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#KS࿊TY2021: The K-Pop Song of the Year 2021 Rate

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Slice of Life, Dec 20, 2021.

  1. I am shocked at this. In fact, I'm fooking fuming. The dance break and chilled vibes are too iconic to just rate off as a fucking 1?!? Whatever the case, I am still confident that one of my 10s could still win. Just don't know which, now Alcohol-Free is gone, well before Top 50.
  2. I’m a gay who drank a lot of beer tonight and I tayekd onffnese tu thysz commit!!
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  4. Alcohol-Free not making top 10?? I could not believe it.
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  5. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    Let's end this day with some eye candy...








    FIRST CLASS: (11) @chrisjche (10) @eatyourself, @Cotton Park, @ohdenny, @Glitterizer, @He, @Monkey0, @leedlelee..., @eliminathan, @Oleander, @Music Is Death, @Slice of Life (9.75) @BEST FICTION (9.5) @KimLippington, @Sanctuary (9) @boombazookajoe, @drod93, @ryjm, @lovechoerrymotion, @TéléDex, @Vixen, @ohnostalgia
    ECONOMY CLASS: (3) @Attis (4) @Serg. (5) @eccentricsimply, @Trinu 3.0, @Phonetics Girl, @Hurricane Drunk


    10 voters: 60
    20 voters: 62
    30 voters: 70
    40 voters: 63
    50 voters: 63
    60 voters: 62
    65 voters: 62

    We have finally reached the end of this four-way tie at number 62. The last song is NU'EST's Inside Out, the group's final promoted single. It was the lead single of NU'EST's second full album, Romanticize. It was written by members Baekho and JR with Bumzu, G-High (MonoTree) and Inner Child (MonoTree) and composed by Bumzu, Baekho, Anchor (PRISMFILTR), G-High (MonoTree), Inner Child (MonoTree), Jay & Rudy. Inside Out was a huge hit for NU'EST as it peaked at number 8 on the Gaon Digital Chart. Talk about going out with a bang!

    NU'EST debuted way back in 2012 with the iconique single Face and they have consistently released great music for a decade. Seriously, I'm looking at their singles run on Wikipedia and it's literally smash after smash after smash (with just one miss fffffff I'll let y'all figure that one out). They are definitely one of those groups that don't always make the loudest impact but their music are always, always consistently great. And the fact that they did that for a decade? How's that for quality control? And as a long-time fan, I would definitely categorize Inside Out as one of NU'EST's best singles ever... like top 5 for sure.

    Member Baekho has co-written and co-produced the group's singles with Bumzu since 2016 and it's pretty shocking to me how he's almost never mentioned as one of the best idol producers. His work for NU'EST is very distinctive. His productions always sound smooth and luxurious with just the right amount of drama. He employed that formula yet again for Inside Out and the results remain excellent as per usual. The bass is so sexy... which I didn't think was a possible descriptor for bass fffffff. It's not as pronounced and it doesn't overpower the ears which make the listening experience very smooth. Even the way the boys sing sounds... very luxe? Every time I listen to Inside Out, it feels like I'm dressed in the best designer clothes drinking the most expensive champagne mingling with the world's who's who. It's a very, very nice experience, I'll tell you that much.

    Inside Out is one of those songs that doesn't really aim to rock the boat or whatever. It's content being great without standing out too much. And I think that's a great description for NU'EST as a group too. They have been around for ages, consistently releasing non-threatening bops, serving looks, being great and pretty, etc. They didn't make the loudest noise, they didn't shake the table, they weren't necessarily pioneers or leaders. But they were always consistently great. And I think that's one hell of a legacy to leave. NU'EST, you have worked hard and you will be sincerely missed.

    Pretty Places calls Inside Out one-note: "There was potential for this to go off but the instrumental is a bit one-note throughout, and so is the vocal delivery in places. They should've stuck with the uptempo vibe of the intro or committed a lot further to a deep house track but as it is it just doesn't work either way." And lowest scorer Attis mentions yet another widely maligned act: "It's giving Maroon 5, boot." You know what, lemme PM @Glitterizer and tell him to lower my Golden Child scores by 50%.

    savilizabeths talks her way into stanning Inside Out: "Damn, this is smooth! It doesn’t stand out to me in the way that some of the other boy group submissions have, but it’s just such a solid bop. That hook is catchy enough to get lodged in your head but not in an annoying way. There is such a sexy sound to this, even just in their vocals and the way they glide so effortlessly. And they’re fine as fuck! So much charisma and confidence, it’s hard to look away. I especially love the bridge, but that’s probably because I love a bit of a lower vocal moment from a boy group. You know what? Maybe I have talked myself into really really liking this!" aux is liking it too: "Oh this is a HIT." Wills finally gives NU'EST the time of day: "Never cared much for NU’EST but this is pretty good!"

    "Not ashamed to admit that I checked NU'EST out because Baekho has the best butt in the industry," boombazookajoe prefaces and definitely no judgment, bestie! "But this song (and album) was a really excellent surprise. Now turn me inside out, Baekho." You have to fight it out with Vixen though: "My husband Baekho did that, oh wow." eatyourself doesn't mind sharing: "I love my 5 husbands." No, but really, how did NU'EST end up with 5 main visuals? It's absolutely insane!

