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Kylie - Golden (14th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Elvenpath, Jan 25, 2017.

  1. I love that she did this, especially because Islands in the Stream instrumental bridge is basically the exact same melody as SOS's "when youre gone bit." Im actually not even sure if its a case of actual plagiarism?
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  2. Where is "Cowboy Style" though?
  3. I just love that they included SOS. A gaygasm.
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  4. Oh god. I just watched the few clips we have from tonight and I am so, so excited for this whole era!

    What if the album is indeed her best yet?

    I’m seeing her on my birthday—outdoors, on the river at NYC Pride, after a rocky year of change and a lot of recent accomplishment—and thinking of dancing along to her ebuillence, with songs like “Stop Me from Falling” and “A Lifetime to Repair” and that gorgeous acoustic “All the Lovers,” all while the sun sets over the water has me preemptively tearing up.

    This. Woman. How does she keep doing it!?
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  5. What a special night! I loved the show in London tonight. It was so special and I will never forget it. I loved "Golden", "Raining Glitter", "Shelby '68" and "A Lifetime to Repair". When she played "Breathe" and "Put Yourself in My Place", the room just felt stunned and amazed. It was refreshing not to hear "Spinning Around" or "CGYOOMH" and for the night to be focused on giving the fans an amazing experience of songs they haven't heard for a long time.
    Also, her vocals sounded brilliant tonight. I think she's hitting higher notes than she has before, and seems very much at ease with just her band. Just a wonderful night - the album will be brilliant and cohesive.
  6. Has she kept the same band? I think I could see Luke (Guitar) and Abbie (BV’s) in the clip of Raining Glitter?
  7. Definitely new backing vocalists... have to say I didn't recognise much of the band.
  8. Bringing back Breathe AND Put Yourself In My Place... LOVE
    Islands In The Stream is a nice surprise, I was half expecting 9 to 5.
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  9. Not NOT Kylie's cover of Islands in the Stream having Abba's SOS intertwined in certain spots.
  10. I'm drunk and on a SOPHIE high but... ALL the new songs are great, Raining Glitter and Shelby 68 esp feel like Top 10 Kylie already. I NEED them now. She was soooo into the new songs, it was so lovely to see.

    Seeing @biff stannard bopping to his masterpiece Shelby 68 was so special, what a song!

    Funniest moment of the night, this italian girl, I pick up my drink to have a sip and she throws her gum in it. It took me 3-4 songs to realise she prob. saw my T-shirt which said 'Staff' and thought I was picking up the glasses? Iconic.
  11. Also LUKE WOOOOF
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  12. Fuck I'm so pumped for the album now, loving all of the snippets and info we got from tonight! Pretty refreshing to see Head put back one the shelf for a while.

    Watch her bring it back for the tour anyway. And Kids.
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  13. I've been silently hold vigil for Put Yourself In My Place to make a comeback on her setlists for this era! I hope it sticks around for the tour!

    I'm trying to hold out on listening to anything from the new album but I'm not sure I'll last.
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  14. Okay, I'll eat some crow here and admit that I Liz-Lemon-Eyeroll-GIF'd at that the seemingly ridiculous title 'Raining Glitter,' but no more. It sounds flipping amazing. How foolish I was to forget how often Kylie takes something that's ridiculous on paper and makes it sublime on stage.
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  15. Golden is my pick from the new tracks. Sounds like it has a slight Latin bounce, country inflection and what sounds like a bonkers guitar breakdown
  16. Golden sounds like a stone cold bop!
  17. The clips of the new music sound amazing. She's BRINGING IT!
  18. Only one I'm not feeling is Lifetime To Repair, I don't like that key she's singing in, bit shrill to me, however I'll reserve judgement until I hear it properly. But all sounding great, she seems so excited and press seems to be behind her too.
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