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Kylie - Golden (14th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Elvenpath, Jan 25, 2017.

  1. Source?

    She should play Nashville for sure I think!
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  2. I hope and pray she does! I'm only a little over an hour drive away. I would much rather that then hop a plane to New York.
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  3. I just mean she recorded much of the album in Nashville with Australian, British and American songwriters living in Nashville.
    Blue Bird Cafe for Kylie!!
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  4. Wonder what is in store over the coming weeks and months? All seems to have gone quiet... there's a hell of a lot of life left in the album and plenty more potential sales.
  5. If her team have any sense they will get Shelby '68 out with video and remixes in time for summer. That song was made for long sunny days.
  6. Maybe she's rehearsing for New York Gay Pride (Island) and the Bowery Showroom gig?
    I wish she would get her hot ass down under - the lack of (live) Australian promo has been shite.
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  7. Once again, you are so so spot on.
  8. I’m more interested in the Sigala track getting a single push at the minute, honestly. He seemed to imply it would be out this summer, so I don’t think that’s far away.
  9. Hope so, looking forward to hearing it.
  10. I heard rumours a "surprise" was coming. So yeah, I'd say the Sigala track will be here soon enough.
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  11. LP


    So my brother in law is meeting Kylie fucking Minogue. I can't.
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  12. He’s dropping a track’s not the Kylie track
  13. Haven't you met her already tho?
  14. Aww! Oh well, hope we get it soon.
  15. Will be interesting if the Kylie collaboration is a single, and radio picks it up and it becomes a bigger hit than anything on Golden (not that Golden has produced a Top 20 hit anywhere)
  16. Apparently the Kylie track isn't going to be a single it's just an album track. hopefully she sings it on tour though omg imagine
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  17. I love how two of her tours have included GBI and Sometime Samurai.
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  18. [​IMG]

    Kyles hanging out with Kate and Stella. Amazing!
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  19. She's singing 4 songs on Friday on Radio 2 woohooo!
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  20. I wonder what 4?

    Stop me from Falling
    Radio On

    ..... I hope she mixes it up a bit.
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