    Inside Out has successfully infiltrated Salami's lizard brain: "Why does this sound a lot better now? I remember not liking this at all when it came out, it’s actually alright." Love that for you, king! clowezra asks: "Another boy group smash this year, that chorus gets me every time. Why can’t all male k-pop songs sound like this?" FFFFF, you tell me! And one of NU'EST's biggest champions, Cotton Park, has this to say: "Easily the most underrated group of their generation." PERIOD!

    Finally, we give the stage to chrisjche who tastefully gave his 11 to Inside Out: "I struggled with my 11 - but I have to give it to the (sexy) boys of NU'EST. They are so criminally underrated internationally, but their songs prioritize melody and they really know how to utilize their strengths as vocalists and performers." Excellent choice, unnie!

  6. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    *actually Top 61 because we have a tie at number 60

    Abittipsy - Youha
    Love So Sweet - Cherry Bullet
    HWAA - (G)I-DLE
    Perfume - Yubin
    Odd Eye - Dreamcatcher

    Tail - Sunmi
    Beautiful Beautiful - ONF
    Bother Me - Chungha

    Unnatural - WJSN
    Lilac - IU
    LMLY - Jackson Wang

    Atlantis - SHINee
    Drunk-Dazed - ENHYPEN

    Next Level - aespa
    We Go - fromis_9
    Ring Ring - Rocket Punch
    Easy - WJSN The Black
    Dun Dun Dance - Oh My Girl

    Chi Mat Ba Ram - Brave Girls
    Scandal - Twice

    Weekend - Taeyeon
    Tear Drop - SF9
    BEcause - Dreamcatcher
    Perfect World - Twice

    You Can't Sit With Us - Sunmi
    Queendom - Red Velvet
    After We Ride - Brave Girls

    Bad Love - Key
    Stereotype - STAYC
    Hula Hoop - LOONA
    Zombie - Purple Kiss

    Savage - aespa
    The Feels - Twice
    Go or Stop? - Sunmi

    Scientist - Twice
    Siesta - Weki Meki
    Killing Me - Chungha
    Ring X Ring - Billlie

    Goosebumps - ONF
    Dreams Come True - aespa
    Pirate - Everglow
    Eleven - IVE

    Airplane Mode - fromis_9
    Bewitched (English Ver.) - PIXY
    Cinema - CIX
    F.I.L.A (Fall In Love Again) - Twice
    Flying on Faith - Chungha
    Heart Attack - SHINee
    Hey Kid, Close Your Eyes - AKMU & Lee Sun Hee
    Lucid Dream - aespa
    Narcissism - Sunmi
    New Me - WJSN
    Poison Love - Dreamcatcher
    Pose - Red Velvet
    Red Lipstick (feat. Yoonmirae) - Lee Hi
    Slow Down - STAYC
    The Realist - ONF
    Would You Run - TRI.BE
    X - Chungha
    Yeppi Yeppi - aespa


    It's time to reveal your updated Kill Lists yet again, besties!

    I'll give y'all a few hints #soon.
  7. Some of these songs that are left beating Alcohol-Free

  8. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    I did end up checking the spreadsheet because I’m paranoid like that….. and sadly, Alcohol-Free really did end up at number 62
  9. He


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  10. are NOT getting on the plane
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  11. And did I LIE?


    The hook is almost identical to Maroon 5 terrible clout chasing "hit" Don't Wanna Know that has terrorizing me in every corner of my life. I don't need to relieve this trauma mawma
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  12. Howling that @soratami has been calling for this elimination since top 95 and he’s not even on the anti list. Maybe I was too stressed about your remaining “low” scores, sister!

    My updated kill list:
    Ring X Ring - Billlie
    Perfume - Yubin
    Chi Mat Ba Ram - Brave Girls
    Go or Stop? - Sunmi
    Eleven - IVE
    Siesta - Weki Meki
    Stereotype - STAYC
    ASAP - STAYC (though this has grown on me a little bit)
    Ring Ring - Rocket Punch
    Would You Run - TRI.BE
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  13. He


    The consistent bad taste on display.
  14. I’m nothing if not consistent!
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  15. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member



  16. Cix - Cinema
    Dreamcatcher - BECause
    IU - Lilac
    Girdle - Hwaa
    WJSN The Black - Easy
    Taeyeon - Weekend

    Go the fuck home!
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  17. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    Okay, I wanna sleep earlier tonight so I won't keep y'all waiting.

    Here are the hints for our next 11 eliminations...

    We will be saying goodbye to:
    three 11s
    eight KPJC top 5 songs
    three Superupgrade Songs
    three songs by male acts
    and one song that will break a lot of hearts... again


    Just 11 more songs to eliminate and we'll finally meet our Top 50 songs of 2021! Isn't that exciting?

    Okay, goodnight!
  18. At least one aespa song could do with an early exit…

  19. This makes me a bitsy nervous but I’m just praying my loves make Top 50.
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  20. Can it not be YEPPI YEPPI? I've actually played that a good bit recently.
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