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Kylie - Golden

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Elvenpath, Jan 25, 2017.

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  1. GH album won't be dropping for a little while though.
    It will be the new single drop & GH announcement.

    I could see Step Back In Time being the name of the GH, not a huge fan of the track but it works.
  2. Well it can't be too far off she begins her shows under a month after that...and I love Step Back in Time...for sure one of her most iconic moments..
  3. Her website crashed....
  4. SBK


    Its fine?
  5. aux


    She’s one of the few artists that I would buy a boxset of all of their remastered albums on vinyl.
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  6. Yes fine when does clock end 4pm UK time on May 3rd?
  7. The countdown will be to the announcement and the single. The greatest hits isn’t out until June 7th.
  8. I believe that is BMG’s plan to reissue albums alongside the hits.
  9. "Pop Precision - Since 1987" is written in the source code of the site.
  10. Pop Precision would be a decent title.
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  11. Yass! Bish, finally! People are saying this could be New York City or Rose is a Rose.

    I hope it's true and she includes new material on her Greatest Hits. Or else, keep it!
  12. How very fitting - love it!
  13. I'm thinking it must be the latter.
    Can't imagine they'd waste a radio premiere and Graham Norton performance slot(?) on New York City.
    It seems very obvious from The Headless Postman's teasing that we will get at least one new song.

  14. 7am Friday 3rd May UK time. Maybe a global add time for spotify?
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  15. Please let it be with unreleased material.
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  16. aux


    I’d be happy with one unreleased track from each album, as long as it includes all the b-sides
  17. It's amazing how at heart so many Kylie fans here are more "charmed" by a straight-forward pop/dance sound than anything beyond that.
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  18. W2K


    There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that though.
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