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#KS࿊TY2021: The K-Pop Song of the Year 2021 Rate

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Slice of Life, Dec 20, 2021.

  1. That chorus is criminal, though! I really like the song less and less every time I listen to it and it's probably the first time I've felt this way with them!!!!!!!

    also justice for poison etc
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  2. Honestly, the unpredictability of results has made this the funnest KSOTY yet: apart from the first batch, I’ve had no clue what’s going to happen next. It’s meant I can’t even be too mad when something I love gets axed, while the eliminations I agree with feel even more like little triumphs.

    I think it also points to some exciting growth in our community: there’s never been so much variety in the opinions and tastes on display, and while some trends are still firmly intact (i.e. blanket misandry), it feels like more of us are giving everything a fair shot, so every act is genuinely getting a look in.

    And yes I will be taking all of this back when Goosebumps fails to survive the next ten cuts.

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  3. Love how neither Red Velvet nor Dreamcatcher have lost a single song yet. It would seem like the malicious and untrue claims that they're past their prime or whatever are the work of a loud minority

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  4. Get rid.
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  5. Don't test me girl I am taking out my spell book as we speak.
    This is the only thing saving you rn.

    If (when) Goosebumps and/or Tear Drop leave before the other bg songs remaining when they're among the best and most interesting bg tracks in the whole rate ... I can already feel my eyeballs rolling right out of my skull. Oh and that goes for LMLY too, since I saw some of you goons calling for it.
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  6. I just wanna say sorry to ms @Wills because I gave Goosebumps 5.5 but I PROMISE you I've reflected on my image, see the light and redeem myself on Monotree & Kboys rate xoxo

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  7. You’re right to be scared, beast

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  8. R92



    Me going about my day when I read someone calling for “After We Ride” to leave.
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  9. I would be fine with any of these leaving.

    HWAA - (G)I-DLE
    Perfume - Yubin
    Bother Me - Chungha
    Drunk-Dazed - ENHYPEN
    Tear Drop - SF9
    Go or Stop? - Sunmi
    Ring X Ring - billlie
    Eleven - IVE
    Heart Attack - SHINee
    Narcissism - Sunmi
    Red Lipstick - Lee Hi

    Given some of the songs already elimnated, how some of these are still here is beyond me. I wouldn't mind Yeppi Yeppi, Odd Eye, Goosebumps, You Can't Sit With Us or Perfect World leaving either really.

    Oh no.....you're right.
  10. I haven't spoken on it because I don't wanna tussle but all of Sunmi's material can go tbh. :/
  11. Straight to the Top 5, glad we agree, bestie!

    Now let's forget our troubles with a big bowl of Sunmi NFTs, how many can I sign you up for?

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  12. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    Sorry for the (kinda) late elimination for tonight. I was listening to the new Red Velvet album nonstop.

    But speaking of Red Velvet... don't y'all think their fans are having such a great today?

    What if we make their day a little less great with a Red Velvet elimination?






    FIRST CLASS: (10) @Salami, @ultraviolet, @tj-x, @junglefish, @Conan, @Ana Raquel, @soratami, @Love Deluxe, @enjoy, @eliminathan, @Remorque, @ohnostalgia (9.75) @ysev, @KimLippington (9.5) @boombazookajoe, @ryjm, @vague, @He (9.25) @drod93, @Music Is Death (9) @Crisp X, @eccentricsimply, @pondeforehead, @Pretty Places, @ry123
    ECONOMY CLASS: (2) @Attis (3) @leedlelee... (4) @Sprockrooster (4.75) @askew (5) @Sanctuary, @thommyh, @savilizabeths
    SHAMAN CLASS: 8.75


    10 voters: 7
    20 voters: 40
    30 voters: 36
    40 voters: 42
    50 voters: 43
    60 voters: 58
    65 voters: 60

    PLEEK DON'T KILL ME REVELUVS KEKEKE~ For our elimination tonight, we say goodbye to a K-Popjustice Charts top 5 hit, (G)I-DLE's HWAA. It was the lead single of (G)I-DLE's fourth mini album, I Burn. It was written by member Soyeon and composed by Soyeon and Pop Time. HWAA was another hit for (G)I-DLE as it became their first top 5 hit on the Gaon Digital Chart, peaking at number 4. It won ten music show trophies including a Triple Crown on M Countdown. HWAA was also critically lauded as it was positively reviewed by critics from Teen Vogue, Billboard, Idolator, among others. Whew, we really are in the mood for eliminating these critical and commercial hits huh.

    It's been a while since I've truly enjoyed a (G)I-DLE single. I think the last one was... Lion and that was released way back in 2019. (G)I-DLE's 2020 singles, Oh My God and Dumdi Dumbi, were not my cup of tea at all. So I wasn't necessarily excited for this comeback just because I kinda lost my faith in them. And while I still have a few problems with HWAA, I just have to say, it is a return to form for the Girdle ladies. I'm personally a whore for songs that mix modern and traditional elements and HWAA served just that. A moombahton beat with a healthy dose of oriental instrumentation? Sign me the fuck up! On paper, it probably sounds like a mess but it does work really well in practice. HWAA honestly reminds me of HANN (Alone), (G)I-DLE's 2018 single and probably their best single still. And Wikipedia tells me the two tracks are indeed connected so that's a nice touch you did there, Soyeon! Both songs serve drama and mystery and elegance - literally everything I like.

