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Kylie - Golden (14th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Elvenpath, Jan 25, 2017.

  1. it is really refreshing to see her doing her thing... this already feels miles away from the greatest hits show, that KMO was
    So happy "Head" is gone!
  2. I wish I never cared
    Been torn and twisted
    Oh I swear

    Too many nights
    Crying but it's not fair
    Can't find that hurt again
    I need a lifetime to repair

    This sounds like it's going to be another one of those 'crying on the dancefloor' songs that Kylie does so well!
  3. The red disc version of this album.
  4. Kylie said on (I think it was) Graham Norton's radio show, that Lifetime to Repair is an "almost comical" look at heartbreak.
  5. She did! But these lyrics don’t really match that description.
  6. I think she meant the “Five, four, three, too many times” countdown lyric she’s spoke about in the past.
  7. Is that 'White Diamond' merged with 'All The Lovers'?!
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  8. No fucking way!
  9. Where can I hear it?
  10. @Vasilios I could see you in there but you don't know me so I didn't want to wave like a loon and shout hello!

    So the gig was great and kylie was gorgeous and cute. The sound on the duet with Jack Savoretti wasn't great. Hearing Breathe live was such a treat. The One started off slowly and stripped back and then went off for the second verse. The album definitely sounds like it's going to be cohesive and planned out.
  11. Could be intentionally overdramatic
  12. Anyone know where I can hear a clip of Raining Glitter from tonight's show? I'm ready to get my wig snatched, do a surprise wig reveal, and then have the second wig snatched again.

    Edit: Just found one. Already checked in at the closest ICU.
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  13. Just back from the gig. Loved Radio On and Shelby 68. Oh and A lifetime to repair.
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  14. Not me going against my word and listening to a few snippets. Raining Glitter sounds like it has a disco sheen over it. Perched.

    That setlist, whew. Can't believe she has finally dumped Can't Get You Out of My Head, I'm sure it'll be back for the main tour though. Breathe and Put Yourself in My Place making appearances is heaven sent, have they been reading us begging for them on Popjustice?
  15. Back from the gig and have posted my initial thoughts in the tour thread so I end by re-paste them here, but just to say that I think “Golden” was my favourite, but almost every song made me think “I can’t wait to hear that again” and I could pretty much sing along to all the choruses by the end of each song. The night was amazing and the album sounds incredible!
  16. This sounds amazing, thanks for posting!
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  17. Omg.

    Is this being, uh, live-streamed anywhere? Or is that not a thing?

    The clips that were just uploaded to YouTube were delightful. Radio On is gonna be a moment.
  18. I only made 10 seconds of Raining Glitter and a couple others before I had to self impose a ban until album week. But what I’ve heard... Miss Kylie, Miss Kylie, why do you want me dead? The title track sounds GREAT.
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  19. I'm feeling all sorts of Donna Summer like vibes on Raining Glitter...damn girl!
  20. NOT Kylie's cover of Islands in the Stream having Abba's SOS intertwined in certain spots.
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