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Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by StraightActing19, Feb 23, 2013.

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  2. vasilios

    vasilios Guest

    So Macho
    #145 Argentina
  3. Not Legend X sitting at #30 on the OVERALL iTUNES ARTIST LIST.

    Lotus Intro
    #22 Fiji

    #68 Nicaragua

    Tilt Ya Head Back
    #55 Saint Kitts and Nevis

    Around the World
    #111 Burkina Faso

    Let There Be Love
    #112 Burkina Faso
    #377 Cambodia

    Not Myself Tonight
    #165 Laos

    The Voice Within
    #250 Mauritius
    #347 Malta

    Ain't No Other Man
    #249 Mauritius

    #248 Mauritius

    Nobody Wants to Be Lonely
    #176 Papua New Guinea

    Blank Page
    #376 Cambodia

    Genie In a Bottle
    #371 Saint Kitts and Nevis

    Saint Kitts and Nevis, Burkina Faso & Mauritius better STAN!
  4. Kimnotyze Remastered
    #384 Bulgaria

    Nicki who? All of Bulgaria have a Lil Kim posta.

    #359 Colombia

    Queen Montag getting that top 360 Colombian smash.
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    #390 Vietnam

    #395 Vietnam

    I always knew I loved Vietnam.
  6. Keri Hilson getting that top 10.
  7. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

  8. Diana Vickers dominating in Latvia, I knew she had it in her.

    #8 Latvia

    Sing it with me Latvia!

    'Es esmu tikai gatavojas, lai jūs nogalināt man reiz'
  9. It's a live chart...
  10. And who said 'Marry The Night' was a flop?!

  11. shows where songs currently are right now in every country's iTunes charts.

    For example,

    Something New is currently tearing up the charts in Azerbaijan.
  12. Ciara is smashing from Slovakia to Papua New Guinea

    #90 Trinidad and Tobago

    Got Me Good
    #206 Papua New Guinea
    #221 Trinidad and Tobago
    #261 Bulgaria
    #318 Malta

    #176 Fiji
    #275 Mozambique
    #292 Nigeria
    #306 Cayman Islands

    I'm Legit
    #323 Cambodia
    #361 Zimbabwe

    Tell Me What Your Name Is
    #260 Bermuda

    Lover's Thing
    #262 Bermuda

    Takin' Back My Love
    #287 Greece

    Like A Boy
    #291 Slovakia

    And I
    #327 Uganda

    Pick Up the Phone
    #363 Belize

    Keep Dancin' On Me
    #364 Belize

    Love Sex Magic
    #365 Belize

    On the other hand Holly Valance, Rachel Stevens, Dannii Minogue Jamelia are nowhere to be seen. Poor Rachel doesn't even have a page.
  13. And Cassie's Official Girl is currently a top 80 hit in Kenya. I didn't even remember that song existed.
  14. Sophie Ellis-Bextor doesn't have a page either.

    Meanwhile Kelendria is getting those African and Latin American smashes that's right #230 in Burkina Faso people in West Africa the Rowlegend is coming.
  15. Do Ya Thang is at #26 in Fiji?!?!? FINALLY GETTING TO BECOME THE SMASH IT DESERVES!

    Damnit Fiji, I BELIEVED IN YOU!
  16. Wait a minute, why is Complicated by Avril Lavigne at #75 in the UK?
  17. She does actually, just without the hyphen.

    Currently getting that top 400 $ucce$$ in Kazakhstan

    Not Giving Up On Love
    #379 Kazakhstan

    And S Club 7 are doing amazingly in Estonia

    Say Goodbye
    #385 Estonia

    Never Had a Dream Come True
    #386 Estonia
  18. A&E


    There's also one with the hyphen, and it seems she's smashing the Baltic top 300!

    #264 Latvia

    Make a Scene
    #283 Estonia
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