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Kylie Christmas: Snow Queen Edition (2016)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Cowboystyle, Sep 20, 2015.

  1. It's so hard watching the Everyday's Like Christmas video now.
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  2. It was hard to watch the Everyday’s Like Christmas video when it was released
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  3. That too!
  4. I genuinely think fans of Kylie Christmas would enjoy Kimmy's Wilde Winter Songbook. It's warm and dark and not at all what people expected when it came out.
  5. Thanks for the recommendation. Think I should give this a go.
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  6. I was out shopping this morning, and heard Christmas Isn't Christmas Until You Get Here in River Island! So so cool to hear my personal favourite song from the album loud in public. Sounded AMAZING.
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  7. The original songs are my favourites but the covers are well chosen (especially White Winter Hymnal and Keeping The Dream Alive). Hope you enjoy it.
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  8. So Santa Baby is already no. 36 on Spotify UK, does anyone remember it's Spotify peak last year? It seems quite high already considering it's only 4th December. Hopefully it can get another chart peak again this year, just like last year.
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  9. I love that Christmas means out Pop girls getting chart bumps via store playlists!
  10. It's a shame it's Santa Baby though.
  11. She has like 23 Christmas songs, she should delete Santa Baby.
  12. It's literally the only one I can't listen to
  13. Yeah, I've never liked it.
  14. It's probably one of my least favourite of her Christmas songs but it's the closest she'll ever get to a Christmas classic, at least in the U.K. It's nice to watch it rise each year. But yeah, it's shit. Probably the reason why I don't like Oh Santa, as it's basically a carbon copy of Santa Baby.
  15. Perfect CD single tbh
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  16. But is it though??
  17. I'm SO disappointed she's not doing the Albert Hall again this year. That was my first time seeing her do a full length show and it was really fantastic. The perfect mix of Christmas and Kylie. I was hoping it would be the UK's response to Mariah's annual Christmas gig in New York.
  18. I'm not really a fan of Santa Baby either, but she does sell the shit out of it. And yes, Oh Santa is just an updating of it, my least favourite of the original tracks (although the George Clooney line always makes me smile).
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  19. Same. It was becoming a tradition. Maybe next year?
  20. She'll probably be touring her new album next year at this time.
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