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Kylie - Golden (14th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Elvenpath, Jan 25, 2017.

  1. That's great considering there's no promo in America, and Dancing/Stop Me for Falling have yet to rule the dance / country charts.
    In this time, when she managed to release Golden in three different physical formats. I'm sure she could do it again in the next five years.
    Is that the boss of Parlophone? I haven't heard his name before.
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  2. Cassingles and 12” singles would be absolutely incredible! Acts like Kylie should really take advantage of the nostalgia factor.
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  3. If anyone else is old like me and totally confused when visiting and seeing the Billboard 200 being listed as "the week of April 14" and not seeing Cardi B at the top (or Kylie at 64), this explained it for me. To make this kind of print-driven shift in this day and age seems really odd to me.
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  4. Thank you! I have been visiting the Billboard website since Friday and no update. I didn't know what the hell was going on.
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  5. Even though the chart hasn't updated yet, they have oddly updated Kylie's profile page with Golden's chart number. We can take solace that she is at number 18 under Billboard's Top Album Sales chart!
  6. We're all about that bass, no treble.

    John Cage, ha impact!
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  7. Good to see Golden has charted on the Hot 200 in the US, well done Kylie!
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  8. Just got my signed cassette. If I ever lose it, I'd need a lifetime to repair. Haha.
  9. Try to stop it from falling cause those cassette cases are fragile.
    Did a double there.
  10. I absolutely agree! The Golden project has proven that a lot of Kylie fans are here for the physicals.

    I'm a little surprised there is no Kylie release for the upcoming Record Store Day. I expected a Dancing 12" (or something) to be released. Also, making a CD single for Dancing only to have it available exclusively in Australia as a part of some package was an odd choice.
  11. I posted a picture of the cassette on Instagram and tagged the Queen. And she liked the pic. Lifegoals achieved, etc.
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  12. No 64 with 8,200 in the US is actually better than I thought it would be. KMO opened with 12,000 and got to no 31. Streaming seems to have a bigger impact on the US albums chart than the UK, and without a critical mass streaming, the album was never going to repeat the success of her last few albums.
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  13. 2 years max is my bet.
  14. Yet still inside the top 200 on itunes after 12 days which is impressive...KMO did a massive free fall a few days after release. #186 United States (-44)
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  16. I have to say the album has grown on me a lot since my first listen. I really appreciate the more mature and deep lyrical content. It was high time!
    But the less country songs remain my favourites. Especially Sincerely Yours. It's actually amazing. And Lost Without You, of course. They could both be on a Tegan & Sara album, which, in my books, is a big compliment. I really hope she will do more in this vein on her next album.
  17. Kylie's entered a new phase, future proofing her career once again. I think we'll see more of this personal singer-songwriter influence on subsequent albums, which is definitely a good thing.
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