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#KS࿊TY2021: The K-Pop Song of the Year 2021 Rate

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Slice of Life, Dec 20, 2021.

  1. If it’s Key instead of Red Velvet or aespa…

  2. @Slice of Life wants us to think it's Bad Love/Queendom, but it's actually Atlantis

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  3. I think it might be time to finally say goodbye to an aespa song. The only acceptable one would be Lucid Dreams though.
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  4. I wanna guess its one of Key's... could be aespa, but that would just be rude, wouldn't it?



    ANYWAY. I'm kinda scared this rate will expose me as a Key-anti and idk how to do damage control for that.

    Also forgot to say that after submitting, the outro of The Realist grew on me a little, so I ended up giving it a better score in the boys rate. The vocals are still kinda stressed in the bulk of the track to my ears, but feel much better in the outro.
  5. Ffff it’s my lowest SM score and Aespa score at an 8.5! I’m talking about picking the “worst” of a phenomenal bunch here!
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  6. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member






    FIRST CLASS: (11) @pondeforehead, @lovechoerrymotion (10) @eccentricsimply, @boombazookajoe, @drod93, @tj-x, @ysev, @ohdenny, @Ana Raquel, @Love Deluxe, @enjoy, @He, @clowezra, @KimLippington, @leedlelee..., @Remorque, @thommyh, @ohnostalgia, @askew, @GeiPanda, @Slice of Life (9.75) @aux (9.5) @ryjm, @Glitterizer, @TéléDex, @savilizabeths (9.25) @BEST FICTION (9) @junglefish, @codecat, @evilsin, @yuuurei, @ry123
    ECONOMY CLASS: (2.5) @Pretty Places, @Overdose (4) @RUNAWAY (5) @Monkey0 (5.5) @Cotton Park, @Phonetics Girl, @Hurricane Drunk, @chrisjche, @Vixen (5.75) @eliminathan (6) @roblognick


    10 voters: 26
    20 voters: 19
    30 voters: 40
    40 voters: 45
    50 voters: 33
    60 voters: 34
    65 voters: 33

    And there you have it, our first aespa elimination. They really did hang for the longest time huh. But it's time to finally say goodbye to Savage. It was the title track of aespa's first mini album. It was written by Yoo Young-jin and composed by Kirsten Collins, Jia Lih, Yoo Young-jin and Hautboi Rich. Savage was a massive hit for aespa, peaking at number 2 on the Gaon Digital Chart, number 39 on the Billboard Global 200 Chart and number 60 on the Billboard Japan Hot 100. It won eight music show trophies including a Triple Crown from Inkigayo. Finally, it placed on several critic year-end lists including Dazed, Genius, NME, Paper, Time and Teen Vogue. Whew, we love a commercial and critical hit, don't we, girlies?

    2021 was a banner year for aespa, scoring three top 10 Gaon Digital Chart hits. It was their first 2021 single, Next Level, that proved to be their breakout single. We'll talk about it in a separate post but whew, that song was, and still is, the definition of a hit song. People waited with bated breath on how aespa will follow up such an iconique single. Enter Savage. And Korea responded with fervor. Immediately after release, it topped real-time charts but that's not all. Ten days after release, it finally received the highly coveted Perfect All Kill certification, meaning it was number 1 on all real-time, daily and weekly charts. It was the first girl group released in 2021 that achieved Perfect All Kill. That is why I'm still pressed that it didn't hit number 1 on Gaon Digital Chart. My girls were sabotaged; I just know it.

    On Savage, the girls further mined the sound of Next Level, only it was elevated to 100. The production sounds bigger, the vocals are even more exaggerated... it was like aespa were on a mission to test just how much they can get away with the most experimental shit ever. I'm glad it played well for them in the end because I just can't see Savage being a hit if it was released before Next Level. What I love the most about Savage is it's filled to the brim with memorable moments. You know, those details that just sticks to your brain and replays them over and over again until they're all you know. The intro alone, "oh my god, don't you know Imma... savage?," seems to be scientifically engineered to be the next big catchphrase... only it had to compete with other iconique lines like "my Naevis, we love you." And the use of words like deep fake, algorithm, SYNK DIVE (???)... it's a song that's bursting with character and there's just no way you won't at least be entertained by it.