    The girls also vocally slay HWAA. First of all, Soyeon opening the song not with her rap but with her singing was a nice surprise and the good unnie actually sounded good? Gag! But it's the middle 8 moment of Miyeon and Minnie that made me gasp in delight. That Minnie high note! I know my girl had it in her! I guess my main problem with the song is the chorus. Don't get me wrong. I like it in all its simplicity. I just... can't handle Soyeon (?) shouting those noises in the background. It seriously drives me nuts listening to it FFFFFFFFF. Also, why does the song end so suddenly? Just when I was getting my life to that dance break, the song just unceremoniously stops? Fuck off! Gimme that final chorus! It's what I deserve!

    Shortly after the release of HWAA, member Soojin was involved in a bullying scandal that ultimately led to her removal from the group. So I know HWAA is a special song for the Soojinsters out there. It's a shame that Soojin had to leave the group but at least (G)I-DLE has actually gotten even more popular with their new single, Tomboy? Maybe there's a silver lining in all of this mess. And speaking of Tomboy, I do wonder if it'll qualify for the #KSOTY2022 Rate. Do y'all love it more than HWAA? Sound off below, unnies!

    Cotton Park, who I remember was once a huge Girdle stan, drags HWAA: "I liked this song better when it was called 'HANN'." FFFF I love your attitude this year, oppa! savilizabeths is also firmly Team HANN: "At this point, I just have to admit that (G)I-DLE are not for me. I can fully see the appeal of this song and I remember being impressed but at this point, I think I’ll just take ‘Hann (Alone)’ and go." clowezra joins this little HANN stans parade: "I’ve accepted that apart from Hann, it just doesn’t seem like I’m going to connect with their music. This is definitely their best since then, at least."

    leedlelee... has some questions for Korea: "“HWAAAAAA” is exactly what I said when I saw I would have to rate this song… The production is great, they sound fine… I just find it soooooo duuullllll… How this managed to become their highest charting title track is beyond me…" It looks like Tomboy will outpeak it so there's that, at least! aux simply says: "It’s mid." Inland Empire, who gave this an 8, doesn't seem to enjoy this as much either: "If I had a won for every (G)I-DLE single with a four-letter title beginning with H that has a pleasant solemn vibe but ultimately falls short of their potential, I’d have two won. Which isn’t a lot, but it’s weird that it happened twice."

    eatyourself joins me in hating the chorus: "I don't usually have problems with drop choruses, but this one is a bit too nothingy." Lowest scorer Attis says: "Good riddance." FFFFFFF you spoke too soon, bestie! Now they're in the top of the MelOn chart! And my dear thommyh just might have a grudge with (G)I-DLE???: "I reeeeally wanna hate this.... so I will." Bye!

    Crisp X worries: "I swear if this group just fades into oblivion after releasing their best mini…" Don't worry, unnie! I know you know they just made their long-awaited comeback with their first full album! Pretty Places rejoices (G)I-DLE's less usage of ethnic hip: "It's the signature (G)I-IDLE formula but less ethnic hip and more ethereal hip. Not their best but still very good." Vixen lights a candle for Soojin: "I thought this was pretty decent actually. It wasn't on constant repeat all year, but it didn't grow stale or tired, so that's something. RIP Soojin." And eliminathan surprises me by saying: "I know I'm supposed to be an anti but this is a better disbandment song than Helicopter." Disbandment song who??? I know you're pressed! Kekeke~

    bbynewyear also touches on HWAA's ethereal quality: "This was the first (G)I-dle track I ever heard that wasn't affiliated with a MOBA and I was surprised by how fresh and unique it was compared to other releases at the time. Very ethereal while having an edge." boombazookajoe mentions a certain Halloween Hitler scandal that I don't think I've heard of?: "Is (G)I-DLE the group that had the Halloween Hitler scandal? This song was amazing and a great way to start the year of K-Pop." The transition to the next sentence SENT ME! And Salami loses another of his 10, poor it!: "This was one of the first songs I’d heard this year and it’s never dropped down as one of my favourites. I don’t think any other girl group at the moment has as many sounds as them and they pull it all off. This was another example - very different and understated for them but it really worked." That's three 10s remaining, bih!

    We end this post with ultraviolet who celebrates Shuhua's four-second cameo: "Shuhua’s part at the end is heaven. This song is so powerful, it makes me feel like I just landed on a planet where winter lasts forever and I get to heal every wound I got from the Earth. (G)i-dle and Soyeon herself are capable of amazing things and Hwaa is proof of that." She did that!

  13. Well I mean they just released the worst song they've ever made and their best member is gone so as far as I care they disbanded the same week as CLC ♥♥♥

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  14. Not gonna lie, I was kind of surprised this was still in simply because I really feel like it made...no noise at all on here (and I say this as someone who liked the song!), but maybe that worked in its favor.
  15. They were so close to the top end of my kill list by 2 songs, and yet I killed them off.
  16. This elimination is proof that I have no idea what the general consensus of this subforum is on occasion. I thought this was a shoe-in for Top 20?
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  17. Please respect GFriend's Sowon impact and legacy! She didn't get canceled for you to misremember her!

  18. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    This is my exact same feeling but then the first 10 voters ranked this as their 7th favourite song of this rate so….. what do I know?

    Maybe the silent majority did love it!
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  19. [​IMG]
  20. OMG that was GFRIEND not Girdle ddsdffdsdfsdffsdfsdsfdds.
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