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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Aidan, Sep 3, 2015.

  1. Part of me thinks Kygo knew if he changed the song too much he'd get dragged for it nn. Hopefully it introduces the younger audience to Donna a bit more.
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  2. If he'd changed it up and it'd been good, I doubt that people would've dragged him. People are probably more likely to drag him for barely doing anything.
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  3. This is unbelievably lazy for a remix but I won't lie, it pops the fuck off.
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  4. Higher Love was an absolute tune and brings me such good memories of summer... but the rest of these remixes are poor rehashes of a formula that literally worked once because the stars just seemed to align. I think with Higher Love he got lucky but now like...mate just find a new formula no one wants this one.
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  5. I'm using I'll Wait pretty regularly. I find it super evocative. Love a euphoric synth that makes me want to ball!
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  6. Song with Vin Diesel (?) dropping tomorrow.
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  7. I am curious as to why Vin tagged Kygo when he doesn't appear to be credited anywhere on the track.

  8. What is going on?! The most unexpected collaboration ever.
  9. I'm a casual fan at best, but his new-ish single is surprisingly good:

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  10. Blown away by his most recent effort.

  11. Two Kygo x Dean Lewis collabs, one each week so far. GIVE ME A WHOLE ALBUM.

    I love Dean’s voice/music so I’ve been overplaying both of these since they dropped. ‘Never Really Loved Me’ is stronger but they’re both good.
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