    I have deeply contemplated on whether I should give Savage a 10 or not. Yes, even if the song fully enveloped me in October of last year, I don't think it's quite perfect. But the song's sheer ambition and audacity just won't let me score it any less. And I have always rewarded songs that I feel like challenge and stretch what K-Pop can do. I'm positive Savage did that and more and I cannot wait to hear aespa's follow-up to it. Fingers crossed we'll get it as early as next month.

    Pretty Places has been praying for this song's fall for the longest time so let's hear from ha first: "Predictably, the only things saving this from getting a 0 is the pre-chorus, the bridge and half a bonus point for the "bog off"." Savage was the one aespa song that didn't impress Overdose: "Pots and pans. Loved and stanned all of their other songs but this just wasn't it at all." roblognick shares the same sentiment: "This song just hasn't clicked for me in the way any other aespa song I've heard has." Vixen is feeling the cringe: "Why do I always cringe so hard at the "Oh my gosh, don't you know I'm a savage?" I know it's meant to be camp…but… ddddd. Anyway, Ningning sounds fantastic as expected of one of the best 4th gen singers, yup yup!!" Cotton Park is: "Not convinced." And RUNAWAY shushes: "No. No no. This is just.....really bad."

    ultraviolet is being held hostage by their sister... and I have to stan: "This song has an incredible pre-chorus and one of my least favorites choruses of the year, still great and i feel forced to like the group ever since my sister bought me a lot of photocards and two posters of them ffff." Wills ignores the dumbassery on display and bops: "“zuzuzuzu” remains dumb as shit, but this works really well otherwise – not least as a proof of concept that the hype is justified." clowezra found bopping mindlessly as well: "Really struggled scoring this one. It’s ridiculous and noisy and dumb and yet I can’t stop listening to it?? The hyper pop quality is genuinely a treat, and the my naevis we luv u bridge is untouchable."

    "I’m glad I didn’t send my scores immediately after finishing rating, because I had to change this song’s score three times nn," admits junglefish. "At first I had given it a terrible score and review. Then, with my newfound love for some aespa songs, I decided to give it another chance. Eventually it grew on me. Then it grew more and more. I still absolutely hate that stupid ‘Don’t you know I’m a savage?’ part in the beginning, but everything else is just… great. So yeah. I guess what I’m trying to say is that I’m an aespadrille now." As you should, bestie! KimLippington admits to being a Little aespadrille too: "Next Level was v good but this was the one that turned me into a full blown aespadrille. Naevis we love you!!" Also possibly joining the Little aespadrilles is Salami: "I didn’t like this at all when it first came out and it’s been one of the highest jumps in this rate for me because I was prepared to give it a 2, but it’s a mess in a good way. I don’t think they’ve released a song yet that I didn’t hate when I first heard it. I appreciate how they’ve somehow made this unlistenable noise into a decent song." The last sentence... truer words have never been spoken.

    aux simply calls this: "A lyrical masterpiece." bbynewyear details Savage's barrage of weapons: "They were insane for this... I wanted to fight it at first, and tbh, I still kind of do, but I come back to it a lot for different reasons. The choreo... Giselle's MMMMMMMM EV_VA_REE_Bah_DEE LOOK @ ME... Winter and NingNing's vocal battle in the studio... and Karina's well appreciated vocal time. Then of course, the bridge. There's a lot to like." savilizabeths is living for the big high notes: "This was more instant for me than Next Level but that’s mostly because Next Level had me prepared for what this was likely to sound like. This is the weaker song but I really vibe with it, especially the more dramatic and melodic parts. The pre-chorus feels so ominous with the eerie harmonies in the background. And the ad lib vocal at the end is nothing short of iconic. The note Ningning ends on? Insane!"

    boombazookajoe didn't give Savage his 11 but that didn't stop him from writing this two-page essay: "Now this shit right here. This is some next level shit. This is not something you hear every day. Every second of it is masterful. The pots and pans clanging of the production in the verse. The Chorus 2 with the added melodic "gimme gimme now." The head-ography. The way the rap gets higher and higher pitched in the second verse which was learly foreshadowing to weeny beeney Alien Karaoke rap in Dreams Come True. The Ningning and Winter belting of it all. The random GORGEOUS melodic bridge. The dance break. The final chorus that sounds equal parts completely out of key and totally in sync. The Ningning and Winter belting of it all. I love these girls. Their best song hands down no competition. I still think often of this tweet and cackle" "i really want to know what the average kelly clarkson show watcher thinks about this performance." Never change, bestie! And GeiPanda neatly summarizes: "If they continue to serve like this, aespa are going to be unstoppable." PERIOD!

