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Kylie Christmas: Snow Queen Edition (2016)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Cowboystyle, Sep 20, 2015.

  1. I've been to the mall 3 times this week (why do I do that to myself) and all 3 times I've heard a different Kylie Christmas track. I also heard Every Day's Like Chrsitmas in the supermarket this morning.

    I'd LOVE both Christmas shows IN FULL. It would be great to see her do Oh Santa, I know it's an update on Santa Baby, but yet another time the original tracks were shunned in the promo. I also REALLY need to see Confide with John Grant in all it's glory.
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  2. I'm listening to One Boy Girl right now and the call and response rapping between Kylie and The Poetess is everything.
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  3. What a fun video. You can see how much joy she brings to her colleagues, too.

    I wish there was a professional quality video of the Night Fever performances from last year.
  4. Snow is coming down heavily right now here in my hometown, decided to give Kylie Xmas a spin - lovin it!
  5. I am still waiting for the 74 Stock Aitken Waterman mixes that are hopefully in the vaults of "everydays like christmas".
  6. It's a shame that Santa Baby is her Christmas track that most people seem to go to/put on playlists/know (it's easily one of my least favorites), but doing two years of Kylie Christmas ensured that her other Christmas recordings are on lots of store and radio Christmas playlists. I hear her songs out and about in Amsterdam all the time.
  7. Did the exact same thing here with Snow coming down. White December especially sounded perfect! Oh how I love this album!
  8. Yeah, hopefully offer the next few years her newer Christmas songs will creep up in the autogenerated playlists, giving them more spins and we can retire Santa Baby.
  9. Be good if they did yes.
  10. I've been really enjoying Kylie Christmas this weekend, putting up the tree and driving Sunday morning in heavy snow it was the perfect accompaniment.

    At Christmas does make me sad though, the theme / lyrics cut rather close to home for our Min after her past year. Wouldn't surprise me if it's a song she'll never perform ever again (if she did at all!)
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  11. I like At Christmas, but yes, it is quite a hard one now subject matter for her. And the only time she ever did, was this:
  12. And this:
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  13. That may be true but I’m still waiting on my Kylie/ Madonna Mashup/ Duet to be edited seamlessly with Madonna’s recording of it by a fan!
  14. Santa Baby is #60 in the mid-weeks. Looks like this will get a peak position!

    Kelly Clarkson is #52 with Underneath the Tree and Leona is #35 with One More Sleep
  15. Wonder how much Santa Baby has sold by now?
  16. The only Santa Baby I like is Eartha Kitt's 2nd version... Can't stand Madonna's vocals on hers actually. Kylie's is too lush for my liking
  17. Being close to Our Queen and John Grant for Confide is in my Top 5 greatest gig moments ever
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  18. I want the studio recording, that performance was sublime.
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  19. So Santa Baby reached a new UK peak of number 47 today. Last year it reached its peak of 72 after years of just cracking the top 100. For once streaming has worked in Kylies favour, it'll be interesting see if it can break the top 40 next week.
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  20. The strangest thing about this campaign was how Kylie never got around to releasing a music video for "Santa Baby." It's her biggest Christmas hit and a video would've easily boosted its streams.
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