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Kylie - Golden (14th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Elvenpath, Jan 25, 2017.

  1. I never find leaks, but this was easy, 2nd page of my google search.

    I love it, the first verse with the twangy guitars had me a bit worried, but when the chorus kicks in, its lovely, and the sentiment, wow! It is such an ear worm and her voice is lovely on it, she gives it a real country twang.

    Shame it has leaked though, but with streaming being such a big part of the charts, does a leak really matter so much these days?
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  2. This is exactly what I needed from her. I think they should just put it out on Spotify now though to get that initial boost of streams.
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  3. I don’t think the leak matters in terms of the charts, more that her team might go into panic mode and throw out all their plans.
  4. Aren't people giving "listens" to the leaked file instead of the spotify one?
  5. I think they've placed it really well in terms of being dancey, a bit different, personal, and palatable to a mature audience.
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  6. Six listens in and I'd say equal to All the Lovers. I cried. #shrug

    There's a lot of special moments packed into those 2:59. And extended edit shouldn't be too hard to do though.
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  7. Based on my initial listen I love it.

    I could certainly have a dance to it. I can't go balls to the walls all night in a club these days so its nice when a mid tempo pops up.

    I suspect as stated deals are in place for radio premiers and noone wants an Alexandra Burke - Elephant situation.

    I agree an extra chorus would be nice. The radio station at work plays Rita Ora - Anywhere about 1056 times a day so with a good radio deal this should get hammered.
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  8. Well it passed the husband test too.

    I think this could be the new tour end song, I can just imagine the glitter fall during the last (extended) chorus.
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  9. You get an urge to hear it again because it's so short - this might work in its favour.
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  10. It's cute and classy.
  11. I really love the new song it’s definitely better than anything on the last album.
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  12. [​IMG]
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  13. Push it out tomorrow. Premiere it on Chris Evans on radio 2 and whack it out. I think it was due on Friday anyway so it won’t effect “plans” in the greater scheme of things. The people looking for the leak are the kind of people that will probably buy the song or the album anyway.
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  14. Can't stand still.
  15. Loving this now compare to being underwhelmed initially.

    The verses remind me of Robbie Williams & Gary Barlow’s duet “Shame”, but the chorus is punchier with a more thumping beat.
  16. W2K


    Won’t slow down.
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  17. When I go out, I wanna go out dancing...
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  18. Also sorry for the double post but is it just me or are the vocal stutters just a little bit like S.A.W?
  19. Ray


    I LOVE IT.

    When I saw the initial responses here I was worried it will be another "...oh" situation I had with "Into The Blue" but this is awesome. (Also husby at about 0:15: "Dolly Parton?")
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  20. It's a nice little song and suggests a fine album is coming. Obviously nothing incredible like Confide In Me or Can't Get You Out of My Head, but it feels like Kylie is in heartfelt, songwriter mode, and I can handle an album of that. Into The Blue was catchy as hell, but the production did feel slightly as if Kylie were desperately trying to modernize her sound. This feels more natural, and if the whole album has this slight country feel, I think I will like it.
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