    Thankfully, our two 11-givers left commentary for Savage. First up is pondeforehead who has not been around since February: "As for my 11, it was pretty difficult to decide as I had 15 10s, but I had to give it to Savage as this is THE song that got me back into Kpop in late 2021. Bless TikTok for its peculiar algorithm as somehow a video of Savage came up while I scrolled on a particular horny evening. The first time I heard that "Oh my gosh!" and Winter's ICE PRINCESS visual, I knew I've found my new bias. This song is an emotional and musical journey - the kind where it surprises and tickles you just enough until it reaches a climax with that ethereal bridge AND vocals! orgy at the end. Lastly, rap sections in Kpop songs tend to be my least favourite, but not this one! The flow and ae-nergy Karina and Giselle gave especially in that second verse is life-affirming and I cannot help but do the choreo when that part comes on. SONG/CHOREO/VIDEO/VISUALS - 11s 11s 11s across the board!" COME BACK TO US JUSEYO!

    And finally, we have lovechoerrymotion who has had a very busy Thanksgiving, I see!: "This song is the moment, the beginning of an era, the mother I never had, the sister everybody would want, the friend that everybody deserves. I don't know a better bop. I DON'T! While everyone was getting their Thanksgiving plates ready, I was doing the choreo while my good sistren were freezing their flame accented asses off on that Olay float. And it gave me silky smooth skin." BYE!!!

  7. aespa's best song is their first one to leave.... Oh... Ok.
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  8. Oh thank god, it's gone!!

    Next Level...well, next x
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  9. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member



    33. Savage - aespa | 8.32692
    45. The Feels - Twice | 8.15385
    51. Go or Stop? - Sunmi | 8.06154
    76. bugAboo - bugAboo | 7.64231
    85. Favorite (Vampire) - NCT 127 | 7.44615

    1. @lovechoerrymotion - 9.80000
    2. @Slice of Life - 9.30000
    3. @TéléDex - 9.25000
    4. @Music Is Death - 9.20000
    4. @Oleander - 9.20000

    1. @Hurricane Drunk - 5.00000
    2. @Pretty Places - 5.90000
    3. @Sprockrooster - 6.20000
    4. @Overdose - 6.35000
    5. @Shockbox - 6.40000
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  10. Lowkey shocked it made it this long since so many people had weird things to say about it when it was released. But it's also -- their best song in the rate so what's not clicking, voters?!
  11. If an aespa track HAD to go now? Then yeah, Savage or Dreams Come True had to be it. At first I gasped, but then I made peace with it.

    The polarised commentary make sense tbh, this is a hard track to have middle-of-the-road feelings on.
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  12. Savage is Aespa best original song I thought it might win… Now Next Level needs to go
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  13. Savage has actually kind of grown on me. Parts of it I find myself singing to myself.
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  14. eccentricsimply

    eccentricsimply Staff Member

    For a polarising noise song I think this did pretty well!!

    Anyway, stan singers!!

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  15. The evil has been defeated and I'm finally free from the shackles of economy class.


    Rooting for Next Level and Lucid Dreams to go much further.
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  16. I love aespa, but Savage is definitely their worst title to me (that February Christmas song or whatever that was doesn't count). I've rinsed Black Mamba, Next Level and Dreams Come True, and while I can appreciate Savage for how adventurous it is, it's a song I just never actually feel like listening to.
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  17. He


    Savage is too high brow for some of you it seems.

    Two vocalists fighting for Naevis’ attention, they truly ate.
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  18. Savage is great but it could have been perfect if SM didn't try so hard to make aespa's sound so.. weird. The second verse with Karina's rap, followed by Giselle and that pre-chorus is pure bliss. Those last 15 seconds with that high-note battle is unbearable though.

    What the fuck is LMLY still doing here?
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  19. Winter and Ningning really sang like the rent was due on Savage…
    My score was more for them than for the song itself…
    I’ve become completely indifferent to Savage…
    At worst it’s inoffensive; at best it’s good…
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  20. Thriving!

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