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Kylie - Golden (14th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Elvenpath, Jan 25, 2017.

  1. Just got my code.
  2. Me too! I'm SO bloody nervous.
  3. Cool mine just arrived as well!
  4. Got my code. Has anyone seen a show at this venue (Cafe de Paris) before?
  5. Oh dear how embarrassing
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  6. Yay, mine arrived too.

    I saw Gabrielle there at her Play To Win Album launch (a mailing list "competition" that was a cinch compared with this) The venue is really small, and I was going to prop myself up at the bar, but it was all record company people and a very small crowd of fans at the front, so I joined them and basically stood directly in front of her the whole time (the stage wasn't high that I can remember). It'll be intimate wherever you sit/stand.
  7. Does anyone know what the cost of the tickets for the London show are likely to be?
  8. Nothing indicated on the link or anything (don't think the link is fully active - just sends you to ticketmaster)
  9. LP


    So you have to be the credit card holder Nd there is a max of two tickets per purchase to stop touts. I'd hate to be a person that uses their partner's/parents credit card though.
  10. Tickets are £75, I'd expect M&G will be £500 as they were on the KMO tour, early entry I'd guess at about £150.
  11. Thanks.
  12. There are early entry tickets? God damn.
  13. It seems bizarre considering the venues are tiny anyway.
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  14. On-trend Queen.

    Should I be relieved that none of the other bowl-fed gays will be able to put their grubby paws into my Quavers and olives?

    Secretly hoping the food has a country theme.
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  15. LP


    This was available at both year's RAH Christmas gigs. You get upmarket burgers and fish and chips etc.
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  16. Cafe de Paris is tiny and they're doing early entry, that'll be such a con.
  17. Were these posted already? They're good, I'm bopping.

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  18. I still wish they'll record/upload a live acoustic performance video for the song.
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  19. Really don't like the Initial Talk mix. Much prefer the Anton Powers one but I don't really like that either.

    I don't care where I get tickets for as long as I do. But I'm going to have to pick one and stick to it because otherwise I won't get any. I can't justify the cost of a meet and greet, not to mention I won't be able to deal with the emotion of the situation, so that's off the table. Early entry? Well, perhaps in this small venues it might be worth it. But do I go Cafe de Paris or Gorrila? Ugh the stress level is high.

    Either way, good luck to everyone attempting to get tickets.
  20. Ray


    The Austin Powers remix is like a showcase of everything I hate in dance music.
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