would've gotten a perfect 10 from me. I was obsessed with it back then. I didn't really come back to it the following months though so that's probably why I'm not super in love with it when I finally rated it. The absence did not make the heart grow fonder, unnies. Still, The Realist remains a high point for ONF in 2021 which is saying a lot considering they released quite a lot of material last year. ONF, kings of quality and quantity, period! What attracted me to The Realist the first time I heard it was definitely the production. It was such a fresh sound for ONF and even now, it still sounds fresh to these ears. It sounds like a soundtrack from a 1970s espionage film from Czechoslovakia or something. It sounds menacing and mysterious... and dare I say, sexy? Yath, get it, ONF oppas!

    But I feel like the production highkey overpowered ONF's beautiful (beautiful) vocals here. It's probably intentional but there are some parts where the boys' vocals sound super muffled... like I'm listening to them sing from an ancient walkie-talkie. I would've loved to hear their vocals more clearly, that's all. I wanna end my review on a positive note so I would also like to commend that unexpected outro. It's so good??? The Realist is already a unique song even without it but its addition just makes the song even more impressive. More of that in the future please! God, can ONF's military stint just end already? They have served enough!

    For a song that ranked this high, The Realist still got quite a lot of negative comments FFFFF. Lowest scorer Trinu 3.0's time has been wasted by ONF: "This... kind of starts well but then it's just so monotonous it's just boring. I don't have time for this." Pretty Places just wasn't into that outro: "It was going so well until the outro, which is just so bad and so unnecessary." bbynewyear kinda drags ONF's vocals: "These stress vocals remind me of Usher's 'Climax'... not a bad thing! Love that track. But it's maybe kind of distracting here..." Inland Empire would've loved a final chorus: "It’s got a really cool sound, but it needs a proper final chorus to really kick it into overdrive."

    And then we have Wills, possibly the biggest ONF stan in this galaxy, betraying his faves?: "Incredible production on this, just wish it didn’t exhaust its bag of tricks so quickly." I just wanna let you know that Hyojin is on his way to divorce your ass!

    Now let's go to the more positive comments, shall we?. aux, please start us off: "“The Realist” is essentially the “Ghosting” of this year, and I mean that with every ounce of praise possible." chrisjche oohs: "Ooh, this is super pretty." clowezra, listen to ONF's catalogue in full challenge, do that challenge!: "Another bop from ONF, really need to give their catalogue more time." And savilizabeths details her journey with The Realist: "I feel like I’m stumbling around in a manic drunk state while listening to this. It’s hazy but also really intense. The beat is heavy and pounding all the way through, it really adds to the feeling I described above. The musical switch up right at the end caught me off guard, it’s such an interesting touch."

    RUNAWAY goes ahead and calls this: "one of the best album tracks of this year. ONF really had a killer year. My favorite part is where it completely changes tempo and the entire feel of the song at the last 30 seconds. Slay!" boombazookajoe is feeling thankful: "Grateful ONF's best B-Side of the year made this rate." eatyourself speaks ha truth: "Some western artists wish they had singles half as catchy, sleek and well-produced as this." This is tea. And finally, we'll end this post with this comment from Cotton Park: "A fucking masterpiece. They keep setting the bar higher and higher."


  16. Me looking for @Wills name in first class and not finding it anywhere.

    Honey what IS this?!
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  17. ONF really gets dispatched into the military after two years of intense hustling only to fall betrayed by those who claimed full stannery.

  18. Carrying Ghosting’s legacy of hazy dreamlike boy group b-sides in the Top 40, yas.

    I love this so much, and I can’t believe it has choreography ffff

    It involves chairs but they sadly don’t carry Rollin’s legacy when it comes to the use of said chairs.
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  19. Men and chairs? Started and ended with this:

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