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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Aidan, Sep 3, 2015.

  1. Beep me when he does 'I'd Rather Jack'
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  2. Using Black women for clout?

    Whitney, Tina, Donna... it’s getting weird
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  3. I'd argue that all 3 are fantastic vocalists, which lends the songs to remixes well but,
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  4. Society has progressed past the need for DJs to remix old classics.
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  5. What’s Kygo’s username on here? Janet and Toni Braxton songs to come next I imagine.
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  6. Yes to a Donna remix. No to that song.

    Also, Diana Ross was right there.
  7. But we already have this complete triumph?

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  8. I wouldn't be against this if he didn't always go for the most obvious songs—"Higher Love" worked for me because despite it being a massive song in its own right and Whitney being Whitney, her version of "Higher Love" wasn't top-of-mind before Kygo's version.

    His next single will probably be a remix of Gloria Gaynor's "I Will Survive" or Diana Ross' "Love Hangover."
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  9. If he’d gone for deep cuts, it would be slightly more interesting. Or even found more covers the artist’s did to remix... an album of remixed covers the public didn’t know these Divas did, would have excited me a tad.
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  10. bin it. stick with Madison Beer and Kyla La Grange pls x
  11. This is an interesting comment. It FEELS very right, though if we run the tape:

    • Tina's "What's Love Got To Do With It" and Donna's "Hot Stuff" were huge mainstream hits

    • Whitney's "Higher Love" was not a "gay song" either (seeing as it was never released until Kygo remixed it...and, I'd posit, gays actually MADE it a gay song by playing it on loop for the last 18 months* and therefore he didn't gentrify it so much as actually CREATE it...)

    Gentrifying "gay divas?" perhaps. Though then I start feeling icky that we are commodifying actual people.

    *at least every one I know, myself included.
  12. Sis.
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  13. I know you meant it as a joke, but it felt so accurate I felt compelled to discuss it.

    My first reaction to the thread was to say "I'd love him to do Stevie next!" but then I saw your post, and it gave me pause. Am I part of the problem?

    Is Kygo appropriating? Pandering? Does it matter? (Especially if the quality keeps progressing in the direction it appears to be...I was disappointed by What's Love Got To Do With It and the clip of Hot Stuff seems worse...).

    It's interesting to discuss, is all.
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  14. Kygo’s entire existence is stale ideas that someone else did better so of course he takes the closest thing he’s had to a hit in years and milks it for all it’s worth.

    It Ain’t Me and Remind Me to Forget are still cute tho.
  15. Honestly, just play the original. Don't even play this shit mix of it
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  16. This was completely unnecessary. Hopefully Donna Summer's estate are eating well because of it at least?
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  17. This is barely a remix. Useless.
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  18. Is he releasing a album with old songs remixed or are they just 1 off singles?
  19. I'm a Kygo x Legendary Diva apologist but this is the laziest remix ever.
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