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Kylie - Golden Tour 2018/19

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by P'NutButter, Feb 27, 2018.

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  3. Kylie is coming to Brazil I-
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  4. Finally!
  5. Brazilian stans found bald.
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  6. I’M SO EXCITED I CAN’T EVEN OMG I can’t believeeeee
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  7. Golden Live In Concert, enters the UK album chart at #23 this week go be her second highest charting live album after Showgirl Homecoming (#7) and her 25th top 40 album to date all round!!
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  9. I am very happy for the Brazilian fans - there were so many comments on social media in the last few years from Brazilian fans hoping her to come back! Finally
  10. Thrilled for her.
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  11. Does anyone know the first week sales and chart positions for all her live albums/videos? Interested in comparisons.
  12. Me too. Its good it went Top 25, especially wen you think that the Aphrodite Les Folies live album, only made to #72 or something. And that was at the same time of year too.
  13. MB


    Slightly different era in terms of sales though!
  14. Wasn't Les Folies was only released on 2CD+DVD format? The price point in buying that package probably hindered its chart position.
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  15. Hadn't Les Folies already been on Sky TV six months before it was released?

    Also Les Folies was packaged in a clamshell CD size box with the darkest colour scheme they could have picked (instead of something vibrant and lapiz lazuli blue) initially? Hardly looked like an essential live DVD purchase. I'm sure the DVD size variant came later.
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  16. I seem to recall taking my ex to see Les Folies in 3D at the local cinema for like £30 a ticket.
  17. Yeah I went to see it in the cinema in 3D. It did look pretty good, especially the fountain scenes.
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  18. Oh, yes there's no denying that.
  19. Re watching Golden (again), and I have to say, that despite the tour overkill of Love At First Sight, it truly does sound euphoric here. Even more so as the Kiss Me Once live version, never did much for me in comparison.
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