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Kylie - Golden (14th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Elvenpath, Jan 25, 2017.

  1. The Abbey version of Hand on Your Heart sounded wonderful in the context of Golden at the SpottyFry gig so that’d be nice
  2. 1. "I Don't Need Anyone"
    2. "Loveboat"
    3. "Time Will Pass You By"
    4. "Golden"

    The most random songs I could think of and the promo single. Kind of love it though.
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  3. My tickets arrived this morning. Really cant wait for this tour it's been too long.
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  4. "Music's Too Sad Without You" has become one of my favorite songs of the year and I have no idea how it managed it, but it did.
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  5. From what I understand it was more on the part of Kylie/BMG that this won't be released as a single. I guess they don't want to interfere with Golden.

    I'm aware the winners weren't announced, I was one of them.

    The email we received yesterday says that once dates for the Golden Tour are confirmed they will give us 2 tickets because they have been unable to reschedule the showcase.
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  6. I hope mine come soon. Popping my Kylie concert cherry.
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  7. Rolls eyes re. not re-scheduling her Sydney showcase! So lame!
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  8. She should sing The Gambler by Kenny Rogers!
  9. Yes! Glad to know there's also some promo on the way.
  10. She canceled it, not him. He struggled to even get the song on his album. He is the one supporting this song, not her. Kind of a bad move on her part because he's huge right now
  11. But isnt she supporting it by having it on his album?
  12. It was supposed to be her single, but she and her label halted it. Sigala then said he was trying to figure out a way to release it on his own, but probably only managed to get it as an album track after negotiations.
  13. That seems odd. It's not like Kylie is currently over-saturating the market and releasing a collaboration would be the straw that broke the camel's back. Plus if it was good enough to initially be a frontrunner for lead single, why not let it be released as a single? It might even get her playlisted by Radio 1 again.
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  14. Yeah that’s daft. I mean I don’t like riding off youths coatails but Higher was a legitimate smash for her so she should be doing all she can to raise her visability here. Promo is promo especially if he is hot as fuck right now. This isn’t a Pharell situation.
  15. Well maybe in the UK market her Golden promo is over-saturating that market?

    But if it's a dance/pop Kylie song well then it wouldn't detract from the Golden sound/campaign and would be a nice side project with potential to get picked up by radio?
  16. The collaboration most likely wasn’t gonna be a hit regardless of whether it was (feat. Sigala) or (feat. Kylie)
  17. True.
    Without radio support, and women over 50 are NOT played on pop radio... Kylie won't ever have a hit song again I think? [file under Madonna]
  18. The album tracklisting popped up on Amazon and there is no trace of Kylie, so... either the song didn’t make it, after all of this, or it’s one of the handful of songs that don’t have a feature listed, for some reason.
  19. Maybe it will appear on a re-release of Golden?
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