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#KS࿊TY2021: The K-Pop Song of the Year 2021 Rate

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Slice of Life, Dec 20, 2021.

  1. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    The good sis Willard has been a vocal The Realist anti since April, besties! Did y’all miss this post made by Miss Thang???
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  2. The Realist is actually their best song. If you get it you get it etc
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  3. As an appreciator of experimental, daring songs that may or may not allow themselves to be lead by a melody, I think The Realist is flawless. Maybe they're too ahead of their time!

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  4. Lemme tell you girls, it's a fine line to walk between wholehearted enthusiasm and blind stannage. And on a forum like this? Optics are everything.

    By which I mean – me maintaining that The Realist is a solid 8/10 is equal parts PR move and genuine critique!

  5. Legitimately hate myself for knowing this would have gotten a 10 from me if it was by a girl group.

  6. eccentricsimply

    eccentricsimply Staff Member

    I'm... kinda shook? I really did not expect this to leave before the top 20, this is pop perfection y'all, what the fuck!
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  7. That was my favourite by ONF.
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  8. I really like the production and the overall vibe of the song but I feel like it became too predictable by minute two.
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  9. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    THREE 11s.

    See you all tonight for another messy elimination!
  10. [​IMG]

    If it's Next Level I'm gonna kms
  11. I swear to God if it’s Love So Sweet…
  12. It's probably Bad Love ff

  13. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member


    None of you got it right, kii!





    FIRST CLASS: (11) @tj-x, @vague, @R92 (10) @eatyourself, @RUNAWAY, @Phonetics Girl, @Pretty Places, @Ana Raquel, @soratami, @Glitterizer, @He, @Hurricane Drunk, @Monkey0, @Remorque, @Oleander, @Music Is Death (9.75) @Love Deluxe, @Slice of Life (9.5) @Cotton Park, @Wills, @TéléDex, @thommyh (9.25) @KimLippington (9) @ultraviolet, @ryjm, @Conan, @FunkyButChic, @chrisjche, @Serg., @yuuurei
    ECONOMY CLASS: (4) @Salami (5) @Sprockrooster, @bbynewyear, @Lately (5.75) @codecat (6) @PopZeitgeist, @askew
    SHAMAN CLASS: 9.75


    10 voters: 30
    20 voters: 52
    30 voters: 33
    40 voters: 12
    50 voters: 16
    60 voters: 28
    65 voters: 34

    Another act with multiple entries leaves us tonight. This is Brave Girls' final song in the rate, After We Ride. It was the lead single of Brave Girls' fifth repackage mini album, After 'We Ride.' It was written and composed by Brave Brothers, Maboos and JS. After We Ride was not promoted on music shows so that's probably the reason why it only peaked at number 51 on the Gaon Digital Chart.

    After We Ride acts as a sequel to Brave Girls' 2020 single, We Ride. At the time of release of We Ride, the girls thought it would be their last single together. But as you all probably by now, Brave Girls experienced an unexpected career resurgence thanks to their 2017 single Rollin' going massively viral in Korea. Rollin' was so popular that We Ride also went up on the charts and ultimately peaked at number 4 on the Gaon Digital Chart. So After We Ride is like the girls continuing their story just when they thought it ended already. And I don't know about you but that little background story absolutely destroys me. If it wasn't for Brave Girls' resurgence, we wouldn't have After We Ride at all. Scary shit but also very poetic and powerful.

    Now let's finally talk about the song because whew, I can still remember the relief I felt when this dropped and I immediately loved it FFFFF. Thank God it was better than Chi Mat Ba Ram! After We Ride shares We Ride's retro sound but the former is sadder to these ears? It definitely feels more dramatic. Minyoung absolutely crushes the vocals here especially in the middle 8. The other girls sound sensational as well but Minyoung just carried this song to another level. I don't quite remember the reason why I deducted 0.25 points from my score for After We Ride because I know I love the song dearly FFFFF. It's probably because although it was great, I felt We Ride was better. But I'm super thankful to have both songs in my life!

    Brave Girls waited seven months before finally releasing their follow-up to After We Ride, the sensational and flawfree Thank You. And the girls are now competing on the second season of Queendom where they perform alongside legends like Hyolyn, WJSN, VIVIZ and LOONA. I wish them all the best and I hope they gain more confidence in themselves because they are super talented! They just need to believe in themselves. I'm excited for their Queendom original single for sure! I know it's gonna slay.

    I'm absolutely gagged... and maybe a little heartbroken that After We Ride received more negative comments than positive. Oh well, such is life. But send more positive comments juseyo! We'll start with Crisp X who I expected to lap this up but she said no: "I love me some synthpop but this lacks something to make it go from good to great. To be honest, I’m ready for the return of arenbi Brave Girls." I'm guessing you didn't like Thank You as well then? Salami snores: "Very unmemorable. It’s got nice bits but mainly I’m a bit bored." Sprockrooster is equally unimpressed: "Meh. I feel like this is the weak sister to Aly & AJ's Listen!!! and that one did manage to pull off a track perfect on the road much better than this one." roblognick is not here for it as well: "It’s nice, but it wasn't the follow up I wanted from them."

