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Kylie - Golden Tour 2018/19

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by P'NutButter, Feb 27, 2018.

  1. I know, this is just so so wrong!
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  2. And then saying Glastonbury is in London too! C'mon!
  3. I yelled at the TV. People outside had to hear me.
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  4. Ha! Good to hear it.
  5. She discussed Kylie when she announced her engagement to Joshua. She must have just taken a dumb pill...
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  6. Given what she discussed the other day, she’s clearly not entirely focused on pop culture. Her gays should have known better, they let her down big time. It was sheer laziness. Period.
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  7. Disabled toilets and the seats they paid for should be accessible. The weather and traffic isn't the venues fault but their lack of organisation surrounding disabled fans is. Don't be disgusting.
  8. This is art.
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  9. She did. This clearly wasn’t her day or she’s been replaced by a Stepford Wendy during her strange ”break”, as she also said (twice) she’s never met Pamela Anderson. Yup, she’s been in her show too...
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  10. So 10 mins after Wendy confused Kylie with the other one she announced she's been living in a Sober House so she's definitely not on her game.
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  11. Oh come on I think even Wendy knows a non-music celebrity would not be headlining a music festival. She was tryna be funny, no? (She even covered the first name trademark debate on her show at the time.)
  12. I hope Golden tour will have a live CD and DVD soon!
  13. It was definitely not a joke. She had no clue. Over here Kylie is Kylie Jenner, and Kylie Minogue is only Kylie Minogue. Plus, seeing a number of her after show videos, her gays don’t have any clue about international pop. They’re a bunch of Mariah fans.
  14. Me too!
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  15. I know she’s never done a live Vinyl release before but if it’s done by BMG I wouldn’t be surprised if we got the live recording on DVD, Blu-ray, 2CD, DVD+CD, 180g Black Vinyl, Limited Gold Vinyl, Picture Disc Set and Double Cassette.
  16. Don’t forget the strictly limited edition VHS and minidisc.
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  17. Can't wait until physical drive ports are completely eliminated from all laptops and computers, so that the USB Album format revival can begin. My "X" and "Change" USBs look lonely.
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  18. Live vinyl release? That be amazing!
  19. The US giving all this importance to Kylie Jenner is something I will never understand.
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