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Kylie - Golden (14th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Elvenpath, Jan 25, 2017.

  1. Yas at her bringing back Snatch Your Wig in My Place. She heard my prayers.
  2. YAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSS at ‘Breathe’ and ‘Put Yourself In My Place’. Hopefully this means they’ll be present on the tour.
  3. No. Currently on Hand on your Heart - Abbey road stylee.
  4. RJF


    "Breathe" is soooo good. Nice to see it get dusted off.
  5. Can’t wait for the goss!!
  6. How does she look so young?!? Serving fetus in the womb eleganza.
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  7. Jack Savoretti is with her for the duet.
  8. HMD


    What a setlist! Love it!
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  9. And your cowboy boots/dancing shoes.
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  10. She sounds amazing. I need this album NOW.
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  11. Yeah, me too, I can't wait for it, I really think it will be one of her best yet, if not the best.

    Those lyrics in Lifetime to Repair are very raw. But it sounds like another fantastic hook. Very catchy, I've watched it twice and I'm singing it already.
  12. WIG.

    She’s really about to do the damn thing with this one isn’t she? I’ve yet to hear anything I don’t like.
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  13. When did she turn American?

    (I like the song)
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  14. Sounds very much in the same vein as Dancing and Falling. This is going to be a "proper", coherent album isn't it? Thats pretty much what I've wanted from her for the past ten years or so.
  15. this sounds AMAZING. Yes, yes, yes!
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  16. I think the Shah/Adams co-written tracks are going to be the more “current” type songs on the album, and then you’ve got a host of other writers and producers for different vibes too. It’s all pretty cohesive thus far though, I totally agree. Sky Adams effectively exec producing like Stuart Price did with Aphrodite should be to thank for that.
  17. It really is. Properly coherent, personal lyrics, fresh sounding and catchy as hell. What more could anyone want from Kylie at this point?
  18. A lifetime to repair sounds like another catchy stomper with lyrical depth, that is what I wanted from her for so many years now! Give me that album now
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  19. I want the album goddammit
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  20. I also love that she finally did a show without including CGYOOMH. I mean, i LOVE LOVE the track, but its refreshing to see her making room for deeper cuts.
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