    "It's cute, definitely serviceable," Vixen begins before tearing up After We Ride completely unprovoked. "In the context of a KSOTY songlist, against songs I much much much prefer, I just don't know if I can score this any higher than a 6-7." aux also calls this: "a cute girl. If “Chi Ma Bat Ram” is the summertime, sitting by the pool in the scorching sunlight song, “After We Ride” is the early night song during those summer nights, the one where you listen to getting ready during pre-drinks with your besties." I can't believe how cutting the word cute can be FFFFF. savilizabeths just didn't listen to this enough: "I think this song is technically better than Chi Mat Ba Ram, but I listened to the latter more last year." And for a first time listener, boombazookajoe is very strict: "First time hearing — euphoric as hell but also a little generic."

    Ana Raquel confuses me with her references but at least she loves After We Ride: "If someone told me that the instrumental was from Persona 3, I would believe it. It's a weird mix of Heartful Cry and Want To Be Close. I'm probably the one who gets these vibes, but I swear that's a massive compliment!!!" Pretty Places is impressed but still leaves some notes for Brave Girls: "My joint-favourite Brave Girls song of all time. Its only flaw is the short outro when they could've easily added a final chorus as well. I need a 10-minute (Taylor's Version)-esque rerelease to make amends." ultraviolet makes amends and awards After We Ride a score of 9: "The way I ignored this when it came out fff, I’m guilty!" And TéléDex shades: "I like how this is named after ‘We Ride’, because as if this wasn’t better than the original."

    ry123 is loving the vibe After We Ride is giving them: "I love how breezy this song sounds. It’s like a complete flip from Rollin and Chi Mat. Kind of song I want to put on a summers afternoon with the windows down and be in the moment!" RUNAWAY compliments Brave Girls' versatility: "This melancholic slice of perfection was literally the perfect follow up to Chi Mat Ba Ram. I'm so proud of them and the year they had <3." Cotton Park loves himself a slinky bop: "Nice to hear BG take on something other than an insanely addictive Brave Brothers slinky bop. As much as I'm guiltily pleasured by insanely addictive Brave Brothers slinky bops." bbynewyear gives Brave Girls belated congratulations: "Happy for their continued success!" And we'll finish up with thommyh who ponders: "This song is really quite special, isn't it?" YES, IT IS!

  14. R92


  15. Refusing to like that post unless you change it to Top 5 minimum. Sorry @Slice of Life
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  16. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member



    34. After We Ride - 8.30769
    58. Chi Mat Ba Ram - 8.00769

    1. @tj-x - 10.50000
    2. @vague - 10.25000
    3. @Ana Raquel - 10.00000
    3. @eatyourself - 10.00000
    3. @Glitterizer - 10.00000
    3. @He - 10.00000
    3. @Hurricane Drunk - 10.00000
    3. @R92 - 10.00000
    3. @RUNAWAY - 10.00000
    10. @Cotton Park - 9.75000
    10. @Oleander - 9.75000
    10. @Wills - 9.75000

    13. @Pretty Places - 9.62500
    13. @TéléDex - 9.62500
    15. @Conan - 9.50000
    15. @Monkey0 - 9.50000
    15. @Music Is Death - 9.50000
    15. @Remorque - 9.50000
    15. @soratami - 9.50000
    15. @ultraviolet - 9.50000

    21. @Slice of Life - 9.37500
    22. @Serg. - 9.25000
    23. @leedlelee... - 9.00000
    23. @thommyh - 9.00000
    25. @Love Deluxe - 8.87500
    26. @ryjm - 8.75000
    27. @FunkyButChic - 8.62500
    27. @ohdenny - 8.62500
    29. @Attis - 8.50000
    29. @GeiPanda - 8.50000
    29. @roblognick - 8.50000

    32. @evilsin - 8.25000
    32. @Inland Empire - 8.25000
    32. @Phonetics Girl - 8.25000
    32. @ry123 - 8.25000
    36. @aux - 8.00000
    36. @lovechoerrymotion - 8.00000
    36. @ohnostalgia - 8.00000
    36. @pondeforehead - 8.00000
    36. @Trinu 3.0 - 8.00000

    41. @drod93 - 7.87500
    42. @chrisjche - 7.75000
    43. @savilizabeths - 7.50000
    43. @yuuurei - 7.50000
    45. @Crisp X - 7.25000
    45. @enjoy - 7.25000
    45. @Sanctuary - 7.25000
    48. @junglefish - 7.12500
    49. @Sprockrooster - 7.00000
    49. @ysev - 7.00000

    51. @Overdose - 6.62500
    52. @BEST FICTION - 6.50000
    52. @eccentricsimply - 6.50000
    52. @Shockbox - 6.50000
    55. @codecat - 6.37500
    56. @eliminathan - 6.37500
    57. @boombazookajoe - 6.25000
    58. @KimLippington - 6.12500
    58. @Vixen - 6.12500
    60. @clowezra - 6.00000
    60. @Lately - 6.00000

    62. @askew - 5.62500
    63. @PopZeitgeist - 5.50000
    63. @Salami - 5.50000
    65. @bbynewyear - 4.50000
  17. When Eunji belted the note of her life with “HITTING YOUR NUMBERRRR” she meant 9.5s and above only!
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  18. To me 'After We Ride' is a lot like WJSN's "REWIND" b-side from last year. The only similarity being that the song is really good but I feel like I can only listen to it once fff
  19. So after Thank You was released I went a bit obsessive with Brave Girls listening only to them for about a whole week and I would score this at least a 9 now.
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