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Kylie - Golden (14th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Elvenpath, Jan 25, 2017.

  1. As I said in my original post,I didn't actually hear the new songs,I just got vague descriptions from a person who has."Gritty" was used to describe the new material as a whole,not just Dancing.
    Now that we know almost all the lyrics to the song,wouldn't you describe the lyrical content as gritty to some extent?
    It's very brave for a popstar to acknowledge her age and position in the industry through her songs,all the while keeping them positive and uplifting?No female popstar has ever done that.
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  2. I was fully prepared not to like this but it sounds like a fucking BOP! Just the clip put a huge smile on my face.
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  3. Ish.
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  4. That's not the track she chose to represent the album though.And it doesn't have the air of melancholy and self awareness Dancing supposedly has.The lyrics just talk about her success and are pretty egoistic if you ask me.
    But that's Madge and we love her for it.
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  5. Take product throw away repeat
  6. To be a realist here; don't expect much for this charting high etc, just be happy with a hopefully good single/album with great promo and a great tour.

    There's unlikely to be any effective play listing (Radio 2 don't dictate the charts) but I'm assuming Kylie and her team have expectations in line now she's in Christmas album territory.
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  7. It sounds cute. I'll likely bop.
  8. Is Gritty the new Glacial
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  9. it sounds breathtaking and just like a Kylie song should sound - so ready for the full
  10. I’d say Rebel Heart the song fits the description above too.
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  11. Or “How High”, “Give it 2 Me”, “Let it Will Be”
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  12. One of my favourite songs from the Rebel Heart sessions, pity it was discarded...
  13. Honest, emotional, raw? Sure.
    Gritty? No.
  14. The Kish Mauve version of "2 Hearts" was officially released though.
    Instead of it leaking, can't we have a Brazilian twink releasing a video of him singing it instead, like with what happened with "Make Me"?
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  15. Okay where is it then?
  16. why is this not on iTunes yet.
  17. I don't know what to say about that preview, not the groundbreaking thing I was expecting, but not so bad either. Let's hope it doesn't leak and we listen to it the way it is intended to be.
  18. Yeah, that teaser is certainly helping me to... lower my expectations.
  19. This needs to be damn good.
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