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Kylie Christmas: Snow Queen Edition (2016)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Cowboystyle, Sep 20, 2015.

  1. RhythmNative

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    Yeah. Let's slate The X Factor when they gave performance slots every year without question - long after Radio 1 had abandoned her, even for completely flopping singles like Better Than Today, even for an orchestral version of a 10 year old song on a grand final during the same billing as Rihanna - and were happy to have her back after the disastrous stint judging the rival 'bad karaoke' show.

    That's gratitude for ya.
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  2. Kylie is good for ratings that's why they have her back. It's not like they're doing her a favour from their perspective.
  3. RhythmNative

    RhythmNative Moderator

    No one is exclusively doing anyone a favour, it's a mutually beneficial relationship. But the 'bad karaoke' show was good enough for Kylie for years, so why snobbishly act like appearing on the show with dancing newsreaders is some kind of massive cultural step up?

    Lest we forget that only a matter of weeks ago Kylie was happily flogging a bonus track on the Australian version of the 'bad karaoke' show, the show that pays for her nephew's expensive education, and no one seemed to mind.
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  4. The 'dance show' gave her a slot for The Locomotion during the Abbey Road promotion - I don't think the BBC have been ignoring her for years until this month.
  5. Showgirl Kylie lives on! But a brilliant performance without a doubt and loved this variation of the outfit. So hard to believe she is 47!!!
  6. RhythmNative

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    I didn't say they were. Kylie clearly doesn't care what channel or show she appears on. I was delivering some 'tea' to the attitude of some users on here, not her.
  7. Yeh, I loved it too. She sounded great and if ever there was an apt time to bring the showgirl out of retirement, it's for this (until the farewell tour that is).
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  8. I feel like Kylie has entered "permanent icon" territory—she doesn't have to be "now" or go on X-Factor or even sell many records. She still gets to be massively in the public eye (in the UK at least) and entertain. Not selling many records didn't stop her appearing on TFI Friday, performing for 60,000 people last summer, appearing in a movie in competition at Cannes, or in a cameo in a Hollywood blockbuster even.
  9. Why are people arguing over her performing on Strictly and the X-Factor? Get a grip for goodness sake.

    I loved her performance at the Variety show. That's one of my favourite Christmas songs so I'm glad she did it.
  10. Yea i did, but it wasn't very difficult to do.
    But Thx!
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  11. Well in my opinion, she should maximize every opportunity to promote/perform her latest releases as long as its possible. I do not think she's the type of artist who is lazy to promote and reject live performances.
  12. RhythmNative

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    I agree. She should do any and all shows with 1m+. So X Factor gets 6-7m, that's 6-7 more than TFI Friday gets and she did that.
  13. Is she doing Alan Carr? She often seems to be on that.

    I hope to see her pop up everywhere over the next 2 weeks!
  14. Not as far as I am aware but be good if so. They have a good chemistry I'd say.
  15. Who is TT? Tina Turner?
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  16. Nope.
  17. Tanya Turner!
  18. You can say Take That, it doesn't take that long to type.
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  19. I was just not familiar with that abbreviation here and I assumed it was another female artist who have been around for decades and then I googled "TT singer" and Tina Turner came out.
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  20. New wax:
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