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Kylie - Golden (14th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Elvenpath, Jan 25, 2017.

  1. I swear if she performed Waiting 4 The Sun live, world peace would be the result
  2. Waiting For The Sun
    Feels So Good
    If Only

    These three deserved so much more attention. Waiting For The Sun could’ve been a lead single.
  3. If Only > anything on Golden (and >> Lost Without You). But Golden is awesome too.
  4. A bold statement to make!

    If Only is definitely the best thing on KMO along with Kiss Me Once, but Golden is such a different beast. For one its coherent and there is an energy to it that was missing from KMO that merely rendered it an "OK" album as opposed to a great album.

    There is an atmosphere of "this is going to have to do" on KMO whereas with Golden she's very much "fuck yeah! I'm going to s*ay the world!".
  5. In the best way possible, it feels like she made Golden for herself and her hardcore fans. Kiss Me Once, whilst still a great album, felt very much like she was trying to reclaim her past glories and aiming for the charts. Golden feels much more organic - both sonically and lyrically. Such a triumph, and I'm hard pressed to say it's not her best album!
  6. She should have done it and gone full red white and blue and mashed it up with the X tours Heartbeat Rock.

    I guess these days, any chance of Mr. President being dropped in for the deep cut fans is, unlikely....
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  7. Mr President, I Was Gonna Cancel, If Only, Break This Heartbreak and In Your Eyes were all originally on the set list but were dropped; all except Mr President were choreographed and In Your Eyes had a new mix done for the tour but alas...
  8. I can't exactly imagine "Mr President" working particularly well live. It's a shame that "If Only" was cut though.
  9. How do you guys feel about this album as of now? . . Don't know why but it is my least favorite Kylie record in a long time (probably since the 90s).
  10. Golden for me is vying for the top spot of my favourite ever Kylie album, with only Light Years slightly ahead still.......
  11. Golden still solid and remaining inside my personal Kylie top 3 albums, such a seriously strong record I think.
  12. Oh I do I agree, Golden works better as an album even though I like KMO. If Only is just a killer song which was largely ignored or not rated much by many fans, whereas Lost Without You tries really hard, and has its moments, but somehow misses the mark for me, yet many fans are gushing over it.
  13. I feel great about it. It's 100x better than KMO, in my opinion. Sitting with it over the past few months has only strengthened that opinion for me.
  14. I was never that bothered by If Only but hearing people compare it to Lost Without You has made me reappraise it massively. I actually enjoy Kiss Me Once but If Only got so lost amongst all the basic bops that I never gave it the attention it deserved.

    I get why some people might not like Golden...the country-esque tinge might be too much of a turn off, some of it might sound too samey, it doesn't have many obvious singles....or something completely different. However I am finding myself rewarded with each listen as I discover something new or I connect to a different song in a new way. As mentioned just now, I did actually like Kiss Me Once even though it was very 'going through the motions'. However with Golden she just sounds so reinvigorated that it makes listening to it that little bit more enjoyable. The fact that it's been mostly well received is an added bonus. She could literally perform the whole album and a handful of old singles on tour and I'd genuinely be happy.
  15. In my opinion, there is a lot more soul and artistry in Golden than there was in KMO. That said, I do like KMO, but in terms of quality and feeling, they aren't comparable. Golden wins, for me anyway.
  16. I personally liked Country-esque albums. I loved Joanne and Younger Now by Gaga and Miley respectively and Music is one of my favorite albums by Madonna.

    For this case I just can't find any memorable moment on this record. No real stand out.

    But glad that her fans liked it.
  17. I still enjoy Kiss me Once alot, but it did lack that Kylie passion, which Golden more that truly has.
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  18. If Only is among the best album track of Kylie's career
  19. Stunning song.
  20. I see Lost Without You as a companion piece to If Only, they both share that same magical DNA and I would love her next album to follow that brief of cinematic synthpop. It could be something really special if she really ran with that sound.
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